Friday, 1 July 2011

Baby 20 and 21 - Kiss of Death

Even before I opened the door--after I gave birth to Achlys--I could feel something. Deep, deep down in my soul, something growth. Thirst... power... desire to loose everything and just be me. Just be Leah. Not a 100 baby challenge mother or something stupid like that. I didn't know about it, but somehow, when I turned to a vampire, suddenly I just didn't... understand... the happiness to be a mother. And it felt like I have loved Malvolio, the one who changed me, for years. And now, there was nothing more important than him to me. I'd do whatever to please him.
"Momma, is that baby Achlys?" Chord and Cathie ran towards me and asked. Gah, now I didn't even feel like I loved them! I meant... Gosh. How could I not realize this before? Those kids are so noisy--and annoying!
"Momma, what happened to your eyes? And your skin? And what's that little mark on your neck? Mom, are you okay?" Cathie continued to chirp. What a noisy little girl.
"Nah, nah, Cathie! My daughter shouldn't talk too much, okay? And I'm a vampire now. Isn't that amazing?" I said after handed Achlys to Malvolio.
Cathie gasped and took a step back. Her face was full of anger and she looked very shocked. "But-but how could it be possible?! You supposed to be a human, Mom!" And I have to admit, she also looked kinda... scared. Of me. Well, it's good, because that means she knew I was powerful.
"Cathie!" I frowned and looked down. "Again, you should be happy of my decision. You have no idea how great to be a vampire! But oh well, let's not talk about this. I have another great news for you two: We will move to an apartment in Bridgeport!"
Cathie screamed and acted like a five year old girl. "But I DON'T want a new house! I love this house and I love the old you!"
Chord turned to her and whispered to console her, "Cathie, calm down. Hold all your emotions." Cathie turned to him, "But, Chord--" Chord shook his head. "This isn't the right time to be angry. Come on, we better pack our bags." Ahh, at least one of them still have the insanity!
Malvolio turned to me. "Are you ready?"
I turned back to him and answered softly, "Always, sweetheart."
Within a few hours, we already packed our bags and moved to the biggest city... Bridgeport! Ah, I couldn't help but smile when I saw those gorgeous city lights. So different from the old-fashioned Sunset Valley ;)
"Welcome to our new house!" My smile was really wide and bright when we finally arrived at our apartment.
Unfortunately--or fortunately?--Chord and Cathie were too slow, and they got stuck at the ground floor. Cathie looked around. "Bro, this place is so small," She muttered.
"How could we live in a apartment? I have read about it, and it's really small! And there are no playgrounds here in Bridgeport..." She continued sadly.
"Well, Cathie, let's see the good side," Chord added, "We'll have new friends here--and I'm sure even more cooler friends. You can't always hang out with those geeks in Sunset Valley."
"And who knows? Maybe our apartment won't be as small as it seems. Maybe it's so cool that we can't even complain about its small size, since there's a few new and cool things there!"
Cathie sighed, and finally nodded. "Well, I guess it won't be that bad either. And I hope you're right, Chord." She said with a little sad smile.
Chord walked to an intercom across the room. Both he and Cathie didn't know on what floor was their apartment, so he decided to call me. "Hello, Mom?"
"Where are you?!" I yelled back through the intercom, which made him jumped back. "We're waiting for you here, on the 21st floor! Now get into the elevator and come here!"
"I-I'm sorry, Mom! We'll get there as soon as possible!" He answered haltingly, and quickly hung up on me. He seemed really panicked.
"Sis, I think I know what you meant when you got mad at Momma this morning. I don't know what happened to her, but since she became a vampire, she was really..." Chord sighed.
Cathie nodded, "I know what you mean too. But like you said before, it's not the right time to discuss it. We need to get there soon." She hugged here, just in time before the door of the elevator opened.
New house!!! It's the living room, with cool TV and artistic painting.
The small yet cool kitchen. And after all, I would only cook for my children, so I didn't need a bigger space.
Our little dining room with a view to the gorgeous city :)
It's a little place for my children to play. Actually, it only made my apartment looked uglier, but... aack, I needed to do this or the social worker would take them!
This is the skill room. I made it as modern as possible, with only two colors: black and white.
This is the place for my kids to grow up and blow the candles on their birthday cakes.
A room for Chord and Cathie! Yeah, yeah, I know it's small, etc, etc, but can't you see it's much cooler?
Zachary and Liam's room, all in blue.
Again, such a little nursery. In fact, I felt like it was just a useless room. The only one who would use it was Achlys, right?
Nah, I wouldn't give any complain for this bathroom. It was undoubtly cool.
Me and Malvolio's room, all in green... and black. Well, a vampire always loves black; that's who we are.
Outside, there's a bar and a little place for a jam.
And at the corner, guess what is it?? Yes, a hot tub! Finally! It was the hottest item ever, and I was more than glad when Malvolio decided to buy one too!
The first thing I did after unpacked my things was changed my appearance. Hey, I was a vampire; I need a hotter--and more beautiful--look than this... It was a human look. And I wasn't a human anymore.
I decided to untie my hair and let it fall, so when I walked everyone could see my beautiful hair flying around me.
I also changed my clothes to something sexier and more modern: a tube top, skirt, and a pair of black leather boots. I just loved how my top shined--and when it comes to vampires, everything should be shiny.
Again, I really had no idea how could I get myself into such a stupid challenge like this. Seriously, 100 baby challenge? That sounds like a challenge for someone old-fashioned, like my mother. Now I really appreciated Mikolaj, and understood why did she not want to be a mother. It was really booo-ring, trust me.
"God, how could you let me do this?" I muttered under my breath after Achlys finally able to sleep in my arms. It took all night just to make her sleep!
But sometimes, everything just didn't make any sense. Instead of hanging out with her new friends, now Cathie's new hobby was reading a book. In the toilet. "Cathie! Birthday!" I called her from downstairs. She sighed and quickly went downstairs.
Yep, it was the time for everyone's birthday!
Oooow :3 Chord turned to such a handsome boy, already with muscles and all! With that tan skin and blonde hair, I wouldn't be surprised if many of his classmates fall for him.
Cathie also looked as gorgeous as ever. She did what she called a 'Santana' hairstyle. Umm, yeah, I know it made her look good... but it would definitely get better if she put on some make up. Seriously.
Zachary also adopted the same bad boy look, like his older brother. He bought a new knit hat that really matched his clothes, and I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when he decided to cover his signature purplish black hair with that hat, even though it did make him look cool.
On the other side, Liam turned to a pure geek with rectangle glasses and smooth hair, but with nice thick eyebrows. With that clothes, he already looked like a business man. Ugh.
Achlys... well, there was no other word to describe her. Cute! Even though I hated her whines, I have to admit that she looked cute with that Asian face and pinch-able cheeks.
Our little additions upstairs were clearly a good thing, since now Chord and Cathie loved to spend time together with a bass and a keyboard. Well, at least they did love music, unlike some of their classmates!
Zachary and Liam--although they were indeed very different--also could spend hours in front of the TV. Liam was a technology freak, and Zachary was a game freak, so, yeah... they matched. :D
After a long day, finally I could find a time to relax with Malvolio, in the hot tub. We talked about pointless things under the moon...
"Sweetie, are you sure you want to forget this 100 baby challenge thing forever? You know you already have 19 kids so far..." He asked when we cuddled each other. I just laughed and leaned in even more. "I'm sure, honey. I'm tired of that, and who wants to have 100 kids? They're just whiny little creatures... I'm so done with it."
Malvolio smiled and gave me a passionate kiss. "I love you..." He murmured. I giggled. "I love you too." It was nearly 10 pm and all the kids were asleep, so Malvolio decided to take me to one of his favorite place here: a night club!
He told me to get ready, so I wore my best dress. And we headed to one of the most famous club in Bridgeport...
The club was indeed cool! There's a very nice bar with--I think--professional bartenders. The lighting was really good, and I just couldn't wait to have a drink.
Suddenly, just before I wanted to get out of the elevator, the door closed and I got stuck in the middle. "Ouch!!" I yelled and tried to push back the door to no avail.
Malvolio didn't seem to hear my screams. He was already at the bar, and I don't think he heard me, even a bit. "Hmm... one Spline Reticulator, please?" He ordered a drink.
"Okay, wait a minute!" The bartender chirped happily and started making drinks.
"MALVOLIO!" I screamed as loud as I could. Even though I was strong, but the elevator was stronger. I could easily got knocked off.
Suddenly he heard it. Just after his drink arrived, he gasped and quickly ran towards me.
But it was too late. When he got there, I already got out of the elevator... and guess what? My back was aching. Great.
"Leah, are you okay? I'm sorry I got here too late, I didn't hear you..." Malvolio stroked my hair, looked pretty concern. Then there was a lightning outside, which made the sky went bright.
I smiled at him. I just couldn't feel angry after looked into those eyes... "It's okay, honey. I'm okay, even though I feel a little bit... weak.."
Malvolio smiled back. "I think I know what will make you feel better. Come on, let's get out of here before a paparazzi pass by."
We jumped to a taxi and arrived at an unknown place... for me. "Malvolio, what is this place?" I asked curiously.
He just smiled and kept walking. I followed after him, and he stopped. "Take a look around," He whispered. I stopped too and looked around. And gasped. It was such a beautiful place!
"Well, how is it, Leah? Nice?" Malvolio asked gently as we began to sway under the stars. I swear, he didn't even look like a dangerous vampire to me that time... he just seemed to be a gentleman. I giggled. "Well, nice. But how could it make me feel better?"
Suddenly Malvolio turned around and that evil smile appeared. "It won't make you feel better... But I will teach you something that I promise will make you feel really better! And that is..."
I gasped when I saw Malvolio turned from a gentleman to a monster only in ten seconds. But don't get me wrong, even though I could see his fangs now, he looked just as hot as ever. Maybe even hotter.
"There... can you see that? Once you activate your hunting 'sense', you will find someone with colorful body... and that's your prey. That's your food source for tonight. Let me teach you how to drink."
He walked towards his 'prey' and stared at him. "Hello, young man, do you know that I'm so thirsty tonight?"
The man in plaid top screamed. He totally freaked out. "NO! Get off! I don't want to be your food source--I have children! Get off!!"
Malvolio frowned. "Oh come on, I won't kill you... only drink your blood a little." The man kept screaming and screaming, and he ran to the darkness.
"What--hey?!" Malvolio tried to run after him, but he knew he already lost his prey. Then he sighed and turned to me. "I have to say, it didn't end up really well. Your turn, Leah. Show me your fangs."
I took a deep breath and activate my hunting 'sense'. He was right; now I could see colorful people, even though they were only normal people. And even better, I could smell my favorite food: blood.
Suddenly I couldn't hold my thirst. My fangs came out and I groaned desperately. I. Had. To drink. Now.
I could find my prey really easily, actually. All I needed to do was focus and find the yummiest blood scent... and there he was, playing keyboard calmly.
"Excuse me, Sir," I walked towards him and tried to be nice first. Even though it was really, really hard, I knew I had to be nice, or I'd lost my prey, just like Malvolio. "I'm a vampire and I really need some blood... I'm so thirsty. I see you have such a great amount of blood. May I have some?"
I know it sounded ridiculous, so I added, "I promise it won't hurt, Sir. You will feel a little weak, but that's all. And I won't disturb you again."
And surprisingly, he agreed! He nodded and said to me, even though I knew he was really uncomfortable.
"Are you sure?" I blinked as I held his right hand. Oh, how easy it was! The stranger nodded. Maybe he knew that it was too late to say 'no', or I'd break his hand.
I heaved a sigh of relief, and without anymore words, I bit his wrist. Aaah, I hope I could tell you the feeling of fresh blood in my mouth... It may sounds disgusting, but trust me, it was absolutely delicious.
"AAACK!" The old man yelled and cursed, but it was too late. I already drank his blood, and I wouldn't stop until I wasn't thirsty anymore.
It's not long after I took a deep breath and pulled back. "Yum!" I licked my lips. "Thank you! You have no idea how sweet is your blood!"
"Ugh... okay..." The old man said weakly, and collapsed to the ground. Oh well, I didn't care about him either; he wasn't gonna dead, and that what matters the most.
After I learned how to drink blood, Malvolio told me some things about vampire. Of course the first one was speed.
Running after drinking was indeed a good exercise for me. Yahoo!
"Leah, you're such a natural vampire. I'm so proud of you." Malvolio praised me after I finished all my lessons... only in one night.
I blushed. "Thank you, Malvolio. You know that you were the one who turned me to a vampire, so... yeah, I think I got that thing from you." We both laughed and headed home.
I wasn't really worry about my kids' safety. After all, our penthouse has a bunch of guards and they could always call the police if something happened.
When Chord spent all his time just played and played, Cathie was incredibly serious about her future. She planned to be a scientist, that's why her teachers gave her more homework to do, since they also supported her. But unfortunately, I didn't. Hey, who wants to be a scientist? Only those geeks.
And everytime I came home late, she was the one who prepared breakfast for all. And her favorite menu was autumn salad! Gah, that's really unbelievable.
Actually, I was a little scared when Malvolio brought me to another club, but he convinced me, and he promised to wait for me. Well, who could resist those amazing red eyes? So I went to the hotspot with him, and hoped that nothing would happen.
"One Simsmapolitan, please." Malvolio headed to the bar and ordered a drink.
"Okay! Wait a minute, Sir!" The bartender grinned and began mixing the drink. She seemed really professional... just as if she has been here for years. Well, maybe it's true.
"Hmm," Malvolio looked pretty pleased when he took a sip of his Simsmapolitan. "Won't you order something, Leah?"
I blinked. "Oh--oh, yes, of course! Hmm, one Starry Sea, please," I ordered after looked at the menu.
"Woah, you're new here, aren't you? Welcome to Bridgeport!" The bartender greeted me. It seemed like she has met everyone. I smiled and nodded. "Thanks." Her skill just wow-ed me. It was easy for her to spin the glass and talk to me at the same time!
"One Starry Sea!" She said happily, and gave me the drink. I took a sip and felt the strange taste on my tongue. Yep, it wasn't as good as blood, but what the heck, it was so good that I couldn't complain even once!
"Leah, what are you doing? Come here and dance!" I heard Malvolio called my name and I immediately put my glass and shook my waist. Whoa! It seemed that the effect of the drink began to work on me...
And there was me, dancing around the club. I'd never imagine myself doing this, but I have to admit it felt pretty good. Just like after Malvolio turned me to a vampire!
But well, when something good happens, something bad will also happen. When I and Malvolio got home, I found out that most of my children were still awake in their pajamas! Zachary was still in front of the computer...
...Liam was still busy with his painting...
...and Chord was playing keyboard.
The only one who already went to sleep was Cathie. I couldn't believe that! I really needed to teach them discipline!
"Cathie, WAKE UP!" I turned on the lamp brutally. She gasped and immediately woke up. "Ugh... Mom... what happened?" She asked sleepily. But I didn't care either she was sleepy or not.
"Go outside your room, now!" I yelled at her, and she slowly stood up. Gosh, she took so long time! "Fine, I'm up... I'm up.."
When Cathie went outside, I already scolded Zachary for waking up through the night.
"Zachary, don't do this again! I don't like it! If your grades fall--" I screamed angrily.
"But Mom ALWAYS do it!" He cut off my words. "You and that vampire guy always do it! Why can't I?" I squinted. "Because you're too young! Now shut up and never yell at me like that again!"
I spent my entire morning just scolded each one of my kids. Yeah, even I scolded Cathie, since she supposed to be responsible, and all she could do was just sleeping through the night like a bear.
"Cathie?" Chord called her when I finally finished scolding him and went upstairs to change my clothes.
"Hmm?" Cathie was so not in the mood for talking.
"Err, I know you're upset because of us, but oh come on, Kate, you know it's not purely our fault..." Chord tried to tell her.
But Cathie was too mad to listen even a bit. "Oh, just back off!" She turned around and walked away.
But everybody knew her favorite place: the skill room. Yep, Cathie always sat there and read a book whenever she felt angry or sad, since she knew that she couldn't tell me. I wouldn't even listen to her. Seriously, I was so tired of her--and all my kids!
Chord wouldn't give up. He walked to Cathie and said, "Sis, please, you know I was right. At least, let me explain to you."
Cathie sighed and finally turned to him. "What?"
Chord frowned. "Well, first, you of course have realized that when Malvolio changed our mother to a vampire, he also changed her traits. So she won't love us anymore. So she won't care about us anymore. Now tell me when was the last time she help us to do our homework? Never!"
Cathie stood up, looked shocked. "But--but Momma is always good to us..." Her voice disappeared when she began to realize the fact that her mother has changed. Chord sighed. "Look, I know it's hard to admit, okay? But it's a fact. Momma doesn't love us anymore. She hates us. She even thinks to quit this challenge."
"Momma has changed, Cathie, and you know that! And now there's only one way to make her love us again..." Chord continued. Cathie cocked her head. "What, turn her to a human again?" Chord shook his head. "No, if we do it, Malvolio will turn her to a vampire once again. It's useless. No, what I'm talking about is change ourselves. To the kids she like--the popular kids."
Cathie gasped. She has always been a pure loser in her school, "But I don't think we can do it..." She said weakly. Chord smiled. "Trust me, all you need is make up." Cathie still hesitated, but after Chord convinced her, finally she nodded and whispered with a sad tone, "If that's the only way..."
And there they went, to the local salon just across our home.
"A-are you sure it's the right thing to do, bro?" Cathie still hesitated, but Chord just laughed. "Trust me, you'll love the feeling!" He has been in the football team since the first time we moved to Bridgeport, so he knew what it's like to be popular. And he just loooved the feeling.
Proudly presented, the new Cathie Sierra!
"What do you think? What do you think?" Chord asked excitedly. Cathie frowned when she saw the Cheerios costume that she was wearing. "Ugh, I'm not sure... This isn't me.."
"Awww, Bro, can we just go back to there and change all of this? This is so disgusting!" Cathie groaned. Chord rolled his eyes. "Gosh, sis, calm down! Now you hate it, but after this you'll love it! We just have a guest!"
"Guess? Who?" Cathie frowned. Chord grinned. "Lil Bling."
Cathie suddenly screamed happily when she saw Lil Bling. "OMG! The real Lil Bling? From the TV show May and Jared? Oh, I love that show!" Chord only smiled when he saw his sister's reaction. He knew that if there's a way to cheer Cathie up, it was Lil Bling.
"Lil Bling!! Hello, my name is Cathie!" Cathie was super excited when she realized that her idol was--literally--in her apartment.
"Oh, hi!" Lil Bling greeted her back. "Nice to meet you! Hmm... so you're Chord girlfriend or what?"
Cathie laughed at that ridiculous idea. "No, of course not! I'm her sister! Why? He didn't mention me at all?" Lil Bling blinked, "Oh, I'm sorry... Yes, I think he didn't. Well, I have no idea why, since you look really pretty--and you're a Cheerios!" Cathie blushed.
Chord grinned, "Hey Lil Bling, can we go to your place now? Well, actually I'm okay if you want to come inside, but my house is in such a huge mess..."
Lil Bling seemed okay with that idea. "Oh, of course! We can have fun in the hot tub like yesterday... and after that we can go to a bar near here and dance. What do you think?" Chord nodded. "That's a great idea!"
Cathie's eyes widened when she realized that Lil Bling must be one of Chord's friends, since he was so popular. "Hey, can I go with you guys?"
Chord looked excited. "Of course! It will be great!"
"Whoa." Cathie could say nothing but that when they all arrived at Lil Bling's house. His house was probably one of the biggest house in Bridgeport.
It was huge! And sooo luxurious. With such a beautiful view to the Bridgeport itself... no wonder Chord always seemed happy when he said he just went home from his 'friend' house. Well, who knew that he has a celebrity friend--or maybe more than one?
It was a very nice afternoon for Chord and Cathie. Both of them had so much fun at Lil Bling's house, since he basically owned everything.
He even owned the latest yet coolest sports car, Margaret Vaguester! Isn't that cool? :O
And yeah, don't expect anything less from this rich young lad. My kids and Lil Bling went to the most famous club of the week: The Grind.
"Ohh, this is so fun!" Cathie said happily as she danced through the music. "Right sis?" Chord laughed.
"Well, let's try this!" Chord headed to the bar and ordered a party drink. He took a sip and within a minute, he already danced around like there was a party going on.
Cathie sighed. "I can't believe I used to be a geek! If I know that Chord's life is so fun like this... well, I won't go to the library even once. Hmm, I wonder if Mom know about this..."
Actually, I knew that Chord always spent his time with Lil Bling after school. Some people may think that I was such an unresponsible mother, but oh please! He could take care of himself, and I was sure that there was nothing to worry about...
In fact, when Chord and Cathie was having fun with their popular friend, I was trying to teach Achlys how to walk and talk. It was indeed a hard thing, but I told myself to keep going.
"Momma! I can walk!" Achlys chirped. I smiled, "Yeah. Good, Achlys!" Even though I didn't like kids, I needed to make sure that my little Achlys could walk, talk, and potty. Imagine if she go to school and she can't do it all--how embarrassing. Especially since the next day was her birthday!
The weather was superb! It was a little bit windy, but sunny and nice, just like the normal Bridgeport.
Zachary looked just as rebellious as always. He bought a new cap and wore it like that.
Liam also grew up as--well, as geeky as always. He also changed his glasses.
Achlys decided to keep her hairstyle like that. Although all of us admitted that her Asian face was really cute, when I tried to tie up her hair she said no. Why? Because she had a lack of confidence, and she said that she looked ugly with Chinese hairstyle.
It wasn't surprising at all when Chord turned out to be a hot guy, with that blonde hair and tan skin. He looked as gorgeous as ever--hmm, again, I guess there would be many women who fall for him.
I gasped when I saw Cathie as a young adult. She. Was. Absolutely. Pretty! Her eyebrows were the prettiest eyebrows I've ever seen, and those eyes... Gosh. I wouldn't be amazed if she get a job as an actress as soon as she walked out of my house. She's clearly one of my prettiest daughter ;)
Zachary and Liam were very different, even though I don't need to say it again. But I just want you to take a step back and see how different they were.
On the other side, Chord+Cathie was a perfect glamorous duo. And they were indeed pretty cool.
When his twin sister decided to be an actress, Chord was more focused with his career on music. He was a great musician, and I was sure that he would be famous here.
"Bye, Momma! I'll call you soon!" Cathie said goodbye to me. I had to admit, even though I really liked to scold her before, she has been a confident girl at the end of the day. And I was a little bit sad when I knew that I had to let her go...
Without both Chord and Cathie, the apartment was in such a mess. Especially after I figured out that Liam got an Insane trait. He loved to talk to himself... and to the air. I just hoped that he didn't act like that at school!
Zachary was... lazy. There was no other word to describe him. All he could do was just chatting and trolling on forums with such bad words.
But Liam was useful too. He liked to clean anything and everything, unlike his twin brother. Hmm, what do you think is better--insane but helpful, or sane but lazy?
Now when I got stressed out, I had a new activity to do: mixing drinks!
Mixology was a hard thing to learn. No wonder there were only a few professional bartenders--because it was hard to be one! But fortunately, as a vampire, it was easier to learn everything. So it didn't take too long before I could learn the basics of Mixology Skill.
Well, now it's time to taste the first drink I made...
"Yuck!" I yelled when I took the first sip. I tried to calm myself down, but I couldn't help it...
...and I puked.
I coughed so many times after that, even though it was only a small puke. "Argh! Disgusting!" It was indeed the worst drink I've ever made, but hey, there's always be the first time for everything, right? :)
I learned from my mistakes, and I quickly corrected them. I learned to create some drinks from the books I bought, and from some bartenders I met.
Just like it supposed to be, I got better and better...
...and hopefully soon I'd master the Mixology skill!
Malvolio was clearly one of my best 'clients'. I loved practicing with him, because he always told what he liked and what he didn't like of my drinks, and helped me go through it all.
"You're so good at it, sweetheart!" He praised me, and I blushed. "Aww, thanks, Malvolio! You know--I won't do this if not because of you..."
"So... what effect do you want for this Romantic Drink?" I winked. It was my first one, and it turned out pretty good.
The side effect for romantic drink was... well, the romantic tensions of course. But I was okay with that. As long as Malvolio was by my side, I was okay.
And you all know how it ended up...
"Leah, beautiful?" Malvolio called me just after we woke up. "Yeah?" I said.
"You know... I've got a job, in Riverview. And since the town is very far from Bridgeport, I have to go there and leave you here... Are you okay with that?" Malvolio asked gently.
I gasped, suddenly realized what it would feel like. "You meant... really, really leave me? Here, all alone?" My heart ached when I heard it... he was the one. He was my prince charming, the reason why I breathed, why I lived. And now he had to go...
"No, of course not forever! Only for a couple of weeks..." Malvolio looked shocked, and I blinked. A smile started to appear on my face again. "And you will come back?" I whispered. He nodded, also smiling, "As soon as possible."
I pulled him into a hug, and kissed him. It was so hard to let him go... but I had to be independent. "Come back soon," I whispered in her ear when he left.
Just after Malvolio left, I got a party invitation. It was from Johnny Jones, my neighbor. I was really excited. It was the first time someone invited me to a party!
"Oh Leah, you look great!" He complimented me, and I laughed. "Really? Why, thank you, Johnny." We cracked up some hilarious jokes, and we both laughed until our stomach ached.
Just before we decided to go upstairs, suddenly I started to feel sick.
I began to feel really nauseous... the feeling that I've been through since I had my first baby. Half of my mind wondered what was going on, but I was too sick to think about it. "Sorry, Johnny, I need to use your bathroom!" I screamed before ran to his toilet.
I puked so hard, and I thought what did I eat this morning? Nothing more, nothing less than a plasma fruit...
"Stupid stomach," I muttered after I finally finished my puking.
"You, get out of this house!" When I went outside, suddenly Johnny yelled at my face. I blinked in surprise. "Johnny, what--?" He hissed, "I should've known that it's not good to invite a vampire. You are so disgusting--get out of here!"
Suddenly I realized that he was Malvolio's prey. "Johnny--" I pleaded with him, but he already asked me to get out, and I didn't want to be a rude guest. So I walked away and went home.
My bed felt empty without Malvolio by my side... but if only I knew that it was the easiest part of this. Because suddenly, one night I woke up with no reason.
I gasped when I saw my tummy. It started to get big!
I almost couldn't breath when I realized what it means... Yes, I was pregnant.
When I went to bed again that night, my mind was full of some things: What will happen now? What should I do? And what will happen to my baby... should I just get rid of it? Or should I take care of it?
But the biggest yet most important question appeared just before I closed my eyes: What will Malvolio do if he find out?
Since I found out that I was pregnant, I wasn't be able to go to public places. I was scared that everyone could see my tummy, and since now I was a celebrity, I was scared that someone would write a fake story about me. So I just drank instant plasma juice from the refrigerator, instead of fresh blood from my preys.
And I thought over and over again: What should I do to this baby? If I get rid of it, I still have to do that in the hospital... and I couldn't even think about the feeling of killing someone, especially my own baby.
No, Leah, I said to myself, You can't get rid of the baby. You can talk about this with Malvolio, and this could be your last baby, but don't get rid of it. You're not a killer, and you won't be one.
With that decision, I tried to talk about the pregnancy thing with Malvolio.
But everytime I wanted to talk about it, he must be busy or something. And I had no courage to call him and tell him the truth...
So I just picked my guitar and went outside. I stood in a forest, in the hope that nobody--especially those annoying paparazzi--would see me.
I played my guitar and sang a few song, just to relax my mind. I didn't know why, but my mind just kept telling me not to hurt this baby. It needed a chance to live...
But those most annoying pregnancy things just kept happening to me. I kept puking and puking and I was really tired to do anything... But again, I reminded myself that once the baby is born, I'll be free.
And when I looked at my huge tummy, it was going to happen really, really soon!
"AAAACKK!" I screamed when the contractions started. I forgot the pain... Gosh, it almost killed me!
"In and out. In and out. You can do this, Leah. In and out..." I murmured that as if it was a spell. I really needed to calm down so I could deliver the baby smoothly... and swiftly.
So I quickly rode my bike to the hospital, just like the old times. Since it was almost midnight, I knew that nobody would catch me. And the only thing in my mind was the baby.
Phew! Finally, after long--and when I said long, I meant really long--hours of pains, I gave birth to my 20th baby, Ginn...
...and my 21st baby, Tequilla. Now I just had to find a way to tell this truth to the love of my life, Malvolio Slayer...

Little Note from Putri Air:
Guess how many pictures I had to upload? Yep, 207. This is an incredibly long story, and I'm so relieved when I finally typed the last word!!! Aaah, I'm so happy ;) Thanks to Dawn Turner for the name Tequilla. Tequilla was a deceased friend of her family. Also thank you for all your supports to me! Oh, and in case you're wondering: I'M NOT DONE WITH THIS CHALLENGE. It's only another problem for Leah, and I promise you, I'll continue this challenge, and I'll get rid of Malvolio Slayer. Sorry if she acts too rude in this story, but for your information, it's only because Malvolio has the 'power' to change her traits. But we'll get the old Leah... not really soon, but we will. Someday. Maybe you're also wondering why did I name this post 'Kiss of Death'. Well, besides it sounds cool, I also think it matches with the theme of this post. Again, thanks for all, and I hope you enjoy it! :)


ForeverHailey said...

Loved it Leah! It's so different from what you usually write about and I like the temporary change. It puts excitement in the challenge. I hope I see the old Leah again, but vampire Leah is very pretty.
Thank you for naming your daughter Tequilla. It means so much. :) Your amazing Leah.

~Dawn Turner

P.s. Sorry for the late comment I didn't realize you had a post out until today. :(

Putri Air said...

Awwww!!! I'm so glad you like it Dawn! Thank you so much! You're just as amazing as I am--wait, you're even more amazing ;)


You know what? That's ok! I also didn't realize that you had a post out until today :( So I think... it's fair?

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