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Baby 19 - Bridgeport: New Town, New Terror

Taking care of 7 kids in the house was indeed not an easy job at all. Right after I put my little Zachary and Liam to their cribs, I already had to prepare everything again. Yes, the very next day after my labor was the birthday of my kids!
Katie grew up to a pretty young lady which had a good manner, but people still made fun of her just because of her narrow eyes. But thank God, my Katie was such a strong girl, and when people started to mock her appearance, she'd shout at them how beautiful were she and her sisters.
It was Mercy's request to have just a classic birthday cake, not the colorful ones. I just started to tell her that the colorful cakes were more beautiful, but then she told me that she really wanted those cute little stars in her cake, because they really matched her and her sisters. Well, I have to admit that they did match! ;)
Mercy was certainly a sister of Katie. They shared the same eyes shape, the same lips, and even the same nose! If Mercy had green skin, I'm sure that she would be an exact carbon copy of Katie!
"Phoooh!" Pixie blew up the candles with her cute, unusual voice. She was really excited about this, and she just couldn't wait to be a teenager!
And it's all worth it! Pixie had paler green skin than Katie, and her hair was really beautiful! It's smooth and shiny, and I just loved the color ;) Her eyes weren't narrow like her sisters, but big and sparkling.
Oh my God! *gasps* I can't believe that's my little Chord! He was really cool, even as a tot, and he already got that rocker hairstyle, which made everyone just want to pinch his cheeks.
Like her brother, Cathie also turned out really well. I decided to give her the same hairstyle like Katie, Mercy, and Pixie, because Cathie's hair looked really pretty with it. And who could resist those mysterious grey eyes?
Cathie was absolutely the princess in the family. Chord was cute as well, but he liked his toys more than he liked to play with us. On the other hand, Cathie had that innocent smile that would make everyone's heart melt.
And she's such a fast learner too! Not long after her birthday, she already learned how to walk on her own.
But of course, Chord was a fast learner too--maybe even faster than Cathie. It took me not even 6 hours before he finally learned how to talk. Usually, it took at least a day to teach my kids.
Katie was the neat one in the family--she always did the house chores when I was too tired to do that.
But that's not what made me feel really proud of her. What made me feel like that was the fact that Katie almost never complained! Even though she hated the job, she'd still do it if I couldn't finish it.
But I also respected her, and I have her some free times after she came home from school. She really liked to paint, and just like my first child, Primera, Katie was a talented painter for her age.
Meanwhile, Mercy was a very diligent student--she always did her homework right after she got home, and she always had good grades.
Mercy's hobby was playing chess--she's really good at chess, and no doubt about it.
But that doesn't mean that Mercy always studied and never helped me at home. After all, she was good enough at cooking, and she often made us delicious dinners!
Pixie was the eco-friendly one between the triplets. One of her favorite house chores was taking out the trash--thank God, because that's what Katie and Mercy hated the most--and recycling.
When her sisters were busy and I was taking a nap, Pixie would be the one who take care of the twins and watch after them. She was a really nice and gentle sister!
"Oh my, Zachary, you're so smelly! Have them changed your diaper? No? Well, they should've, because now you smelled as if they haven't changed your diaper for ages!" Pixie laughed and teased the little Zack in her arms. She was really a head-on and easy-going girl, and that what made her really popular.
The phrase 'If three is a crowd, then two is company' was certainly didn't match with the relationship that Katie, Mercy, and Pixie had. Even though Mercy didn't really like to play video games, she'd still watching it if her sisters were playing it, and vice versa. They were really good to each other!
At weekends, I quickly grabbed my guitar and headed to the park. I knew I can left my younger kids with the triplets, because I was sure that they could take care of their younger siblings. Finally, after a long wait, I could play my guitar again.
It was sunny Sunday morning, and I could saw a couple of butterflies flying next to me. It attracted people's attention, and soon, I already got some tips! ;)
Once I reached home, I immediately opened the computer and installed the new TS3 Expansion Pack I just bought. Yes, Late Night!
It was an incredible EP, but still, some of the features really worried me, since there would be night clubs, and celebrities, and alcoholic drinks... They're absolutely not good for a 100 baby challenge mother like me. But... well, I was sure that I could supervise my children. And hey, Late Night isn't that bad, right?
As soon as I shut down my computer, suddenly I got a phone call. It was from Mikolaj!
"Mikolaj! How are you?!" I couldn't help but scream when I finally had a chance to talk to her. She just laughed. "I'm very fine, thank you so much, Leah! Hey, listen, I have an invitation for you. There's a party in Waylon's Haunt, Bridgeport. That would be great for you to come, since you haven't got any chance to relax since you gave birth to Zachary and Liam. Right?"
Suddenly I hesitated. "Err, Miko, I'd love to, but you know... we're mothers now, remember? We're not supposed to go to such a place like that..." Mikolaj just chuckled and said, "What's so wrong about it? Just one little party, Leah! You don't even have to hire a babysitter, since your older kids will take care of the younger ones. So?" I sighed. "Well, alright then. Let's meet up at seven, okay?"
"Yay! See you this evening, Leah!" Mikolaj hung up happily, but I wasn't as excited as her about this. Somehow, I knew that it wasn't a good idea... and sadly, I ignored my instinct, which still made me feel sorry for a long time.
I arrived at Waylon's Haunt at 7 o'clock, but when I realized that it was too early, I started to play keyboard. Surprisingly, I found it not much harder than guitar, and soon I already played some songs with it.
When Mikolaj finally arrived, I was eating Onion Rings at the bar. She frowned when she saw me. "Leah, what are you doing? Let's just get dancing and go mingle!" I tried to smile and said, "Umm, I'm not so good at dancing--" But before I could finish my sentence, Mikolaj already laughed and pulled me to the dance floor. "Oh, come on! You're good at it, you know!"
I smiled. I did good at it, since Momma loved to play Lady Gaga's songs in the house when I was a teenager, and me and Keyra (my twin sister) really liked to dance with them. Mikolaj laughed when she saw me made some good moves. "See? You can do that!"
Suddenly I heard a deep, strong voice right behind me. "Leah Sierra?" I gasped and immediately turned around. There was something in his voice that made me shuddered and got a little scared.
But that guy just gave me a warm smile. "My name is Malvolio." He said gently. Soon I noticed a scar on his neck, and I almost jumped when I realized that he was a vampire. "Leah, calm down! I'm not gonna bite you..." Malvolio gave me that flirty yet friendly smile again, and somehow, I did calm down, although I knew that I supposed to be scared...
I blushed and scratched my head--a gesture that I rarely showed in public, but I was really absent-minded that time. "Umm, hi. Have we ever met before?" Because if we have, I'm sure I wouldn't forget that handsome face too soon.
"Nope. But I know you're Leah, since you always became a headline after you gave birth to a baby." Malvolio stepped closer, and I began to blush even more. "Well, I'll take that as a compliment." He just laughed. "That is a compliment."
I smiled. "So, where are you from? Bridgeport or... other town? Riverview?" Malvolio shook his head and looked down. "No, I just moved here a couple of days ago. I came from a far away town... you might even don't know the name." He paused, then lowered his voice. "My name is Malvolio Slayer."
I paused for a second or two, then realized what did it mean. I immediately gasped and took a step back. "Oh my God, you're  a SLAYER? What do you want from me?! And who are you--Maverick's brother? Cousin?" I was really afraid, but I tried to look brave, even though I knew that Malvolio could read my mind as easy as he read the menu.
"MALVOLIO SLAYER! Answer my questions!" I was so angry, scared, and panicked at the same time. Maverick Slayer was such a jerk, and he always made Della Wriner's life full of terror and tragedy. And now his relative was standing right in front of me, which made me absolutely freaked out. What would he do this time?
"Leah, relax! I'm just his twin brother, nothing more--" Malvolio looked really shocked of my attitude, but I didn't care, even a bit. I knew that vampires are really good actors.
"Aaagh! Just tell me the truth! What do you want?! My kids? My money? Or myself?!" I screamed and hissed like an angry cat. It was the first time I really lost my control, and had no other thing in my mind. All my mind was focused on Malvolio, end of story.
"What kind of evil plan are you planning now?! Are you trying to seduce me like your brother seduced Della?" I asked with anger in my voice. But although I tried to be as brave as possible, I still could hear fear in my voice--after all, Malvolio was a vampire, and I knew that he could do anything he wanted.
"Wait, what?" Finally I could pissed him off--which maybe not a really good thing, but I was so angry and I didn't care what's good and what's not. "Evil plan? You're accusing me?"
I bit my lips and said, "Y, yeah! So what?" Malvolio squinted and whispered with a sharp tone, "Because if you really think so, then I'll do it, Leah. Just so you know, I don't have any evil plan until you accused me like that... and thanks to you, now I have." And with that words, he ran away from Waylon's Haunt.
After that 'little' accident, I quickly jumped into a taxi, to get home as fast as I could. Unfortunately, there was a huge traffic jam, and when I finally arrived home, it's already 3 a.m in the morning. The good news is, all my kids were still healthy and happy.
The next days, I just couldn't forget about my encounter with Malvolio. I kept saying to myself that nothing's gonna happen, but I still got a bad feeling... and a mother's instinct always right, doesn't it?
However, I tried to keep my mouth close while my kids were in the house. The triplets were really excited about school and they had many friends... what kind of mother I was if I tell them the truth and ruin their teenagehood?
"OUCH!" Pixie screamed when one of her wings folded in the wrong direction and almost made her fall to the ground. She really loved flying, and she tried to learn every way to fly.
"Yes! I can do it! I can fly!" She screamed again, but with happiness in her voice. I was so glad that finally she could learned how to fly properly, because she had been spending so much time just to figure out how to use her wings.
Now, not only fly, Pixie also could do some awesome tricks in the air... but what made me happy wasn't the fact that she's so talented, but the gleam in her eyes and smile on her face when she could do a difficult pose.
Mercy wasn't really interested in flying, but she also knew that her wings were the most unique part of her, and she wanted to show her unusual talent as well, so she asked Pixie to teach her how to fly.
"Mercy, just put your hands up, like a butterfly!" Pixie shouted some suggestions to Mercy, and this time, it worked. Slowly but surely, Mercy learned how to fly.
Katie also interested in flying, but she didn't want Pixie to teach her, because she knew that Pixie was already busy with all things she had to do. So, Katie learned how to fly by herself.
But, surprisingly, Katie was the one who could control her 'talent' really fast. She learned how to fly in a week!
But that doesn't mean Katie began to abandon the house chores. She still did what she supposed to do around the house. She was such a good daughter!
"Sssh, Liam, don't cry! It's just a bad dream, okay?" She tried to soothe Liam when he woke up in the middle of the night and started to cry.
"Hello, you cute little boy! It's time for a potty training, what do you think?" Mercy laughed and tickled the little Chord when they were about to do a potty training. I just hoped that this peace would last long... unfortunately, I was wrong. Again.
When the triplets were coming home from school, an accident happened to them. "PIXIE!"  Katie screamed when Mercy could do nothing but rooted in shock. Pixie turned her head just in time to see a car drove right towards her, and she quickly jumped to the pavement.
"Oh my God, Pixie, are you alright?!" Mercy asked with a very worry tone after the car drove away again. Pixie answered with a little voice, "I... I think so. But I'm still, you know... shocked. What was that?"
But Mercy was too worried to care about the driver. "That doesn't matter. The police will find the bad guy. But there's something more important than that right now. Are you okay?" Pixie tried to laugh, even though her heart was still pounding so hard. "I'm okay, sis, don't worry!"
But Katie knew what was in Pixie's heart, and when Mercy walked away, she whispered, "You're so afraid, aren't you?" Pixie's smile immediately faded and she whispered back with almost-teary eyes, "Yeah, I'm so afraid, Kate! Who was the one who wanted to hit us?"
Katie smiled gently and pulled Pixie into a warm hug. "Don't worry, Pixie. We'll figure this out. And the first thing we have to do now is tell Mom what happened."
After I heard their story, I almost couldn't stop myself from fainting right away. So my instinct was right! Something terrible happened to my kids, and unlike Bluebell's case, this one was serious--because the person (whoever he/she was) really meant to kill my kids. I was so scared that another accident would happen again to them, so I sent them to bed and called someone that I knew could help me: Della Wriner.
"Della, I'm so glad you can come here! I know it's already 10 pm, and--" I said in a sad tone, but she quickly cut off my words. "It's okay, Leah. You said that there's an emergency, so of course I will get you out of your problem."
"So, what kind of trouble do you have here? Is Blogger messing up with your blog again?" She smiled, and I blushed. "Not that kind of problem... in fact, the Blogger problem seems so easy to me, compared to this one." She nodded, and asked again with one eyebrow raised, "So? What's the problem?"
I sighed and began to tell her the accident that almost happened to my kids that afternoon, and ended up talking about Malvolio. I didn't know how could our conversation ended up like that, but all Della could do was nodded in agreement. I thought she also thought that Malvolio was the guy behind all of this.
"Don't worry Leah, just let me finish these things up." Della gave me an 'evil' smile, and I frowned. "What do you mean? Do we have to visit his penthouse right now and fight with him?" Della shook her head. "We don't have to. In fact, I have his phone number--Maverick was the one who gave me that--and yeah, we'll call him. But you don't have to say anything. Just trust me."
I swallowed, but let Della grabbed her cellphone and called Malvolio. I just hoped that my kids were already asleep, so they wouldn't hear the words that we were about to speak...
"Malvolio Slayer, is that you?" Della asked with a very sharp tone, and turned on the loudspeaker so I also could hear his voice. Malvolio seemed to be just get out of his bed. "Yeah, and who are you?" Della looked at me and said, "I'm Della Wriner, Leah's friend. I suppose you already know who she is?" Malvolio burst into laugh... an evil laugh. "Of course I do. The woman who accused me a few days ago, right?"
Della hissed. "Yeah. And just be honest; what did you do to her kids?!" Again, Malvolio just laughed. "Nothing. And I'm 100% honest. I just drove my car towards them, but nobody got hurt, right? So there's no problem at all!" Della shouted at him, "Nobody?! But you NEARLY killed one of them! What's wrong with you?!"
Malvolio finally used his own tone, the devilish, cold one. "Nothing's wrong about me, Della, like nothing's wrong about my twin brother. You 100 baby challenge mothers are just sick and take everything too serious. If Leah can't stop to be a dramaqueen, she'll face a real drama really soon. Just watch out for my revenge." And with that whisper, Malvolio hung up.
Della frowned in disgust. "Ugh! He's just as bad as Maverick!"
"But don't worry, Leah, all you need to do now is just stay at home more often. Don't go out if you don't really need to. If you need money, just paint, don't play for tips. And if Malvolio knock on your door, don't open it for him. Just be careful and take care of your kids, and everything will be alright." Della smiled.
I tried to smile back. "Well... hopefully I can."
"Oh, and remember that vampires have so many abilities, okay?" She added, "They can read our mind, and some vampires can even control our mind. They can change our traits, our behavior... Just don't go to Bridgeport these days, and stay away from any vampire." We shared a big hug, and soon after that, Della already went home to take care of her own kids. I was so glad that I could have a friend like her :')
I tried to do what Della said as often as possible. A man chatted with me on Facebook, and he offered to be a father of baby 19. He introduced himself as Stanley Hondoff. To avoid any problem, I decided to just invite him over, not meet up somewhere. Fortunately, he was such a mature and gentle man, and we had a nice conversation in the evening.
Usually, I'd have longer conversation with the fathers, but this time, I just wanted to finish this business as soon as possible. I wasn't really in the mood to try for baby, but I didn't want to disappoint my blog readers, since they were the ones who really supported me through all this time. So after a nice chat, I quickly whispered in Stanley's ear, "Umm, Stan... Do you mind if we go to bed right now?"
Stanley frowned, and instead of just nod, he asked, "It's okay for me, Leah, but what's wrong? I can tell from your tone that something's going on here... What's the problem? Maybe I can help you..."
I smiled. I was touched of his concern, and answered, "I just have a little problem with a 'friend' of mine. Don't worry, everything will be okay soon, but now I'm just... you know, stressed out."
Stan somehow knew that I didn't want him to ask any further, so he just tapped my shoulder and stroked my cheek. He almost looked like my father! "Well, good luck then, Leah. I hope you can finish all your problems really soon."
We both smiled at each other, and before we knew it...
...I was already pregnant with baby 19!
The next day was another big day for the triplets; yes, it's their birthday! Before they started to blow up the candles, I asked them to stand next to each other and took a pretty picture of them. They were really beautiful, in their own way!
I was hesitated to let them go, but I knew that one day, I still had to do that. But like a mother should be, my mind still full of scary questions, like would they live in peace with Malvolio still around?
Katie grew up to a fair-green skin woman, with purplish-black hair and narrow eyes. She decided to put on some make-up, like pink eyeshadow and light coral lipstick. She looked pretty much like his father!
Mercy turned out to be just as pretty as her sisters, only with brown skin like me and thick eyebrows. She used purple eyeshadow that matched her hair color, and pink lipstick.
Pixie got a pair curve eyebrows and big eyes. Her lips were definitely like mine, but her hair was certainly from Oak. She had that light green skin and sweet smile. Thank God, all the triplets still had that gleam and sparkle in their eyes!
Chord grew up to a cute little boy with nice jaw shape and coffee-colored eyes. I didn't know where did he get that blonde hair color, but after all, that's okay, because that made him looked even cuter!
Whoa! Cathie turned out to be the most gorgeous little girl I've ever seen--maybe just as beautiful as Freesia when she was a kid! She chose a hairstyle that looked like an idol in Korea, and her eyebrows were perfectly shaped. Unlike his brother, Cathie's eyes were definitely 'darker'--literally and metaphorically.
I burst into laugh when I saw Zachary's look as a toddler. Yep, he was bald! xD The first bald child in the family tree, lol :D But apart from his baldness, Zachary was definitely cute, with well-shaped eyebrows and big, round eyes!
Meanwhile, I still don't know how could Liam turned out to look like an... Asian kid. With those eyes and unique lips shape, he really looked like a Chinese kid, and it made me confused. None of James and I had that Asian look, so where did his gene come from..? Well, forget about it. He still looked cute, after all! :)
As the days passed, I felt more bumps in my tummy. But unlike my other pregnancies, this time I didn't feel the excitement that I felt when I was pregnant with baby 1-18. Sure, I still loved the baby and wanted to give her/him all my love, but I just couldn't concentrate at it!
I was so afraid and stressed out at the same time... Even though I knew that I was safe, I still had the feeling of being watched, night and day. And I just couldn't get Malvolio out of my mind: his words, his cold tone, his evil face... I was really scared of him that time, but I wasn't sure why.
One of some things that I knew would relieve my stress was spending time with my kids. Now after the triplets have gone and Cathie and Chord already went to school, all I could do was playing with Zachary and Liam and teaching them some skills.
"Yup! Like that! Liam is a smaaaart boy!" And like usual, I didn't forget to praise my kids everytime they were good at something, even though it's just a simple one like potty training.
Zachary loved the cool air of the beach, so since I couldn't take him out, I decided to teach him how to walk in the Sierras' balcony. There, we could inhaled the fresh air while enjoying the view of the beach.
Liam got his turn just before the night fell, but the view was still as beautiful as it was when I taught Zack how to walk. Thank God Liam didn't mind at all; he knew that I always tried to choose the best for him.
Chord and Cathie, like any other twins, were really inseparable. They would eat their meal together, do their homework together, and go to bed at the exact same time. But of course, as brother and sister, they still fought a lot about... well, pretty much, anything. However, they couldn't fight for a long time, and their longest time of fighting was 5 hours.
"Cathie, are you okay? You seem a little bit... quiet during this dinner." Chord was such a gentle and nice brother. He tried to help and protect Cathie in every way he could, but he still respected Cathie's privacy. Like the other girls in her class, Cathie liked to keep a little secret about her and her friends, and Chord respected that.
Cathie gave him a cute smile. "I'm okay, Chord. I'm just wondering why Momma keeps saying that we mustn't go anywhere after school... She knows that we're gonna be okay, right?" Chord shrugged. "Maybe she's just trying to protect us. After all, Mom is mom, right? And we both know that all moms always act like that about their kids..."
Cathie looked around as if someone would overhear them, then whispered to Chord's ear. Like a usual little girl, Cathie was a little dramatic in her daily life. "But hey, don't you notice Mom's attitude these days? She seemed so afraid, but I don't know why..."
Chord grinned. "Well, maybe there's just a little problem with her. After all, even though we want to help her, like other moms, she would just shake her head and say that everything's okay." Cathie laughed. "I know. Adults are really confusing, aren't they?"
Chord nodded and became serious again. "But I know what you mean. Yeah, these days Mom looks really stressed out... but we can't do anything now. She'll say that we're too young for this. Maybe if we ask her when we turn to teenagers, she'll listen to us?"
"I hope so. I just don't like Mom's sad face..." Cathie sighed, but after a while she smiled again. Awww, have I ever said that her smile was really, really cute??
And I have to admit that they were right. I had tons of problems, from Malvolio, pregnancy, and the house chores. What made me want to scream was the sink. It was broken again!
I spent nearly a day, just fixing the sink. When the triplets were here, I knew I could just ask one of them to fix it. But Chord and Cathie were too young for those stuffs, so, yeah, I had to do that on my own.
Since Zachary and Liam have already learned all their skills, I decided to start another painting to earn my money and relieve my stress, all at once.
When I ate my lunch that afternoon, somehow a picture of the triplets suddenly flashed in my head. Oh, how I missed them all!
...and Mercy...
...and Pixie. I missed them so much that I just wanted to go visit them. They lived just across the town, but according to Della's words, I mustn't go anywhere, at least until I gave birth to baby 19. And the due was really soon.
I already got the name for the baby, and I hoped it's a girl so I could name her like that. So I ate a lot of watermelons, to increase my chance of having girls.
In the middle of the night, sometimes I still awoke with a strange feeling. I felt sad and guilty... what if this baby get harm by Malvolio? What if she/he can't enjoy the sunlight anymore? What if they can't play like normal kids cause they have to be careful and stay in the house forever? That was one of my worst nightmare... And I wondered again, was my decision of making this baby right?
But it was too late for a regret. My baby bump already looked huge, and I knew that sooner or later, the baby would come.
And I was right again. That night I went to labor!
After a long hours at night, and creepy minds about the kid's future, finally baby 19 was born. Everybody, please welcome, Achlys Sierra! The name Achlys actually I got from Wikipedia. Achlys was a daughter of Nyx in Greek Myths, and a personification of misery and sadness. The name itself means 'eternal night' and 'mist of death'. I knew it was a terrible name for such a beautiful little girl, but it's really matched. And with this labor, I hoped that all my sadness would go away and never come back again...
...but unfortunately, I wasn't that lucky. When I was back from the hospital, still with Achlys in my arms, I had the feeling of being watched again. I turned my head slowly and almost dropped Achlys to the ground.
It was Malvolio! With a pair of cold, red eyes, he walked towards me, and suddenly I felt a chill in the air...
"Wh-what are you doing here?" I tried to be brave and screamed at him. It was only a few meters from my house, but it was still midnight, so nobody would hear my scream. I had to find a way to run.
"Me? Just walking around... And you, Leah? What exactly are you doing here? Giving birth to a baby again?" Malvolio smiled, but it wasn't a nice smile at all. It was a vampire smile.
I hissed, "That's none of your business! Go away!" But instead of walking away, Malvolio took a step closer and said, "Well, that's indeed my business... because I will take my revenge. Right here and right now."
I frowned. "What are you--" But I never got a chance to finish my sentence. Malvolio grabbed my hands, and Achlys fell to the floor. "ACHLYS!" I screamed when I looked down. I tried to pick her up and run away, but Malvolio held my right hand really tight, and began to open his mouth. I froze, realized what was he gonna do.
"AAAARGH!" I yelled in pain as he began to bite my hand. "NO! Malvolio, please! I'll do anything--but don't turn me! Please, anything but that!" I begged him, but soon I was too weak to do that.
Then I felt something inside me... I was literally burned. The fire was as bad as hell, and when it was clear that he already turned me to a vampire, I began to beg him to just kill me. Just kill me, and end my suffers... I didn't care about anything anymore. It was just me, him, and the fire.
And soon after that, the familiar red light surrounded me...

Little note from Putri Air:
I know it's been a while--no, it's been more than 1 month. But don't worry, I'm still alive. Like I've said in the previous post, I had to re-install The Sims 3 Late Night and all the custom contents. Even just finding the right CC took days, and I still had to think about the plot. Plus, when I tried to re-install TS3, the game messed up with me and it crashed, over and over again. I was so depressed and almost gave up, but when I read the other mom's blogs, I tried again, and finally, it worked :) So I understand if you're really angry with me, but I hope this story will make you happy again! Please comment below and tell me what do you think of it? I have put so many efforts into it, since I still had to study and do my homework. (FYI, I just became a 1st winner of local Math Competition, so you see, I had to work really, really hard--and almost had no time for Sims) Well, thank you so much for reading this. You have no idea how it means to me, and if you can comment below, it will definitely make my day. I'm working on the next story, so I don't think you'll wait too long for the next update! See ya!

Thanks to:
-danirio for Stanley Hondoff


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Great post! I liked the ending when Malvolio turned Leah into a vampire! Congrats on your new baby girl! I can't wait to read the next post. Also, I'm glad your game is working properly now.


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Love the post Leah, it's so different from your other ones. I love the plot you did and I could tell you worked really hard on it. All your work has paid off because it cam out great. I can't wait to see Leah as a Vampire, I bet she'll be really pretty. I can't wait for the next post.

~Dawn Turner

p.s. Congrats on winning 1st place in the Math Competition. :D

Putri Air said...

@Catlover: Thank you!! I hoped that it would be a cliffhanger ending... but apparently it's not. Haha, but I'm still really happy that you like it! Thanks again! :)

@Dawnie: Awww, really? Yeah, I worked so hard on it xD Thank you so much! Actually, I crossed my fingers everytime I was about to write the post, cause I was afraid that you wouldn't like it :') By the way, Leah is not just gonna be a usual vampire--she'll be a different one... *clue*
p.s. Phew, double thank you then! *hugs* I can't believe I won, because there's a plenty of geniuses there and I'm nothing, compared to them. But hey, I think I was lucky ;) Thanks!

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