Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tragedy between the Twins - Welcome Baby 17 and 18!

Note from Putri Air:
I'm really, REALLY sorry if you have waited for a long time for this update! I thought you already knew that I can only update once in 2-3 weeks, and sometimes just once in a month. I know, if you call it slow, I agree. But please, please, keep in your mind that I have a life outside this challenge. My school starts at 7 am and ends at 5 pm, and on Saturdays I still have to go to Mathematics Educational Clinic--from morning to evening. With so many homework and assignments to do, I only have a few hours to play TS3 everyday. Plus, I also entered some Olympiads and Mathematics Competitions, so you see, I need to take my time. Even just thinking about the plot of my update is a hard thing to do, because I try to make more drama in my posts. So, I'm sorry if I let you down, but I hope the future posts will be better and worth it for you! Thank you for understanding, and please comment below :)

Like I've said in the previous post, the twins, Taylor and Tanner were really different. Taylor was the sloppy one, but he was also friendly and funny. Meanwhile, Tanner was the serious one--he always thought before spoke, and when he said something, he really meant it. But I love both of them; they had brighten my days :)
However, I still felt a little angry when I had to make Taylor's bed in the morning. He never made his bed by himself!
Tanner, on the other side, always made his bed right after he woke up. Actually, I was really impressed, because he was such a polite and neat boy for his age... most of his friends were really messy, like a normal boy should be. But none of the Sierras were normal--they're special and unique in their own way.
However, Tanner wasn't perfect at all. His body was weaker than Taylor when he was a tot, and now when he was a kid, he often got sick. That's why he didn't really like sport, and chose to read alone in the Sierras' mini library.
Unlike his twin brother (again!), Taylor was such a sporty and keen boy for his age. He loved to play both video games and football--but, yeah, he was a bit mean. He cracked up some good jokes, but he also liked to insult someone that he didn't like. And in this case, his own brother. "Ugh! You're sick again! How can you be so weak?" He said disgustingly at my poor Tanner.
After all, I had to deal with the time. I had a challenge to do, and with so many people waited for my blog update, I had to start aging up the kids. Taylor turned out to be really gorgeous--but with that pair of sharp eyebrows and messy hairdo which made him look even meaner than before.
And Tanner looked pretty good! His brown puppy eyes, straight and well-groomed hairdo, and his soft-looking eyebrows made him looked like an angel. Everybody just wanted to pinch his cheeks and smiled at him!
Tanner was a good help too around the house. That time, I needed to focus on the house chores, while Tanner looked after his younger siblings and Taylor... well, did anything he wanted to do.
Like sleep. Yes, Taylor really liked to sleep! In the class or in the house, everything seemed to be a good bed for him. But no, he wasn't a heavy sleeper at all--he was just a lazy kid and loved to relax.
On the other side, Tanner always woke up in the middle of the night when he heard a little scream from the kids' cribs. He was a very responsible brother.
"Sssh, Pixie... It's okay... It's just a bad dream! I'm here for you, remember?" And yes, he really meant it. He literally sat beside Pixie's crib and just went back to sleep after she slept again.
When people looked at Taylor and Tanner, they wouldn't expect them to be twins. They were really different, inside and out. Tanner was a diligent student. He often got A for every single subject, and the teachers loved to praise him for his diligence.
Taylor, however, wasn't as diligent as his brother. Sometimes he got D for his test at school, but I learned from my experience (Elijah's story) that I shouldn't scold or yell at my kids, doesn't matter how bad is their attitude. All I need to do is take a deep breath and lecture them gently. But in this case, I didn't think I can do that. Taylor was hard to be lectured, and preferred to learn from his own fault, so I decided to just shut up.
Yup, and I still had to continue this challenge! So many people have waited for me, and I don't want to let them down. So I quickly opened my e-mail and, well... here he is! He's James Makepiece, a shy lawyer who wanted to get involved in my challenge.
When he told me that he was a shy guy, that immediately made me curious, so I invited him to my house. We greeted and I told him about the rules, and when he agreed, I immediately asked curiously, "So... you said you're shy?" James nodded. "Mm-hm. Why?"
I laughed. "Nope. Just wondering how could a shy guy want to get involved in this challenge--some fathers are really passionate, and you're the first one who says that you're shy." We paused for a while, and I quickly added, "You're not angry, are you? Did I offend you?"
James smiled softly and gazed into my eyes. "Of course I'm not. I understand if you think like that, because actually, the reason why I want to do this challenge is to increase my confidence." I smiled back and flirted with him, "So... you want to increase your confidence? Like, now?"
"NO! Oh, God, No! It's too fast... I'm sorry, Leah, but I don't think it will work if we go this fast. I need more time." James turned around in shock, but I quickly shouted at him, "No, James! I'm sorry... I think it's normal for you too. Some fathers actually just dropped by and.. well, tried for baby with me. I don't know that it's too fast for you... please forgive me. Don't come home so soon." I begged.
After a while, James finally agreed to sit down and chat with me. Like I promised to him, we spent our whole evening just talking with each other. But I slowly drove the conversation to the baby stuffs, and flirted with him once in a while, to make him more confident--and accelerate the process. I know it sounds mean, but I need to get pregnant as soon as possible, and I had to convince James to do that... gently, of course.
When it's already 9 pm, I knew that I had make him comfortable. It was hard for a successful and law-abiding lawyer like him, but he started to crack up some dirty jokes with me, and replied my flirts. I thought it was a good sign, so I tried to cuddle with him on the sofa. He refused at first, but after some whispers, he agreed and shyly gave me a hug.
"Have you ever kissed a woman?" I asked with my most flirty tone. James smiled. "The last time I kissed a woman, I was in high school." I laughed. "Well, so it's gonna be your first kiss of the year." And before he could say anything, I quickly leaned in and gave him a warm kiss...
...and who knows? We finally ended up in bed! In the same night! Woohoo!
The next evening, before the morning sickness started to attack me, I decided to age up the kids early. There wouldn't be any time left after the first baby bump showed up, since I had to be really careful about my pregnancy. Katie got the first turn!
Katie turned out pretty... and had a pair of shiny, beautiful wings! They glowed in the dark, so she didn't have to find the way home if she got lost somewhere in the night :D
Mercy got the second turn...
Mercy was an exact carbon copy of Katie, but with a different skin color and eye color. She also had wings, and if you looked carefully, her eyebrows were different than Katie's.
Last but not least, just before the night fell, Pixie's turn came...
Whee! Hello, my little fairy! With shiny red hair with those nice yellow streaks, white shiny wings, and bright green skin, she really looked like her father. But she still got my round eyes, so yeah, I'm still happy ;) However, this birthday bash didn't really go along well, because suddenly my phone rang and when I answered it, I found out that it was from the hospital. And they said they needed me right away...
I quickly rode my bike to the hospital. I rarely went there except for labors, because if my kids got sick, I could take care of them on my own. Sure, I believed in doctors, but I wouldn't take my kids to the hospital unless they have been sick for 2 days or more, or they really need to. That's why my hands were literally shaking when I waited for the doctor to show up. I wondered what was going on here...
Finally, a doctor showed up in the room, and told me that his name was Dr. John Zimmerman.
"So, Doctor, what's going on? Why did you call me and ask me to come here?" I asked, and tried to be as calm as possible. Both Taylor and Tanner haven't arrived at our home since the evening, and I was so scared that something had happened to them.
"Well... umm.. Ms Leah Sierra, it's a little hard to explain. Of course you have known all the hospital procedure, right?" Dr Zimmerman cleared his throat and turned away.
I groaned and stood up. "Stop right there, Doctor! Please! I don't want to be mean, so please just tell me what's going on!" I was freaking out that time, because it was nearly 8 pm and the twins still hadn't showed up at all. Dr Zimmerman looked into my eyes and sighed. "Well... I guess, sooner or later you still have to know. Your son, Tanner Sierra, is in the emergency room now."
"WHAT?!" I screamed in shock. "I just had a birthday party in my house and now my son is in emergency?! What happened to him?!" I almost jumped in fear. How ironic... the triplets just grew up happily, without knowing that maybe his brother was dying.
"Ms Sierra, please calm down! This is still a hospital!" Dr Zimmerman tried to calm me down, but I just... couldn't. I just wanted to scream and cry. It was the second time a serious accident actually happened to my own kid. The first one, of course, happened to Bluebell Sierra, baby 5.
"How could you be so relaxed?!" I shouted at the doctor's face. I was really upset when I heard him said that my Tanner was in the emergency room, but his face was clear of emotion. "YOU supposed to help him! You're a doctor, it's your job! And HA! What are you doing now? Just sit down here, talk calmly to me?!"
"Ms Sierra--" Dr Zimmerman tried to explain, but I cut off his words. "NO! I don't want to hear any apology, unless you have cured my son! My son! He's so important to me! Why don't you cure him?"
Dr Zimmerman looked down sadly. "I--I'm so sorry... I thought you have known that this hospital is full of experienced doctor, and now Tanner is in the hand of our best surgeon. We're trying to do our best, Ms Sierra. And believe me, he will be okay soon."
I sighed. "I'm sorry too, Doctor. I was... upset. I'm so scared that my son won't make it through, so I--well, I got mad and screamed at you." I paused for a while, then added, "Is there anything I can do?"
Dr Zimmerman put his hands is his pockets, and slowly shook his head. "I'm afraid there's nothing you can do to help him. Now, Ms Leah Sierra, all you need to do is relax, and pray to God that he will be okay." I bit my lips, "But--" Dr Zimmerman shook his head again. "Just believe in us, the doctors."
I sighed again. Suddenly a picture flashed in my head. Tanner, lied weakly on the examination couch... And I didn't know would he make it through? Dr Zimmerman read my expression, and tapped my back. "It's okay. Tanner is strong, he will make it through. Now go home; your kids need you now."
When I came home, it felt like I just left half of my heart in the hospital. I couldn't believe that I just left Tanner all alone there! What if something happened to him? But deep in my heart, I knew that Dr Zimmerman was right. My kids needed me.
Of course, I couldn't help but feel really... empty. I just wanted to go to the hospital, hold Tanner's hand, even though he couldn't feel it...
Those days, I couldn't really focus on the house chores. The dirty clothes were piling up, but I just... couldn't keep my mind to them. Tanner was in the hospital, and Taylor has gone. I've asked the police to search for him, but so far, they couldn't find Taylor anywhere, and that even stressed me out than before.
I knew that hiring a babysitter out of labor time is prohibited, but in this case... well, we can make an exception, can't we? So, when the triplets went to school, I immediately called Davy Linell to take care of Chord and Cathie, and when he arrived, I quickly rode my bike to the hospital and sat down in Tanner's room.
Tanner... I couldn't believe that this accident actually happened to him. He was a very good boy after all, so why did someone want to attack him? I was so sure that Tanner wouldn't harm anyone. And Taylor! Yes, he was a bad boy, but hey, why did someone want to kidnap him?
Suddenly, I heard someone called my name. It was the nurse. "Ms Leah Sierra? Can you stand up for a while? There's.. umm, someone here who wants to meet you..." I frowned, but still stood up. "Sure, no problem.." I said to the nurse, and she let the person in.
My jaw dropped when I saw my son, Taylor Sierra, right in front of me. Yes! My son! And he was perfectly fine, with no injury at all... oh, what a miracle!
"TAYLOR!!" I ran to him and hugged him tightly. "Oh, Taylor! I miss you SO much and I'm so glad you're okay! Where have you been? Did the kidnapper harm you?" Taylor smiled weakly and pulled himself from my hug. "Err... just let him explain everything, Mom." He nodded to the cop next to him.
I smiled like a little girl and said to the cop, "Thank you so much, Sir! Well, so, where did you find him? And have you arrested the kidnapper?" I was so happy when I saw Taylor again, and I was so sure that nothing could ruin my day. At least, I thought so, but soon I found out that I was wrong...
The police sighed. "First, Ms Sierra, I'm sorry if we have took a long time to find your son. We've been looking for him everywhere, but surprisingly, we found him in his friend's house." I nodded and tried to calm down, because I was so excited and I just wanted to jump to the air. "It's okay. So what's the second?" The cop turned his head and cleared his throat. "Well... we found out that Taylor was the one who nearly killed his own brother, Tanner."
I gasped and rooted in shock. "But... but it's impossible! How could he--" The cop sighed. "Yes, it's a fact. Taylor himself was the one who said that he hit Tanner harshly in a fight, and that was purposeful." I looked in disbelief at Taylor, and he said, "Momma, I'm so sorry..."
But before he could finish his sentence, everything suddenly went black...


When I opened my eyes again, I still felt a little bit dizzy. I blinked slowly and lied down for a while. I knew that I woke up in a hospital room, because my hair was suddenly got messy, my clothes have been changed, and there was a bedhead above my head.
The first person I saw was a doctor, with black hair and nice smile. I smiled back at her and tried to get out of my bed. She didn't stop me, so I thought it was a good sign.
When I finally could stand in front of her without feeling dizzy, I immediately bombarded her with questions. "Doctor, what happened to me?! And Taylor... what happened to him?! Did they arrest him?! Is he in jail now?!"
"I'm so sorry, Ms Sierra, but I don't know what happened to him... When my husband, Dr John Zimmerman, told me that I have to take care of you and your baby, the cop has brought your son to the police department for a further investigation. But for now, I suggest you to just worry about you and your baby's safety." The doctor said to me gently.
Her words knocked something to my mind. "OH MY GOD! I forgot about my baby... How is it? How's my pregnancy? Did I hurt the baby?"
Dr Zimmerman shook her head and said, "I don't know. We haven't did any ultrasound test to you, but I don't think that your baby will be perfectly fine... I'm sorry to say this, but you fell really harsh to the floor, Ms Sierra. If you want to, maybe we can do the test now."
I sighed and looked down sadly. "Yes! Yes, of course I want to do it now..." I was really worried about my baby's safety. I haven't been this irresponsible ever since I began this challenge! How could I be so stupid? What if I harmed my own baby... Would he/she be okay? Could I still be in the challenge if I accidentally hurt my own kid, even before I could give birth to him/her?
So, Dr Zimmerman took me to her room, and began the test. She told me to relax, but it was a really hard thing to do that time...
After the test ended, I quickly asked Dr Zimmerman about it. I was so scared that after all these tragedies, I would lost my baby. "Well? So how's my baby?"
Dr Elliott Zimmerman smiled and gave me a tap on my back. "Congratulation, Ms Leah Sierra! Your baby is perfectly fine, it's almost like a miracle... I'm so glad that you and your baby are okay. I hope you'll still be okay until the labor time." She was a very sweet doctor... I hope I could meet her again, someday in this hospital.
However, even though both the Zimmermans have told me to relax on my bed, I still felt empty. Tanner hasn't opened his eyes since the accident, and I haven't got any phone call from Sunset Valley Police Department. The doctors told me that I had to sleep in the hospital for a couple of days, and that means I had to leave my children at home. Of course, it made me feel even worse than before.
In the middle of the nights, I often woke up and cried. How I missed all my kids... I couldn't meet any of them, and I felt really, really empty! How I missed the triplets' shiny wings, their laughs, their cute voices... And Chord and Cathie! Ohh, how I missed to change their diapers, snuggle them, play with them...
I really hoped that after this, there wouldn't be any incident anymore, at least until I gave birth to baby 17. I was so tired of drama, and criminal things... I just wanted to hug all my kids, and give them all my love. And suddenly I thought, after all these incidents, could I still continue my 100 baby challenge, or should I just give up? I knew that there's a lot or people out there, waited for my update... but I was so scared that I didn't even deserve to be a mother.
No, Leah! I said to myself, You can do this! Look at Della, Violet, Vanessa, Catherine... And your own mother! They have been through so many labors, so many pains, so many problems... But they made it through. You can do this, you know it. Just keep your head up.
Yes, I thought again, I can do this... I have gone through so many problems too, and this problem won't knock me down. I can finish the 100 baby challenge, no matter what happened to me and my kids. Every sky has a silver lining, and I know I can have my own happy ending!
The next day was a big day for me. The nurse finally let me out of my room and go home. But, before I went home, I wanted to look at my son first.
I gasped when I arrived at his room. Yes! Tanner was awake!
I ran to him and gave him a big hug. He still a little weak, but he could hug me back, and I was so glad because of it.
"Tanner, I miss you so much! When did you wake up? How are you?" I asked him, and he smiled. "I'm totally fine, Mom, don't worry! I woke up last night, but the nurse told me not to tell you, because they were afraid that you would jump from your bed and run to my room..."
I chuckled. "Believe me, they're right. So..." I cleared my throat. "What happened to you?"
Tanner began the story. "When the triplets were aging up in our home, Taylor called me, and asked me to go to the little forest outside of the town. I waited and waited for hours, but he didn't show up, even until the night fell and the stars started to hang on the sky."
"When I decided to just go home, suddenly I heard Taylor's voice behind me. He looked so upset when he walked to me, and I have to admit that I was scared when I saw my brother looked at me like that. But I said to myself, He's my brother, he won't harm me at all. And I stayed."
"Taylor's face was red with anger, and when he stopped in front of me, he started to mock me and insult me. 'Hey, you! Dumb, loser, sissy!' He yelled at me. I was so shocked that I just couldn't give any response. It was the first time Taylor ever insulted me like that!"
"Then, I took a step back and said, 'Calm down, Taylor! What's going on with you?!' He looked at me with disgust in his eyes, and I knew that something was terribly wrong. Taylor wouldn't ever look at me like that..."
"Taylor laughed, but his eyes were cold. 'Me? Nothing's going on with me! You're the one who made me feel like this! Don't you know, Tanner? You're the one who made me feel like a loser! I don't even want to live anymore!' He said. I rooted in shock. What happened to him?! Taylor just changed to such a mean, hot-headed boy."
"Then, Taylor said something that was really unexpected. 'I HATE YOU! Do you hear me?! I hate you, Tanner! For everything you've ever done to me!' I gasped. 'What?! What did I do to you?!" Taylor smiled coldly and screamed, 'You've stolen our MOM! She used to love both of us, but after you started to lick her boots, she doesn't love me anymore! Every time I tried to amuse her, she wouldn't listen to me!' "
"I got panicked and shouted, 'Taylor, chill! You know Mom love both of us! She love all her kids!' But when I said that, Taylor just answered, 'HA! But she doesn't care about me! She just cares about you, doesn't she?!' "
" 'Do you know why did I act like a bad boy?! Do you know, Tanner?! I did it because I wanted Mom to care about ME! But she didn't do anything! All she did was just lectured me! I wanted her to get mad at me, because if she do then she's really care about me! But she DIDN'T!' I couldn't help but took a pity for him. So that's why he always acted like a bad boy..."
" 'Taylor! I know we can fix this! You just have to tell her--' I tried to knock some sense to him, but he didn't listen to me. 'Aaaack! Shut the hell up, you LOSER! I HATE YOU!' "
"When Taylor began to punch me, I quickly ran away and screamed. I know, Mom, it's so pathetic; but he was so scary!"
"Before I could run faster, Taylor pulled my shirt and punched me once again. I tried to stand up and attack back, but I knew that I couldn't win this. I would lose..."
"...and I did lose. After beat me, he immediately ran away and... well, you know the rest." Tanner finished his story.
We paused for a long time, and I couldn't even breathe. It was a dramatic yet sad story, that I didn't expect would happen to my kids at all. I thought it was only in the movies, or novels... But it literally happened to me.
"But it's okay, Mom," Tanner added with a soft smile on his face, "I forgave him for what he did to me. At least, now I know why did he do that. That also made me realize that real life is tough, and sometimes just don't have any logical explanation.."
My tears slowly fell down when I replied his smile and hugged him. "You're right, sweetheart. You're absolutely right." I whispered when I gave him the warmest hug.
When I arrived at home, the triplets were busy at their homework, and the babies were asleep. So I decided to just sit down in the living room and think about all the incidents these days. But suddenly a voice ruin my daydream... "Leah?"
I turned around and saw James. He just dropped by to see the kids--what a good guy he was!--but right after he stepped in, he found me sitting sadly in the living room, and decided to greet me. "Oh, James! Long time no see!" I gave him a big hug.
James chuckled. "Well, actually, not that long! Only a few weeks since my last visit, huh?" I giggled. "Yeah, but... after all those incidents, suddenly our last meeting felt like a year ago." I sighed, thought I had to explain everything to him from the beginning. But he shook his head and said, "No, you don't have to explain it. I have heard about it; the news spread across the town, you know?"
James held my hands gently. "You're strong, Leah. I know that this is one of your biggest problem ever since you had your first kid, but I know you can do this. All the citizen in Sunset Valley knows how hard is 100 baby challenge, but you already have 17 babies so far! It's pretty good for a young lady like you... And you must be tired of drama in your house."
I smiled sadly. "You have no idea how tired am I." James shrugged. "Well, maybe I don't, but believe me, being a lawyer is tiring too. Everyday we have to fix someone's problem, from affair to murder... Lawyers don't have time to think about themselves. They just have to keep their heads up, just like 100 baby challenge mothers. Right?" We paused and thought, but the warmth he gave me with his hands was enough to made me feel better.
James pulled out his hands and said, "Hmm, actually I have no job to do now, so it's one of the reason I came here... Do you mind if I handle Taylor's case in the court? I'm pretty good at criminal cases, so you don't have to worry about my competence..."
"Oh, can you? I'll be very glad if you want to!" I answered happily. I've been looking for a lawyer for Taylor's case, but there was just a few good lawyers in Sunset Valley, and luckily, James was one of them. What a nice serendipity...
James had to leave soon because he had to start investigate Taylor's case, but I didn't expect him to stay longer. He was busy, and after all, that's one of the reasons why did he attract me.
And the big day came! Taylor woke up early in the morning, and he went to the court with shaking hands... The police didn't allow him to come home before the court, so he slept in the office. I knew it was hard for him, but I knew he was a strong boy, and he could handle it well :') I'm still so proud to have a son like him, even though he has hurt his own brother!
To increase my mood, I decided to do my hobbies. One of the most relaxing hobbies was painting!
And after that, I drank a cup of Cappuccino. I loved coffee, because it made me feel relaxed...
Just after the night fell, I heard Taylor's voice behind me. I was watching my favorite TV show, Castle.
"Taylor!! I'm so glad to meet you again! How's the court?" I asked excitedly. Taylor grinned and said, "We won, Mom!! Oh, I'm so relieved!"
I screamed and clapped my hands in glee. "Oh, really?! Whoa, that's a good news! We should celebrate this! So, what do you want? A pizza? A set of coke?" Taylor smiled. "It doesn't matter! At least, I'm free now and it's enough to made me feel happy! But I have something to say..." I nodded. "Say it, Dear. I'll listen to you, I promise."
"Well... They let me go, with one requirement. From now on, I have to live in a rehab. They said something about my anger, and they said if I don't want to go in jail, I have to do this. There's a plenty of psychologist there who will help me make it through, and they'll make sure that I won't feel bridled." Taylor explained it slowly.
My jaw dropped. "What? But... is there any other option? Like, you have to visit a psychologist once in a while, or something? You just come home, TayTay! And they don't even give you a little bit more time here?!" My voice raised in disappointment.
My son smiled sadly and shook his head. "No, I don't think so, Mom... If there's another option, I'm sure they would tell me. Besides, I don't have to go tomorrow; they give me 2 weeks in our house, then me and Tanner have to go. Oh, I almost forgot to say it!" Taylor added when he saw my shocked face, "Yes, Tanner will go with me. We'll have a separate life, but they'll try to cure Tanner's coward trait."
I sighed and tried to hold my tears. My sons... they just came back from SVPD and the hospital, and now they had to go again, to a rehab. I didn't know what should I do! But if I didn't put Taylor to a rehab soon, they would put him into jail... and I didn't want any of my kids spend the rest of their life in jail.
"Well..." I tried to smile, "Then, you should go to a rehab! But I also have a requirement, okay? You have to turn into a young adult before you go to the rehab, because your teenager hormones will make everything worse in the rehab. Deal?"
"Deal!" Taylor laughed and hugged me tightly. "Thank you, Mom! You know how harsh is the jail..." He shuddered, and I kissed his cheek. "I know. That's why I don't want to put you into there, sweetie."
After we had that mother-and-son talk, Taylor began to be neater than before. He tried to do some habits, like brushed his teeth before he went to bed, or made the bed after he woke up.
Tanner still a little weak after he went home from the hospital, but he's strong enough to take care of himself. However, I still prohibited him to do some house chores. I was afraid that he would faint again!
One day, when Tanner just got ready to sleep, I called him and chatted with him for a while. Taylor was downstairs, doing his homework.
"So, Tanner... I guess Taylor has already told you that both of you have to age up tomorrow, and leave this house immediately?" I started up the conversation.
"Yeah, Mom, I know. Taylor has told me. So, what's the matter?" Tanner asked innocently. I bit my lips and said slowly, "You know... I'm just... scared that you'll fall often in the rehab. I hate to say this, sweetheart, but you know your body is weaker than the other kids, don't you?"
Tanner nodded. "Ughh.. yeah, of course I know. And?" I sighed. "And just try to have a nice rest, okay? Don't pressure yourself, just do everything slowly and carefully."
Tanner smiled. "Thank you for your attention, Mom. I know you love me and I love you too, but sooner or later you have to let me go, right? Well, it's the time. You have to trust me that I can do this." I nodded and kissed his forehead. "I've known it all this time."
The next morning was a super big day for the Sierras! For the twins' birthday bash, I made a special pancake filled with blueberry and parmesan cheese. I knew that the twins loved pancake, and I really hoped that they would love my special pancake, because I had put a lot of efforts and love into it!
Before the birthday party, I gave the twins more time to chat with each other. They chatted about anything and everything, since soon they had to live separatedly.
"Yum! This pancake is sooo delicious! You're a very talented cook, Momma!" Tanner complimented me after he took a first bite of the pancake.
"You're gonna visit us, right, Mom? Every week?" Taylor said again. It was the fifth time he asked it in 2 days! I chuckled. "Well, maybe not every week, but I promise I'll visit you once I have a chance..."
Taylor's birthday cake, like usual, was full of chocolate. We bought it from The Harvest, one of the most famous cake shop in the town. The chocolate was bittersweet (because it's a dark chocolate), but still amazingly sweet deep in the cake, just like Taylor himself."
"Go Taylor! I know you can do this!!" I encouraged him when he blew the candles.
Whoa! If he didn't go to a rehab, I'm SO sure that many girls would fall for him! Taylor turned out really gorgeous and muscular, like my second baby, Emmett. His eyebrows, eye color, and hair color were all black. But I didn't blame him for that, because after I thought about it again, I have to admit that black colors looked really good on him.
I also bough Tanner's birthday cake from the same cake shop. It was a caramel birthday cake, which looked bright from the outside and totally sweet on the inside, just like Tanner himself.
Whee! Tanner turned out really gorgeous too! Even though he didn't have the muscles like his brother, he looked softer than Taylor, and he didn't need the charisma skill to attract a woman. He looked innocent and kind, as always. He has coffee-colored eyes which made him look like an angel... however, he's still an angel deep in his heart.
Last snapshot of the twins :')
After Taylor and Tanner left, things went a little 'calmer' than before in the Sierras. Of course I missed the twins, but I was glad that I finally could enjoy my time with Katie, Mercy, and Pixie. We had a little picnic outside in the night almost everyday, right after they finished their homework.
Between the triplets, Pixie was the one who really looked like a fairy! She loved to run in our backyard, just to relax...
She's also a good butterfly catcher too! She caught some really beautiful butterflies...
...but instead of send them to the local Science Center, she chose to release them. What a sweet girl she was :)
Meanwhile, Katie preferred to play her dollhouse. She loved Barbie, and she has every set of Barbie, from Rapunzel to Erika.
Mercy probably the laziest one between the triplets. She loved to sleep under the sun, but if it came to the house chores, she was the most excited one.
The triplets really loved to talk about everything! From school subjects to popular boys in their school :D
When I finally had a chance to relax, I grabbed my guitar and did my old hobby; yes, playing it! It's been a while since I really touched it, and I was happy when I found out that I haven't forgotten all the chords.
"Hello, little one! When will you come to this world? We have been waiting for you for a long time, you know..." I giggled and talked with my huge tummy.
To increase my chance of having twins, I watched the Kids channel and listened to the radio more often.
And after a long day in front of the TV... finally I went to labor!
I rode my bike again, since there was no teenager in the house. But it was worth it, because the night sky was unbelievably beautiful...
After long hours of labor in the hospital, finally I could hold the 17th baby in my arms. Everybody, please welcome, Zachary Sierra!
And his twin brother, the 18th baby, Liam Sierra!


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much for everyone who have been waiting for this update! I won't do this if you didn't encourage me to do so ;) Thanks to Kori Bergstrom for both Zachary and Liam's names!! Sorry if there is a lot of misspelling and wrong grammars here, because I'm in a hurry and I have to finish this today--well, and I'm not so good in English either! Also, I have to tell you that from tomorrow until April 21th 2011, I won't be here. So, sorry if I don't reply your comment, because I will spend my holiday in Singapore :) Of course, I'm still looking forward for any comment, so don't forget to leave one!

1. The Harvest cake shop is really exist, that's why I give you the link :) Too bad it's only in Indonesia, but if someday you're gonna visit us here, don't forget to buy at least one chocolate cake in The Harvest because it tastes really, really good!
2. Both of Dr Zimmerman's names I got from the famous TV show, Scrubs. Yes, I got it from JD and Elliott :D The name Zimmerman I got from Sleuth, a mystery game on the internet.
3. James Makepiece is actually a pre-made sim. I just changed his hairdo and traits, and his name. The name Makepiece I got from an incredible and super funny novel written by Jonathan Stroud, The Bartimaeus Trilogy.

Again, I love you all sooo much! ^^


CatherineBell said...

Awhh! Great post !! I am still super happy to see that your blog is back, and that you got a new post out. Honestly, I dont mind waiting since it came out SO good! Filled with drama, but worked itself out :) Congratulations on 18 :)

Catlover800 said...

It was so sad to what happened to Tanner and I am very glad that Taylor is finally seeing the positive side of things. Congrats on twins and I can't wait to read the next post!

ForeverHailey said...

I love this post. I can see that you have put a lot of work into making it and your very good with choosing the right words. It's okay that you can only get out a post every so often because its worth the wait. It's funny that your named your son Liam because one of my recent babies (#22) is named Liam too. Anyways I'm glad everything turned out okay for Leah and I hope she doesn't have any more drama for a while cause she really needs it. Can't wait for more. :D

~Dawn Turner

Putri Air said...

@Catherine: I'm so, so, SO happy too!! I was so scared that my blog would gone... forever :) :) Now, I have learned from my experience, and I'm making a back up, so if my blog disappear again, I can make a new one :) Thank you!

@Catlover800: Thank you so much!! However, I still think that Taylor's fate was really awful. I just hope that someday he will have a bright life :')

@Dawn: Awww, really? Sorry, I haven't read the post... I was so busy, but I promise I'll read and comment on it tonight! Thank you for your compliment, but I think Leah will have more (and even worse) drama in her life... soon. *evil grin*

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