Friday, 18 May 2012

Baby 22 and 23 - Denial, Denial, Denial

The morning after I gave birth to Ginn and Tequilla, I immediately checked the newspaper. Having two children outside of marriage wasn't quite a problem in Sunset Valley, but back then I was a challenge mother... here, everything could be different. To be honest, I had a bad feeling.
And I was right! There, right on the front page, was a photo of me with big tummy. I was quite taken aback, since I couldn't remember the time I went out with a paparazzi around... then a picture flashed on my mind.
Of course! There was one time when I played guitar outside. How stupid I was... but still, I didn't notice any paparazzi around. The guy who took my photo, whoever was he, must be very professional.
Either way, I decided to go to the City Hall. I wasn't sure if I could win this case, but at least I could try. I could feel my hands shaking... really, who wouldn't? My Celebrity status wasn't the only thing on my mind; if I lost the case, I'd probably lose everything I had as well--my apartment, Malvolio (they'd make sure he'd hear about this, after all), and... my kids. Although they were really annoying, I just couldn't picture them being taken by the social workers.
When I got out of the building, it was evening already. But it was all worth it... because I won!
"Ginn, I won! I won, boy!" I nearly screamed once I got home. Call me childish, but I was very relieved by the fact that at least now, me and everything I had were safe.
In my joy, I couldn't help but woke Tequilla up and hugged her as well. Her velvety skin felt so soft against my own, and her body smelled like fragrance... I took a deep breath, enjoying the nice scent in the air.
I was so foolishly happy that I didn't realize there was another person in the room... and he was staring at me with his red eyes.
"Malvolio!" I gasped, turning to him. It didn't even cross my mind what he thought about this all. He once asked me politely whether I wanted to continue my challenge or not... and I said no. These babies weren't even part of the challenge, but he didn't know that. All he saw was me and a baby in my arm.
I was trembling when I faced him. He always looked so evil, since he was a vampire, but I had never seen him so... cold. Towards me. He was always so gentle. And standing there in the baby room, his eyes almost looked glacial.
"What are you doing?! I thought you said no more babies?!" He confronted me, causing Ginn to wake up again.
"N-no! Malvolio, this was purely accidental!" I stammered, struggling to find the right line to say. My own mind kept cursing myself the whole time: Of course he would be mad! What did you expect, Leah?
"Aaaah!" He growled. "Purely accidental! Of course! Only that I know you're a liar--and you must have planned this since the beginning! Wasn't that what you wanted? To have a baby with me to complete your stupid baby challenge?"
"NO!"  My fist clenched, but my hand stopped in thin air. I was so angry... how could he judge me like that? He knew that I loved him, and it was so easy for him to say the opposite! He even stated that I wasn't done with the challenge yet... I was, I really was. And he really thought I was a liar.
"Ha! What are you gonna do, Leah? Slap me? Beat me to bits? And you said you loved me... yeah, right." Malvolio laughed, his fangs looked shiny under the lamp light.
I bit my own lips, trying not to punch him right there. My eyes shut in attempt to get rid of the tears that started to fall down my cheeks. I just couldn't cry in front of him, after all he just said..
"You can't do that, can you? Because all I said was true... you're just another liar, another woman who does everything to get what she wants. You're just a typical b***h at heart! You think you can fool me? You wish, Dear. I already know you never loved me... you never, never did." He sneered coldly. The smile I used to love, but now seemed so humiliating.
"J-just get out of here!" Really, what could I say? He thought I was a liar, and our love life was entirely a lie. My heart was broken to bits... if he didn't get out soon, I'd most likely break down right in front of him. And I didn't want to give him the pleasure of seeing me in that state.
"You really think I need your words? I'm all ready to move out!" With those words and one more cold glance, Malvolio walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.
When I went to my bedroom upstairs, I noticed the twins. It seemed like our fight had woken them up. Liam reluctantly walked towards me and asked, "Mom? Are you okay?"
I sobbed, trying to hide my tears although it was too late. "Yeah... just go to bed, you two. Tomorrow you'll have school to attend." I didn't say it, but their concerns actually made me feel better for a bit. Even though Liam just said four words, I was so heartbroken that his words immediately comforted me.
When the twins were at school, I threw the vampire babies' birthday early. Because everytime I saw the pink blanket that wrapped around Tequilla, I couldn't help but play back the fight on my mind.
 Too bad for me, Ginn turned out having the same eyes as Malvolio's. He was very cool as a tot, but I avoided his eyes since then. Just another thing to remind me of my ex.
Fortunately, Tequilla had my eyes and hair color. He was less pale than Ginn, but it didn't make her less vampire-ish. They both were vampires, though.
As the days passed, I realized I'd never really get Malvolio out of my mind. Too many stuffs in the house reminded me of him... the bar, the TV, the bed... don't even let me mention the hot tub! It seemed like everytime I walked around the house, I could hear his laugh and see his smile. It was only on my mind, of course, but staying in this house really drove me crazy.
So one evening, I decided to wear my formal dress and went to a club nearby. I crossed my fingers, hoping that somehow, I could forget Malvolio even for just an hour.
The bartender waved at me as soon as I sat down. "Hey! I'm Jack Porter. Can I help you?"
I smiled half-heartedly, "Oh... I guess I'm having some Simsmapolitan, please." My heart ached at the word. I realized it too late... Simsmapolitan was the drink Malvolio ordered when we first drank together.
"Okay, wait a minute!" When Jack mixed my drink, he asked me casually, "Can I ask what's your name? I don't know, but your face kinda rings a bell... You're not a regular customer, are you?" He gave me the yellow drink.
I sipped the Simsmapolitan before answering, "Well... no, but probably you've seen me in the newspaper. I'm Leah Sierra." I already could feel the buzz running in my blood, even though I only had a little of alcohol.
"Wait... that Leah Sierra?" Jack looked at me with a shocked expression on his face. "A 100 baby challenge mother who came from Sunset Valley?"
I had to stay calm, but the alcohol made it really hard. "Well, yeah! But I'm not doing the challenge anymore, any problem with that?" I was shocked that people around here still knew me as... a "challenge mother". I wasn't even one. I had quit the challenge. Seriously, I thought rumours spread fast around Bridgeport!
Jack was silent for a while, wiping the glasses that were already clean. His response later surprised me. "Well... you haven't made it official. You quitting the challenge, I meant. There are actually people waiting for your update, all the while you're having fun here at Bridgeport."
"As if it's important to me!" I nearly shrieked, but I managed to keep my tone down. I didn't want to get kicked out of the club this early. "I have my life, and people can go whine about their own life! I never asked them to stay tune or something--this challenge is just so damn tiring!"
"And I have a new life now, so what? You still see me as a challenge mother? Keep dreaming, Jack Porter, because I'm not one anymore! I've found my true love and--" At this point, I stopped. Half to breathe. Half to stop myself from crying again. I never knew how such words could be so strong... but even the tiniest memory of Malvolio could really break me down right now.
Jack leaned in and smiled. "It's okay, Leah, I understand." I blinked to get rid of the remaining tears in my eyes. "How? You'll never understand this." He whispered in reply, "Because I know, even if you're not doing the challenge anymore, you're still a strong woman inside."
I was about to scream again when he suddenly made silly faces. Maybe it's just because I was too tired, too sad, but I actually began to laugh.
We spent the rest of the evening laughing, cracking some jokes, making silly faces. Malvolio was still there at the back of my heart, but at least I could think of something else.
When the night ended, I gave Jack a light peck on the lips. I'm sure that one was a result from alcohol, but that still eased my pain a little bit. Maybe I really had to loosen up and play around... anything, anything to make me forget Malvolio.
Back in the house, Achlys already finished another painting. It was rare for me to actually see her paintings, though, since she always sold them before I could see. Heck, of course she did. She was one little shy girl.
"Noooo, no no no! Giiinn!" Little Ginn loved Liam's glasses. He often played with them, and Liam really had to keep them away since Ginn could break them anytime with his vampire strength.
"Nah, good! Now stay!" However, Ginn was good enough for a tot. He obeyed every rule given to him...
...unlike his twin sister Tequilla. She was whiny, annoying, and basically could make me pull my hair out. I was surprised that Liam was patient enough to potty-train his little sister.
When she wasn't painting, Achlys did the house chores. She was very quiet around the house, which was a relief since I really couldn't stand whiny kids.
One afternoon, Liam called someone secretly. "Hello, is this Ms Dawn Turner?" The woman who received the call sounded confused. "Yes, can I help you?"
"Umm... it's me Liam Sierra, Leah's son." Suddenly Dawn sounded really excited. "Gosh! It's good to hear from the Sierras again! I tried to call your Mom, but I always failed. I just found out you all moved to Bridgeport. How are you? And Leah--how is she?"
"Well, Ms Turner, the thing is... Mom actually turned into a vampire. She met this vampire guy Malvolio Slayer a while ago, and suddenly she fell head over heels for him. At least that's what I heard from my older brother Chord. But they fought yesterday and I think... I think they broke up." Liam paused, and when Dawn didn't respond, he continued, "I'm worried about Mom! Newspapers and magazines always said that Mom is nice, sweet, and all that, but my Mom isn't like that in reality. And now after they broke up, she even got worse. Her eyes looked so dreamy day and night..."
Dawn Turner paused for a while before replying, "I think I know what happened. Let me talk to her, okay? Just give me your address, and I'll be there on Sunday." Liam hesitated for a while, but he must have trusted her since he eventually gave her our address.
I never knew about this phonecall until Dawn told me... I even wondered when he called her. He always obeyed my rules that him calling in secret never crossed my mind.
Meanwhile, Zachary was having fun at his friend's house, Elspeth Cook. He came to her house nearly everyday after school, instead of doing homework like his brother. Even worse, they did basically nothing there, just chatting and laughing like idiots!
Sure, I loved it when my kids were friendly and popular at school, but I wished Zachary at least could do something else rather than flirting with a girl. Football team, for example.
This Elspeth girl he was close with was actually nice, and she looked kinda goth. I could tell from her hair that she was into trend--and thus confirmed my suspicion that she was a popular girl at high school. Well, good for Zac, I guess.
Eventually Zac started to give her more than just jokes; one afternoon he kissed her cheek. She didn't pull back, so of course this sent Zachary to cloud nine.
Achlys was quiet around the house, yes, but it turned out that she was more than shy--she was, in fact, antisocial! She often went home from school crying like a baby, saying that noone loved her, etc, etc. Oh please, as if I actually cared about that.
She tried to befriend some girls, but they always turned her down.
She whined and whined and whined, but I always ignored her. Liam comforted her at times, but he must've known that eventually, she had to try to be more... likeable.
At night, I often found myself awake. And just as before, I could never really get Malvolio out of my mind. Only when I was busy--which was rare--or happy--which was nearly impossible--I could forget him. Otherwise, I found myself sobbing.
So I drank and drank and drank until I could hardly walk home. Me going to the clubs felt almost like routine--I arrived in the evening, and came home in the morning.
Sometimes when I came home earlier, I forced myself to teach my vampire toddlers to walk and talk. It was hard as hell, but if I didn't, I knew sooner or later the social workers would take them away.
It was when I finally sat down that I heard someone calling from the lobby. "Yes? Leah Sierra here." I answered, already half-sleeping. The voice who answered made me gasp. "Leah? It's Dawn. Can you open the door?"
"So, Leah... how are you?" Dawn asked softly, as she always did. I answered without looking at her, "I'm okay. What is it?"
"Well... I heard that a vampire has seduced you. The brother of Maverick..." She began to talk, but I cut her off with a glacial tone. "Yes, I'm fully aware of it. And your problem is?"
"The problem is... I'm afraid he actually did more than just seduced you. You might not realize it now, but I bet he's--" Before she could finish her sentence, I already stood up. And confronted her.
"JUST SHUT IT!" I really shrieked back then. She seemed really taken aback by my sudden outburst. "You have no idea how this feels, okay?!"
"But, Leah--" My fist clenched, and before I knew it, I already yelled at her again. "We were in love, we really were! And I don't care what people say--we just had a misunderstanding, and we WILL get back together again!"
"Your challenge--" I gritted my teeth, giving her no chance to speak up. "My challenge is over already! Why can't people understand that? I'm so exhausted, and I have a new life now! Stop judging me, like everyone do! Me and Malvolio will have a happy life together without you all!"
"I'm not judging you. It's okay if you want to quit--" Dawn started to talk again, but I pointed at her angrily. "If you aren't, then get out of my house. Now."
That drama in the house sent me on edge. I refused to think about anything--about Malvolio, the challenge, Dawn. I just wanted to let loose. None of those was my problem. And fortunately, when I went to the town to meet a friend, he was there.
"What happened, Leah? Why do you look so--" I stroked his neck, smiling. I knew vampires were naturally charming, so it was almost easy to whisper seductively, "Hush. Don't remind me. Now why don't you join me back in the house?" Needless to say it didn't take him too long to agree.
When we arrived, I wasted no time. The last time I met him, he could make me forget everything easily. And probably that was the only medicine I could afford that time--his kiss.
We kissed and kissed while waiting for the elevator to come down. I was right; all the drama seemed like something that happened over a decade ago. There was nothing else but me and him.
Even in the elevator, I couldn't control my lust. As soon as we got separated, I already put my hand on his shoulder and looked at him, as flirty as I could.
"Leah--" He began to object, but I whispered, "Hush."
And I guess you all know what happened next...
Back in the house, however, things didn't go really well. Zachary went home earlier with such puppy dog eyes, which of course made Liam ask: "What's wrong?"
Surprise, surprise! All of a sudden, Zac already cried his eyes out and pulled Liam into a hug. When his brother asked once again, he stammered, "I--it was Elspeth. You remember her? The girl I like..."
"Th-there was a rumor spreading at school about her being in a relationship. I th-thought it couldn't be, since she didn't pull back when I kissed her cheek. B-but then she admitted that she only s-sees me as a friend, and that k-kiss was only something to ease her heartbreak. And n-now she's back with his boyfriend again..."
"Oh, Zachary..." Liam actually held him tight. "You'll be okay. Not all girls like that, you know."
"What do you know! You don't even know girls!" Zachary pulled away. That line should've insulted someone, but Liam only chuckled.
"I don't, but I know people. And if she really acts like that, you know she's not worth your time. Am I right?" Liam smiled. It was rare to see the other side of Zachary. Usually he was so easy going that we all believed girls would never break his heart that way.
"Yeah... I guess so. Thanks, bro." Zachary shrugged and gave Liam a little smile.
As soon as Zachary walked away, it was my time to talk to Liam. And I went straight to the subject matter. "You! Liam, you were the one who told Dawn about all this, weren't you?"
Such an innocent boy, lying wasn't even an option for him. Or may I say... dumb. "Y-yes, Mom! But I only did it because--"
"Oh, did I say I needed a reason?!" I snapped in anger. "I DON'T CARE why you did it! Now just leave me alone and mind your own business!"
"But, Mom--these days you didn't even--" Liam started to object, but I didn't want to hear him.
"Shush! No more words. I don't care, and will never do! Now get away from my sight before I start yelling at you again like some bad stepmother!"
Liam looked down at this point, trying to hide his tears. He walked to his room soon after that, but I still could hear him mumbling, "...Fine. But you already are a bad mother."
I went to bed earlier that night, without bothering to go to any club. As much as I hated it, Liam's words actually... affected me. It felt like a smack in the head; as if I already knew it all these times, but nobody ever said it to my face.
I had no time to worry about it, though. The morning after the fight, my stomach hurt so much and I felt nauseous for some reason.
When I finally puked, I knew I shouldn't have consumed so much alcohol every night. But still... I was a vampire. I had no idea that alcohol would affect my body so much.
Achlys, as always, didn't bother to ask why the toilet suddenly looked so dirty again. She just cleaned it like usual, without words.
Zachary began to stay at home more often after school, since he couldn't meet Elspeth anymore. And everytime he came home, the first thing he did was greeting his siblings.
Little Ginn really loved him. As much as he liked to play with Liam's glasses, he also liked to play with Zachary's hat. Zac allowed him, of course--and after all, Ginn seemed to be his favorite sibling.
Meanwhile, Liam taught Tequilla how to talk properly. He avoided me since I last scolded him, and he spent his entire time with Tequilla or Achlys.
My stomach still didn't get better after days, even though it had been a while since I last consumed alcohol. Wondering if somehow I had a disease, I decided to go to the doctor.
Guess what? Yes, the doctor dropped the bomb. I was pregnant... again.
When I made my way back to the apartment, I really had to calm myself down. At a time like this, and I still got pregnant? How on earth could that possible? I just... couldn't help but cringe in horror. It took a lot of determination not to kill this baby in an abortion.
The kids were having a luxurious dinner. I cooked sushi for them, since I would be in the hospital for hours. "Achlys, come on, eat! We can't eat this everyday, you know, so better enjoy it while possible!" Zachary encouraged her cheerfully.
Achlys gave both her brothers a sad smile. "I know. I was thinking about Mom... I feel worried about her, being all nauseous lately."
"Oh, who the hell cares about her?" Zachary snapped. "She never cares about us, after all. When was the last time she hugged us, or showed a tiny bit of affection towards us?"
"Zac!" Liam warned him. "She's still our mother! She gave birth to us and she raised us to teenhood... real mother does that. I know some mothers who left their kids in orphanages, or even killed them in abortion. At least Mom takes care of us..."
"Well, frankly, I don't feel like being taken care of," Zachary said with such honesty, "Real mothers know their children, care about them, love them. And she doesn't even understand us--any of us! When we did something 'wrong', she yelled at us instead of lecturing us! How could you call her a good mother?"
Achlys laughed and ate her sushi at last. "Yeah, Liam, admit it. We all know it's true."
"No, it's not!" Liam frowned in such a way as if his heart was breaking. "She just has a lot of problems in her life right now and--"
Zachary cut him off impatiently, "--and still, we don't deserve this. Any mother I know wouldn't abandon their kids like this. I honestly wished a social worker took me away when we were toddlers."
I burst into the room. I had been overhearing them for a few minutes, but I couldn't take it anymore. My kids--how could they talk about me like that?! "ZACHARY SIERRA!" I screamed at him. When he looked away muttering, "Oh, here we go again," I was really close to slap him. "Look at me!"
"WHAT? Why should I?! Why should I look at you when you never looked at me?! Why should I notice you when you always ignored me?! Tell me, Mom!"
I gasped at his outburst. I always knew he was a hot-headed boy... but screaming and yelling at his mother like that wasn't exactly what he would do. Or probably he was right. I never really understood my children. "No, Zachary, I--"
"Oh, shut the f**k up!" He kept shrieking in front of me, making me twitch. I couldn't remember the time I allowed him to use dirty words in this house. "I was right the whole time! You only care about "the love of your life"--" He said it in such a scoffing tone that I wondered where he learned that as well, "--and you never care about us! Not now, not then, not later!"
I tried to cut him off, but he was so angry that he didn't even let me respond. "You may call yourself my mother, but you never are, Leah Sierra! You never are!"
That last line of him left me speechless. Not the fact that he called me with my name, but the fact that he... didn't even think of me as a mother. Oh, what the hell, Leah, a part of me screamed back, You really never wanted a children, did you? Whatever he said shouldn't affect you, because you never think of him as a son, either. Just a kid you gave birth to as a part of your stupid 100 baby challenge!
I stood there, in shock. There was a war inside me that I didn't even notice when Zachary climbed up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door.
"Mom, it's alright, I'll talk to him, okay? I know he didn't mean it.." Liam patted my shoulder, trying to comfort me.
But I was too confused and too broken inside that I couldn't hear him. I just nodded aimlessly. Suddenly I felt like a glass vase that just shattered on the floor--I literally needed to try breathing.
Upstairs, I overheard them speaking in their bedroom. "Zac?" I heard Liam calling him softly. There was a long pause before Zachary finally responded, "Yes?" His voice sounded just as broken as my heart, and his attempt to stop coughing almost failed.
"...I know how you feel. And I know what can get us out of this situation." There was another long, dramatic pause, yet Zachary didn't answer. Liam just continued his words. "After this, we'll tell Mom that we're ready to age up, okay? There is already too much trouble in the house--if you and I move out, probably everything will get better. For you, me, and Mom. For all of us."
I stood there in silence, behind the door. I didn't even hear Zachary's answer... but I didn't need to. I already knew it. After Zachary's words to me, suddenly my problem with Malvolio, my depression state, seemed like nothing. I didn't even know how to explain the feeling inside of me. I felt like I was broken beyond repair.
Liam told me about it calmly. Maybe he expected me to cry or be angry or anything, but I just sat there motionless. Nodding as if it wasn't a big problem. After he went to bed, I made myself coffee. I didn't care anymore about what's good and what's not.
My vampire babies slept through the fight, so instead of sleeping, I decided to teach them how to talk and walk. It was hard, since I had a hard time forming sentences myself.
Time passed, and when the big morning came, Zachary woke up with a big smile on his face. "Yo, bro! Today is a big day! You ready for it?"
Liam wasn't as excited as him, though. He laid on his bed for a long time before muttering an answer, "Yeah... I guess."
I ordered three cakes for the birthday bash: Liam's, Zachary's, and Achlys'. Yes, she decided to age up that day, as well.
"Wait, I have no idea what I want!" Liam screamed when Zachary was about to blow his candles. Zac just laughed. "Well, decide it fast, then!"
"Hooray for adulthood!" The twins cheered happily.
"You go, bro!" Achlys squealed and blew her new trumpet, "Momma! Where are you? Come here, we're having a bash!"
I was still upstairs, but I wasn't sleeping. In fact, I could barely sleep through the night. I felt like a zombie back then, instead of a vampire: I felt nothing. My heart wasn't even aching anymore. It was empty. And I refused to come downstairs. Because the whole time I just wished for something impossible, Please, please don't let them leave now...
My wish wasn't granted, of course. Zachary aged up without even bothering to wait for me.
He grew to a bald guy with thick eyebrows, and even his face already looked so easy going. Everyone may thought he was a comedian.
Liam was more reluctant to age up, but Zachary encouraged him, and eventually, he did as well.
He grew to a serious-looking guy. I think he could find a job easily with that face and personality. Money shouldn't be a problem for him...
"Achlys, what are you waiting for? Come on, it's your turn!" Liam smiled, calling for her. But she looked nervous. "But Mom--" Zachary chuckled. "Forget about her! Hooray for teenhood!"
Achlys smiled and took her turn at last. She blew out her candles confidently.
The twins couldn't help but laugh at her scared face when the lights surrounded her. "It's okay, you'll be just fine!"
My Achlys grew to an Asian-looking woman. Not surprising, since she already looked so Asian when she was younger. Plus, she also decided to use a Chinese haircut.
"Ughh, Tequilla, I'll miss you so much!" Liam buried his face in Tequilla's hair as they got ready to move out.
"What? You said you won't miss me at all?" Liam chuckled and played around with her. Tequilla really loved it when Liam tickled her.
"Zachawwy? You going?" Little Ginn asked innocently when Zachary tossed him in the air. He was quite smart for his age, since he was a pure vampire. And he immediately realized his older brothers would move out.
"Nooo! You can't go! I want my Zachawwy!"
Zac couldn't help but burst out laughing. He hugged and kissed Ginn as if he wouldn't let his little brother slip away from his arms.
Achlys smiled at them both. "Whoa, you've got a fan already!" She teased. That was the only way to prevent herself from crying out loud.
Zac laughed with her, but soon became serious. "Achlys, now that we're not here anymore, you have to take care of Ginn and Tequilla, okay? And don't forget Mom's future babies. I have a feeling she'll abandon them as well..."
"Oh, don't worry, bro," Achlys rolled her eyes. "I can handle this. I don't have much to do with friends, so I'm going to stay at home full time!"
"And about Mom's future kids... if I can't handle them, I will immediately send them to your house!" She joked, but little did she know that Zachary actually took it seriously.
"Well then, goodbye Achlys! I'll miss you so much--no, I already miss you now!" They shared a few more hugs, then the twins moved out.
I waited for a while, making sure they really had left the apartment, before going downstairs. Achlys was cleaning the dirty counter when I approached her.
We didn't exchange words, but I knew she was trying hard not to cry. She must be very disappointed of me, since I wasn't there to say goodbye to my own kids. I wondered how she truly felt about it...
...and all of a sudden, before I knew it, the contraction started!
"MOM!" Achlys screamed, panicked. And I really had to pinch myself to make sure that this all was real. She really cared for me... even though just because the baby was coming.
"It's okay! I can.. do this..." I breathed heavily, trying to remember that I had gone through this for twelve times. And I knew that somehow, I could make it...
Just before I arrived at the hospital, suddenly something scary struck my mind: what if I die? It should be a whole lot easier way to end all my problem. I would never have to care about anything anymore... that sounded much better than a hell I was living in.
But then I started to think about Achlys. How she actually cared about me, how she never really gave up on me... that, overall, was one thing that convinced me to hang on and stay alive. For my kids.
After long hours of agony in the hospital, I finally gave birth to two little angels: Talia Sierra...
...and her sister, Zoey Sierra.
I was too tired to think of anything else, but maybe, just maybe, I could get through this. Fix my mistakes... and be Leah Sierra again.

Little note:
No, not another apology! I just want to thank you for reading this update, and... I have a few things to tell you guys.
1. I decided to continue this challenge again. I'm pretty happy with my decision. :) And if I ever go on a hiatus again without telling you, just punch me.
2. I actually took most of the pictures of this post before my hiatus... so yeah, Dawn's hair was still brown. ^-^' Sorry about that, Dawnie. You know I'm still a big fan of you!
3. I decided to get rid of the cbox... tomorrow, probably, my hands are still screaming in pain. But I will. Cbox is a great place to leave short, lovely comments, but I hate those blogwalkers.
4. Sorry for the usage of strong languages! D: I know I had it censored, but in case you feel uncomfortable about it... just tell me, really. But I think once Leah is cured, she won't use any strong language anymore.
5. Thanks to Christy Quinn for the name Talia, and Kori Bergstrom for the name Zoey. Really, I just realized that their names were just alternative spellings of Thalia and Zoe (Percy Jackson characters) after naming them. xD
6. Just saying... I think I wrote that last line-in the story, not in this little note-not as Leah, and more as myself... so glad to be here again. :')


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It was an amazing comeback post and in some way the post seemed like it was talking about you too, and not just Leah. :)
Again I'm happy to see your back. :D

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