Thursday, 17 May 2012

My Apology

Remember when I said "I'm not done with this challenge" 10 months ago?
Shamefully, I think I have lied to you all about that. It has been almost a year since my last post, the longest hiatus I've ever taken, to be honest. Usually every post only took about a month.
Maybe you want a reason. Now it's up to you if these count as reasons:

1. Final Examination. I went through this about 2 weeks ago, actually. This will determine whether I'll graduate from middle school or not, and since this kind of exam is so damn serious in my country, people go all nervous about it. My mom put me in tutoring after school. I went home around 7 pm after that, and still had to do all the homework. Yes, I have free time, but most of it I spent on... myself. You know, my own Facebook account, Tumblr, Goodreads, and all that. Reading. Watching movies. I rarely played TS3 once I became a 9th-grader.
2. Honestly? I actually could play TS3, if I just ditched all those hours spent on books and roleplay. But I didn't. Call me lazy, really, but I was too tired for any challenge that requires determination. I was too lazy to capture photos and plan Leah's life. All I wanted to do was loosen up, and that's it.
3. I don't feel like a challenge mother anymore. I meant, even months before the hiatus, I rarely checked other mother's blogs, just those who are close to me like Dawn, Christy, and Della. And after the hiatus, I have to admit that I haven't checked any of them. Except Dawn's.
And not only this. Every post I made took about a month, and I'm fully aware that it was too long--if Leah only has (approximately) 3 babies per month, how long will it take her to conceive 100? I even know that only a few people read my latest updates before the hiatus--I'm not complaining or anything, really. I blame myself for that. Honestly, I wouldn't bother to read a blog that takes a month for a chapter. So when I came here after 10 months hiatus, I was surprised that there were actually people still checked my blog--Tinka and Clio, and who knows who else? Even though you guys stopped checking after a few months--and I'm fully understand, since I'd do just the same if I were you--I'm still very grateful that you actually waited for an update that never came.

So here I am, finally. I didn't have the guts to say that to you all, but now that I have, I feel kinda relieved. I've talked to Dawn about all this on October (Dawnie? If you read this, you know I'm sorry), and just after I told her, I found out that I had a try out coming up. And all the thoughts about making a comeback suddenly disappeared from my mind--with school being all serious, how on earth could I concentrate on TS3? And yes, I actually thought about making a comeback. I felt like a jerk back then--no, I still do. There's nothing right about a sudden walk-off like that. I know I've abandoned my challenge and my friends.

And now that you know the reasons, I'll leave the decision to you. Dawn encouraged me to continue this challenge, but it was like 7 months ago. So I have to ask you all: should I continue? If you think I shouldn't, I won't be angry or anything. And you may ask why you should say yes, after months of abandonment like this.

I have a full 3-months holiday before I start high school, and after 2 relaxing weeks I just had, I think I'm ready to continue 100 baby challenge. I guess I've forgotten how happy I was, and only after Leah conceived her latest baby this evening I began to feel the unexplained happy feeling again. Even after I start high school, I'll still come home earlier than I did in middle school--I'll be home around 1 pm, I guess, so there will be a plenty of time to do the challenge and still roleplay and all that. So I hope that every post won't take a month to be done. I don't know if this counts as a promising start, but I see it that way.

Thank you so, SO much for reading! Again, I'll leave the decision to you. Comment below or on my Facebook--and if you think I shouldn't continue, I hope you know that all these times have been amazing 9 months, doing the challenge and writing all the posts. I think I might close down Leah's Facebook account if it turns out I can't continue this challenge anymore, but I will leave the blog unscathed for you all to be read.

I love you guys :')
xoxo, Leah Sierra


christy100babychallenge said...

I pretty much say the same thing to all the challenge moms who have been in your situation and ask for an opinion – including myself. Are you still having fun with the challenge? If your reply to that question is yes, then you should definitely continue your challenge.

The 100 Baby Challenge is a long – sometimes tiresome – challenge that takes time to complete. Sometimes it can even become boring if you allow it to. It’s an endless cycle of “meet daddy, woohoo, have baby, and repeat” unless you mix things up. I’ve seen a lot of people start the challenge not realizing how difficult it might be, and become bored before even making it to their 10th child. Things can become even more difficult and stressful when you add a blog to the mix because now you have to worry about getting a post out every so often and keeping your readers interested. It takes a special kind of person to be able to stick with a challenge like this – in my opinion anyway – and you have just about made it to the 1/4 mark of your challenge already. I think you have been doing a great job personally.

As long as you are having fun doing the challenge, you should keep doing it. Don’t allow yourself to get worried about how long it takes for you to play or how long it takes for you to get a post out. If you can only have 3 children a month, then so be it. Life happens and certain things in life – such a school – need your attention more than your sims do. I bet there isn’t a single person out there that would tell you they haven’t had a time when something in real life needed their attention more than Sims. Will your readers be sad if you aren’t able to get a post out? Sure, but we will understand because it’s probably happened to us. I know it’s happened to me a few times.

This is meant to be fun, not an extra chore or burden on you. Take your time, play as often as you are able, don’t worry if you aren’t able to get something up, and most importantly have fun. By the way, it’s great to see you back!

ForeverHailey said...

I said this once and I'll say it again. Once a Challenge mom, ALWAYS a challenge mom. We all know how hard it is to continue with this challenge with so many things going on in our own personal lives. Like Christy said it is tiresome, but if your having fun doing it all then you should continue.
If you don't want to continue with the blog then we'll all understand, but if you do continue with the blog then just know you'll still have me as a reader and a fan. You had my support back in October and you still do now. Not sure if anyone else does but I missed you and I'm glad you want to come back and continue Leah's challenge.
I'm touched that you have continued to read my challenge after being away for so long. :) I know I've checked your blog a couple times for a recent post and I did begin to worry earlier this year that you weren't coming back and I missed my friend. :( If it was up to me I say you should come back and continue your challenge, I know your followers will be happy to know that your back. :)

~Dawn Turner; a reader, a fan, a supporter, a friend. :)

Doylegirl said...

Honestly, I've missed your blog...I've missed your post and I've missed you. No matter what choice you make...we'll all understand. I hope that you choose to continue but I'll understand if you don't.
If you don't enjoy this challenge then you shouldn't be doing it but if you are really enjoying it like you said, then I'd be happy help out with ideas and all sorts of stuff. I can make fathers and stuff <3
Hope you choose to continue.

Doylegirl <3

Putri Air said...

Thank you so much guys--nawww, you really got me teary-eyed at that point :P No, really. Thanks for the supports. I choose to continue the challenge and... see where it will take me, I guess. You are right: this should be fun :)
Thanks again!! Love you <3

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