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A Broken Heart Story: First Set of Multi-Gendered Twins, Babies 15 and 16!

Whoa, what a happy mother I was! :)
Yes, my 5th child, Bluebell, just married with the love of her life, Leighton Sekemoto. They have gone through so many problems, but at the end, they finally became a couple. And they even sent me this really cute family picture! If you want to read her love story, just open this page
With seven kids in the house, yes, I was definitely busy. But thank God Holly and Mistletoe were already teens, so they could help me with the triplets.
Mistletoe was a very gentle sister to her younger siblings! She was really good at baby stuffs like change the triplets' diapers, give them food, etc. It was as if she was their mother! The triplets loved her so much. I thought she would be a really good mother in the future...
However, her twin sister Holly wasn't really good at that. Holly never knew what did the triplets want, and all that she could do was gave them bottles. "Mistletoe, do you know how to shut Mercy up?!" She asked in a miserable voice. It was a Saturday night and the triplets were really noisy, so I didn't blame Holly for that.
Mistletoe laughed and started to tease Pixie. "Well, just snuggle her gently, Holly! She wanted you to pay more attention to her..."
Even after Mistletoe told her some mothering tips, Holly still didn't feel confident at all. "Errr... Mom, is it right? Do I have to hold her like this?" Holly came to me and asked.
I was changing Katie's diaper that time, but I immediately smiled when Holly asked me that question. "Of course, Holly! You're right, like that. Just hold her gently, but strong enough so she won't fall to the ground..."
Even thought she wasn't really good at baby stuffs, Holly still a good sister to her younger siblings. She taught most of Taylor's skills when he was a tot, and when Taylor finally grew up to a child, Holly was the most excited person in the family. "Woohoo! Little TayTay will become a child soon!" She screamed in glee.
My 10th kid, Taylor Sierra, grew up to a really cute child! He had really soft hair and the blackest eyes I've ever seen.
"Tanner! Tanner! Isn't it exciting? You'll go to a school soon, and you'll have a lot of friends there!" Mistletoe chirped when it was Tanner's turn to grow up.
Whoa! Tanner was definitely a cute boy... just cute enough to make everybody's heart melt. He had those big, round coffee-colored eyes that would make everyone love him.
Katie resembled both her father and mother's genes. She got my hair and eye color, but her face and skin color were all Oak's. She was such an artistic girl who really loved purple.
On the other hand, Mercy resembled most of my genes. She got my purplish black hair and she got my skin, but fortunately she still got her father's skin color and face feature. Her hair was really curly and cute!
Meanwhile, Pixie got the brightest skin color among her siblings. She also got Oak's red hair with nice yellow streaks, and she was the one who got the roundest eyes!
Even thought they were twins, Taylor and Tanner didn't share any trait at all. Taylor was the one who always got confused at school. His grades didn't fail, but at some subjects he rarely got A. That's why he always asked to Tanner about his homework. "Tanner, do you know what is the cube root of 343?"
"What?! Really, bro? You don't know about it?" Tanner gasped. Unlike his twin brother, Tanner was really smart and curious about everything. He spent all his time just read and studied, or surfed the internet for some useful things.
Taylor and Tanner was really different! When Tanner was busy at his book, Taylor would ask him to play the video games with him. And even thought Tanner still wanted to finish his book, he was a kind-hearted brother who always loved his family to bits. So he agreed to leave his book for a while and play video games with Taylor.
"Yeah!! I just beat you, bro! Oh, I love this game!" Taylor screamed happily when he won the game. Yes, Taylor was an expert at video games and he wouldn't let anybody beat him. "Ahh! How could I be so stupid?!" Tanner groaned. But I knew that he was just kidding, because he didn't love video games and it was okay if Taylor wanted to beat him.
Unlike their younger brothers, Holly and Mistletoe were really good sisters to each other! They loved to praise and compliment each other, and they shared many interests. Like the famous proverb: If three's a crowd, then two is company.
Like usual twins, Holly and Mistletoe also loved to do everything together. Even at weekends, they would spend their whole time just chatted to each other.
Mistletoe, even thought she got the fat gene from her father, she was the most athletic one between the twins. Her balance was quite well, and her moves were incredible on the trampoline. And yes, she still wore those wedges!
Meanwhile, Holly's power was not enough to keep her balance on the trampoline. It was really hard to her to jump to the air without fall to the rough ground.
"Ouch!" She screamed when she hit the trampoline harshly. Yes, the trampoline was not as hard as a rock, but it's still hurt if you fall on it, right?
"Oh my goodness! Holly, are you okay?!" As a concern sister, Mistletoe always cared about Holly. She was scared that Holly would get hurt because of her, since she was the one who asked Holly to jump on the trampoline. "Uhh... I'm okay, don't worry.." Holly said weakly.
But Mistletoe still scared that Holly would fall again, so she decided to tell her twin sister how to jump smoothly. "Ok, Holly, follow me. Just keep your balance like this..."
After Mistletoe taught her how to jump on the trampoline, slowly but surely Holly learned some things. And even thought she wasn't really good at athletic stuffs, she knew that she shouldn't just give up. She had to keep trying and trying.
Who knows that my 'big' daughter had a talent in this? She sure had some very nice moves. I don't even know how to do those things...
After long hours on the trampoline, the twins decided to take a break and just swing in the little playground. None of them had the childish trait, but they just thought it was fun to play in the playground sometimes...
After that, they would spend the rest of their afternoon just chatted about their school, subjects, and boys they liked. They were truly a twins at heart.
When I saw my daughters spent all their time together, I couldn't help but felt really happy. After the incident between Rosemary, Freesia, and Bluebell (read about them here), I was really scared that my other daughters would hate each other, like the triplets did in the past... Thank God Holly and Mistletoe seemed to love each other very much.
But those days I could feel something was changing... Instead of chatted with Mistletoe after school, now Holly chose to hang out with a stranger--well, not a stranger, actually. He was Holly's classmate.
Holly said that his name was Johnny. After all, I have to admit that Johnny is the coolest guy in Holly's school. What I didn't like about him was his personality... He was so hot-headed and his temper was very bad. I also didn't like the way he spoke and walked. He was so rude... I just hoped that he wouldn't make my daughter follow his behavior.

**Holly's POV**

Johnny was such a charming guy! He had a nice tan skin, with smooth blond hair and blue eyes. He also had those gorgeous muscles and a cool tattoo on his upper chest. He was the most popular boy in my school, and I was so glad that he asked me out, in front of those coquettish cheerleaders!
Usually we met up at the park after school. The park was a very nice and romantic place, and Johnny acted a little flirtatious that afternoon... Hmm, I wondered what was going on?
"So Johnny, you said that your parents have abandoned you?" I asked. He nodded. "Yeah. But not both of them, just my mother. My mother is a party animal, and she can't spend her night at home. She loves to go to the night clubs, but my father doesn't like her behavior at all, so they divorced. I also don't like my father so much, because he never give me what I want. But when I asked my mother if I can live with her in Bridgeport, she rejected it." Johnny sighed sadly. It was so touching that I just wanted to hug him right there. "Oh, Johnny, I'm so sorry..."
He smiled and stroked my cheek. "Well, it's okay. And after all, if I live with my mother, I won't meet you at all, right?" And before I could say a single thing, he pulled me in and gave me a light kiss on my lips... It was my first kiss, and I have to admit that it felt so incredible!
We dated for a while, and some weeks after he officially became my first boyfriend, he asked if I want to go to a party with him.. If it was a normal party at the beach or something, well, I would say yes. But it was a party at the local night club! Things could go a little risky there...
"Umm, Johnny, I'm sorry, but I think... I can't." I said softly, and he responded with a sad voice. "Really? But.. why? It will be fun! You have no homework tonight, right?" I sighed. "Well, yeah. But I just... don't want to go. My mother said that a night club is not good for teenagers like us. Who knows what will happen in such a place like that?"
Surprisingly, Johnny just laughed. "So, is that what make you worried? Oh please! There's nothing to worry about, Holly... I'm sure nothing's gonna happen there. We'll just take a sip of some cocktails, and dance on the dance floor... You'll be okay. Trust me."
I thought about it for a while, then smiled and whispered to him. "Okay then. But I know that my mother won't let me go to a night club, so just pick me up at seven, okay? My mom should be at the grocery store at seven..." He chuckled and whispered back, "Sure! It will be really fun!"
When I kissed him goodbye, I knew that it was wrong. I felt really guilty about my mom, but when I played Johnny's words again in my mind, I thought, I'll be okay... Nothing's gonna happen there. Famous last words, huh?

**Mistletoe's POV**

After I found out about my sister and her new boyfriend, Johnny, I rarely spent my time with her again. She was busy with Johnny, so instead of just hang out alone at the beach, I chose to work out.
I knew that the popular girls in my school had made fun of me since forever. They loved to mock me, insult me, bully me... Just because I was fat. I know, I know, it's so cliché, and I had said it to them for a billion times, but they still bullied me. I can't believe how cruel people can be!
To make my body slimmer than before, I worked out at the gym for hours. It was hard to admit, but I was really jealous with my sister that time... We used to share everything, but soon I realized that I was much uglier than her. She got the coolest boy in our school, and everybody loved to say how beautiful she was.
That evening wasn't different. When Holly was hanging out with Johnny somewhere, I just sat alone on the swing, thinking about our broken sisterhood...
Suddenly I heard a gentle voice. "Mistletoe, can I join you?" I turned my head and smiled. It was my mother. "Of course, Mom..."
"So, what's going on, sweetheart?" Mom asked. I tried to show a happy face to my mother. "Hmm, nothing... Why, Mom?" She smiled really gently and said, "I know there's something going on here, Mistletoe. I'm your mother, remember? And I realized that your attitude these days is so strange... Just tell me your problem."
I bit my lips, then slowly told her the whole story. My loneliness, my lack of confidence, my jealousy to my own twin sister... And like a good mother should be, she listened to me from the beginning til the end. She didn't ask any question, and I finally finished my story, she just sighed and gave me a time to wipe away my tears.
"Okay, Mistletoe. First, I want you to know that every Sierra kid is special. Not just because you're a part of the 100 baby challenge, but because you're just precious at heart. Each of you is different from the others, and I love my kids more than anything else in this world." I looked my Mom in the eyes as she talked. "Second, you're not ugly, Mistletoe. Even thought you're fat and you resembled your father genes' more than mine, you're still beautiful. Your skin is flawless, your eyes are big and beautiful, and your balance is just amazing! You just have to be more confidence, and people will consider your inner beauty too, not just your outer beauty. And I don't say this because I'm your mother." She added and laughed.
I smiled and ran to her, then gave her a big hug. "Thank you so much for making me feel so precious, Mom..." I said and sobbed. She just nodded and whispered, "You're very welcome, sweetie.."
Mom had to go to the grocery store, so I walked in to the house. I had to take care of the house my little siblings, but when I walked into the bathroom to do the laundry, suddenly I spotted Holly. I was so shock that I immediately gasped. "Oh my God! Holly, is that you?! What are you wearing right now? What are you gonna do?" She just frowned and said with a cold voice, "I'm going to a party, of course! Now get out of my way, Mistletoe, I have to go before Mom come home!"
I was so shock that I just rooted in my place. Holly looked so different! She wore make up, high heels, jeweleries, a sparkling dress, and she even did her hair with such a weird style! I almost couldn't stop myself from pick the phone and call Mom to come home... what happened to Holly?

**Holly's POV**

That night was really fantastic! I came early to the party, so I asked the mixologist there to teach me how to make drinks. He offered to teach me how to make some beers, but I denied. Beers are not good for teenagers, so he just taught me how to make some cocktails. When the guests finally came, I had learned how to make Creamsicle, Kahlúa, and Lemon Split.
However, Lemon Split was my favorite... the lemon flavor was so strong and nice in my mouth. I felt a bit dizzy after I drank a glass of Lemon Split, but it was kinda nice too... I didn't know why but suddenly I felt so happy. Later I knew that it was an effect from drinking an alcoholic drink.
But still, that night was truly fantastic! I danced all night with Johnny and also with some of my classmates. Many of them said that I was so pretty that night ;)
Me and Johnny danced under the stars, since the host of that party rented the rooftop for the place. That night, finally I could forget about anything, and just concentrated to my dance moves...
Another bad effect of Lemon Split I drank was, I became really flirty that night. I just couldn't stop myself from gaze into Johnny's eyes again and again, and we flirted all night long..
But deep in my heart, I still felt really guilty. How could I leave my family at home? Maybe my mother was teaching the triplets when I was having fun there...
And how could I be so rude to Mistletoe? I even snapped at her before I went to the party! I wondered what was she doing... Maybe she was relaxing in her favorite pajamas, reading her favorite teenlit?
"Holly, what happened?" Johnny asked when he saw my sad face. I sighed. "Nothing... well, I just feel guilty because I left my twin sister at home." He smiled and hugged me tightly. "Don't worry about it, Holly. It's all about you now... Just enjoy the party." I still felt guilty, but Johnny read my expression and gave me a kiss that immediately removed my negative thoughts.
"Err... Holly, can I tell you a secret?" Johnny asked. I smiled. "Of course. I'll keep your secret... I'm your girlfriend, remember?"
"Well, actually... I'm a drug addict." Johnny whispered softly. Suddenly I rooted in shock. "Wh-what? You're kidding me, aren't you?" I gasped and said haltingly. Johnny shook his head. "No, I'm not kidding. I'm a drug addict."
I immediately pulled my hands back and snapped at him. "HOW COULD YOU?!" He jumped in shock, but I was too mad to care about him. "How could you, Johnny?! I thought--I thought you are a good person!"
"I am!" He screamed back. His face turned to red in anger. "I'm a good person, but I'm a drug addict! What's so wrong about it?!"
"AAAHH!" I screamed frustratingly. "You said what's so wrong? Everything is wrong about it! Have you ever heard that drugs are not good?! No wonder you really like to hang out in the club like this, because you're totally a jerk!"
"Oh my God! Holly, calm down!" Johnny gasped and tried to calm me down, but I didn't want to calm down. I just wanted to tell him how bad was he. "Now what do you want from me, huh?! Do you want me to use drugs too, just like you? Do you want me to follow your steps?" I yelled at him angrily.
"NO! Of course not, honey! How could--" I immediately cut off his words before he could finish his sentence. "Don't. Call. Me. Honey!" I screamed, tried to hold my tears in my eyes. How could this happen to me? I thought Johnny was good because he was so sweet to me... I even thought that he might be 'the one'.
"Okay, if that's what you want! It's over!" I screamed for the last time and turned around. Tears started to fall from my eyes, and I didn't want to show Johnny that I cried because of him.
"No! Holly, wait!" Johnny looked really pitiful in my eyes, but I thought it's just another way to convince me to follow his steps of using drugs. And after all, I didn't want to use drugs.
So before he could catch me and convince me, I ran home as fast as I could...

**Mistletoe's POV**

It was almost midnight when I finally saw Holly in front of our home. I quickly put back my book and ran downstairs. When I opened the door, suddenly my twin sister ran into me and hugged me tightly.
I was shocked when I saw her face. Holly's eyes were red and her tears still fell down her cheeks. I immediately gave her another hug and whispered, "Come on.. Momma is having a dinner with the father-to-be for her challenge. Let's just talk outside."
I lead her to a little bench by the pool. She still seemed really sad, so I gave her a time to wipe away her tears. And when I saw that her eyes were perfectly clear again, I asked gently, "So what's going on, Holly?"
She sighed and didn't give me any response. I waited patiently, and finally she whispered, "Let me just tell you the whole story, okay? I'm still.. you know... shock." I nodded and waited for her.
Then, Holly told me the whole story. How she thought that Johnny was good, how charming was he, how sweet was he, how Holly fell in love with him...
Then she said something that was really unexpected: Johnny was a drug addict. My first response was, "What?!" She sobbed and said, "Yes! He's a drug addict! I know, it's really unbelievable, but it's a fact... Now what should I do, sis? I'm totally in love with him, but I don't want to get involved with any drug addict..."
I bit my lips. It was a really tough decision to make, and it would change my sister's life forever... Then I cleared my throat and said, "Okay, Holly. I don't want to judge you or something, and I know that you love Johnny so much, but you know that he's not good enough for you, right? You deserve someone better than him..."
"But--but I really love him..." Holly sobbed. I sighed. "I know. But love is not always good, is it? Sometimes, the one we really love is the one who will betray us someday... I don't mean that Johnny will betray you someday, but let's just face it. He's not good enough for you, Holly. Who knows that someday he will convince you to follow his steps? And your life will get even worse than this... your whole future will be broken."
We paused for a very long time after I said that. I wanted to give her a time to think about it...
And finally, she smiled weakly and stood up. Then she hugged me softly.
"Thank you for understanding me and being the best sister in the world, Mistletoe," She said gently.
I smiled back and nodded. "Whatever happened to us, we're still sisters at heart, you know." We both laughed at my cliché statement, but at least, we became friends again. And that's one of the most important thing in my life... my twin sister.

**Leah's POV**

As soon as I went home from the grocery store, I ran to the bathroom and gussied up. The father of baby 15 would coming soon, and I had to get ready. But exactly after I made sure that everything's okay, suddenly I heard Mistletoe's voice. She seemed so sad, and when I asked her what happened, she said that Holly just left to a party at the local nightclub.
But before I could ask her anything about it, suddenly the bell rang. I sighed and ran downstairs, then quickly greeted the father-to-be. I was a little scared about my daughter's safety, so I couldn't focus on the conversation.
"So..." I cleared my throat, "You want to be the father of baby 15. Is that right?" That gorgeous dark-skinned guy was Giovanni Costa. He's Italian, and he heard about my challenge on the internet. After a while, he decided to be the father of baby 15, and he e-mailed me right away. What made me interested was his first name; one of my brother also has the name Giovanni!
Giovanni nodded and answered with his sexy Italian accent, "Yes! I want to be the next father in your challenge..." I smiled. "Well, I'm sorry, but I'm a little picky about this, you know. What makes you so unique than the other guys? I know that you're gorgeous and you're Italian, but still..." I shrugged. "...of course you know what I mean, don't you?"
Giovanni laughed. "Of course I know! Well, maybe my life story will touch your heart a little bit..." I smiled and said, "Just tell me your life story, then." He cleared his throat and began his story. "Okay. So, my name is Giovanni Costa and I'm really an Italian. I used to have a wife named Alessandra, but we got divorced because she's a party-animal. She's a kind of person who loves to dance, and drink, and go to the party... meanwhile, I'm a really conservative person. So when we fought for the tenth times in a week, she said that she wanted to break up with me. I said okay."
I nodded. "And what happened to your child? Wait... do you have a child?" Giovanni nodded, and his face suddenly looked sad. "I have a teenage son. His name is Jonathan. Well, Jonathan is more like his mother than me, and he begged me to let him live with Alessandra in Bridgeport. But of course you know what's Bridgeport look like, eh? Nightclubs everywhere, alcoholic drinks... I don't want my son to get involved with any of them, so I prohibited him to see his mother ever again."
"Oh, poor Jonathan... Now what happened to him?" Giovanni's story was really touching, and I just wanted to hear more about it. He smiled weakly. "Don't judge me because of this, ok? I know that I'm a very bad father, and I have done everything, but... okay, Jonathan is a drug addict."
I gasped and immediately hugged him. "Oh my goodness! Giovanni, I'm so sorry..." I knew that something like that could break a parent's heart to pieces. And no, I didn't judge him at all. Because I knew what it's like to have a trouble maker child... Elijah was also a trouble maker when he was a teenager. At least, my Elijah wasn't a drug addict, and I'm so glad because of it. All Giovanni could do was smiled weakly. "It's okay. And after all, I will put Johnny to a rehab as soon as possible.."
After that 'nice' chat, I invited Giovanni to dinner. It turned out that he was a friendly guy, and he had a really good sense of humor. I couldn't stop to laugh during the dinner, and when we sat on the couch and watched the TV, he still cracked up some hilarious jokes. But I still worried about my daughter... How was Holly? And why did the name 'Johnny' reminded me of something?
Suddenly, I heard a scream right behind me. "MOM!!"
I turned around and saw my twin daughters stood right behind me. Suddenly I felt so happy that my heart was gonna burst anytime. "Oh my God! Holly! Mistletoe!" I immediately stood up and ran to them.
"Where have you been?!" I hugged Holly very tightly and started to ask her so many questions.
"Holly, answer me! Where have you been? Mistletoe said that you went to a party... but at the local nightclub! Is that right? Holly, what did you do in a place like that?!" I was really worried and angry with her. How could she be so irresponsible? She knew that everything can happen in a nightclub, and I didn't want any of my children had a bad night there...
"No, Mom! Trust me, I didn't do anything. I just drank a glass of Lemon Split and danced! Trust me, that's it!" Holly said with a sad tone. I frowned. "So how could you come home so late? It's almost midnight, Holly!"
Holly sighed and said, "I'm so sorry, Mom... I didn't mean it, I swear. But.. you know Johnny, right? My boyfriend?" I gasped when I heard that name, but I tried to hide my shock. Of course! How could I be so stupid? Johnny was Giovanni's son... what a sad serendipity. "Y-yes, I know. What happened to him, Holly?" She bit her lips. "Well... actually he's a drug addict. Please don't get mad at me... I just found out tonight, and I immediately broke up with him after I heard it. I know that I was wrong, Mom... I'm sorry."
I smiled sadly. "Well, then I have to admit that I'm so proud of you, sweetheart. Many of the teenage girls won't break up with their boyfriends, even after they find out that their boyfriends are not good at all. But you? You broke up with Johnny, and that's enough to make me feel so proud. You were wrong, and you have learned from your fault. Now, change your clothes and sleep. You need it." I winked.
Mistletoe grinned. "See? You can do it, Holly!"
Holly grinned back at her. "Yes! Oh my God, I feel so relieved..."
"And Mistletoe! Thank you so much! You're a great daughter and sister, and you know that I always proud of you. You'll have a bright future, sweetheart, you can sure of that." I smiled and gave Mistletoe a big hug.
"Come on, sis! Let's go to our room, Momma needs to finish her own business..." The twins giggled as they went upstairs.
"Leah, I'm so sorry!" Giovanni suddenly said when I came back to him. "I'm really, really sorry! I don't know that Jonathan's girlfriend was your daughter... I'm so sorry for his behavior! I hope there's something I can do for you..."
"It's okay, Giovanni. I understand, and I don't blame you for that. And for something you can do for me..." I grinned. "You supposed to be the father of baby 15, right?" Giovanni shook his head. "I don't even deserve to be in your challenge. I'm a really bad father!"
"No!" I cut off his words. "If you're a bad father, then you'll just let Jonathan to live with Alessandra and become a drug addict forever! No, Giovanni, you're a good father. Better than some fathers, actually. I know it. Now, do you want to be the father of baby 15?"
Giovanni smiled. "Leah... I know that you're sweet and beautiful, but I don't know that you could be so kind.. Almost like an angel. Thank you so much for making me feel better. I'm so grateful."
I giggled like a little girl when he hugged me tightly. "Well, I know that you're Italian and you're so handsome, but I don't know that you could be so cheesy!" He laughed.
And before I could say anything, he quickly held me in his arms... and we finished our dirty business ;)
"Whoa! Cookies! I love cookies!" Taylor said excitedly when he saw what was our breakfast the next morning. Holly laughed and said, "Momma! You have to tell me the recipe of this delicious cookies someday!" I smiled, "Hmm... so I have to visit your new house first, don't I?" Yes, it was another big day for the Sierras: the twins' birthdays!
"Bye bye, TayTay!" Mistletoe gave Taylor a nice goodbye. Taylor was really close with her.
"Mom, I'm a little bit scared about this. You know.. grow up and live lonely." Holly sighed and told me a couple of hours before she had to grow up.
I smiled. "I know you can do this, Holly. You're a great sister and daughter, and I'm sure that you'll be a great mother too. And remember, you won't be lonely. You're gonna live with Mistletoe, and you can visit your old house whenever you want." Holly grinned. "Thanks, Mom. That's really make me feel a lot better!"
"Tanner! I can't believe I have to go so soon... Don't forget to visit me and Holly, okay?" Mistletoe said to Tanner, and he chuckled. "Of course, sis! Just wait for me and Taylor!"
"I want to be a..." Holly said, but Mistletoe suddenly cut off her words, "Don't say it, Holly! Keep that for yourself, or it won't be granted!"
"OMG, really?! Oh, shoot! I just told it to Tanner!" Holly said. We all laughed when we saw her funny expression when she said that.
Whoa! There's really nothing to worry about! My Holly turned out to be very pretty, with my nice skin color and unique white hair color.
"Bye, Mom! Bye, Katie, Mercy, Pixie! I love you all so much!!" Mistletoe said happily. She was really excited about this.
"I can't wait to become a young adult!" She whispered as the sparks surrounded her.
And yes, she really looked good as a young adult! Her eyes were unique and beautiful, and she had such a pair of amazing eyebrows.
Even thought Mistletoe turned out fat, she still didn't want to give up. She practiced her martial arts everyday, so she just wore the outfit everyday.
Meanwhile, Holly turned out as slim and as gorgeous as before. I think there would be a lot of guys who would fall for her!
Even after I had 14 babies, I still felt uncomfortable about the morning sickness. It was so gross, and I still had to clean the toilet after puking so hard!
But thank God the mint toothpaste could make my mouth clear again. It would be disgusting if I walk around the town with stinky breath.
"Alright, Mercy... Time for a potty training!" I tossed her in the air and started the potty training. It was clean and easy... Mercy was a very cooperative tot :)
"I love you, Momma!" Pixie said to me after I finished teaching her how to talk. I laughed and snuggled him. "I love you too, my little fairy!"
It was a little bit hard to teach Katie how to walk... She kept falling and falling again, but when the night fell, she has learned how to walk, talk, and potty.
When I already finished all my tasks to teach the toddlers, I decided to relax for a while... But just after I took a seat, suddenly my cellphone rang. "Hello, Mom!!" It was Freesia, my 5th daughter! Oh my, how I missed her... "Hey, Freesia! How are you?" I asked curiously. She laughed. "I'm quite well, Mom, thank you! Can I visit you this evening? I miss my old house so much..." I smiled and said, "Of course, Freesia! I'll wait for you!" After she hung up, I felt as if my heart's gonna burst anytime. I missed her so much, and I just couldn't wait to see her again!
I waited unpatiently in the house... until a Margaret Vaguester suddenly showed up.
"Oh my God! I miss this house!" My beautiful daughter, Freesia, jumped out of that car and entered the house. She seemed so happy... and she looked really pretty when she's happy. :)
"Freesia! Come on, give Momma a hug!" I ran to her and hugged her tightly. "Mom! How are you?" I smiled widely like a little girl and said, "Really, really fine!"
"How's everyone? I heard that Kameron also just moved in to your house.. is that right?" I asked curiously. Freesia nodded. "Yeah! And I'm so glad he agreed to move in, because the house began to feel quiet after Bluebell got married..."
"And what about Primera and Emmett? And Rosemary? Are they alright?" I asked again. I was really happy that I could meet Freesia again... what a nice reunion. "Yes, of course!" Freesia chuckled, "They're totally fine! Emmett just got a promotion and Rosemary is teaching high school students now... And Primera just came back from Shang Simla. She attended a painting exhibition there."
"But that's not the reason why do I come here, Mom. I just got a promotion too, and guess what? Now I can predict the gender of the baby!" Freesia said happily. I clapped my hands in glee. "Oh, I'm so happy for you! Can you predict the gender of my baby, then?" She winked. "Of course.."
She" slowly rubbed my big tummy and mumbled, "Hmm.. Let me see..."
Suddenly she smiled and exclaimed, "Congratulation, Mom! You're having a boy!"
I grinned. Whoa, how smart was Freesia! "I'm sorry Mom, but I have to go back to work now... If you want to have a set of multi-gendered twins or triplets, just eat many watermelons, okay? It will increase your chance of having girls!" I nodded and hugged her goodbye. It was already 6 am... being a doctor must be hard. I still don't know how Freesia made it through all this time.
After Freesia's quick visit, I ate 3 watermelons after I woke up and before I went to bed. It's almost like I was in a diet, but actually, I just wanted to increase my chance of having girls. I really hoped that I would have my first set of multi-gendered twins or triplets soon...
And to increase my chance of having twins or triplets, I listened  to the kids music and watched the Kids channel at the same time. Usually I did it after the kids had gone to bed.
Oh my God! The labor was early this time! I'm so glad I had 3 watermelons before I watched the TV, because I didn't expect the baby would come so soon...
And yes, I rode my bike again all the way to the hospital... The view was so great in the morning, and I didn't want to miss it :)
When I was in labor, I called a babysitter for my kids. His name was Davy Linell, and he was so trustable. He has already known my kids very well, and he loved children, so he's perfect to be a babysitter.
"Hey, little redhead! What's your name? You have such a pretty skin color!" He also loved to compliment my kids, and he was really good at it.
I wasn't worried at all, because I knew that Davy could take care of my kids, and he wouldn't kidnap them, like some babysitters did.
Yess! How I love that little baby carrier!
Everyone, please welcome my 15th baby, Chord Sierra!
And my 16th baby, Cathie Sierra! It was my first set of multi-gendered twins, and I really hoped that they would get along well :D

~A note from Putri Air~

Thank you, thank you, thank you SO much for reading this! Even if you just drop by or read some paragraphs, still, thank you so much :) I've put a lot of effort in this chapter, since I have exams this week and I still had to study all the time. I'm sorry if there are many mistakes in spelling and grammar, because my English isn't as good as yours.

Thanks to samusa06 for Giovanni Costa. Chord's name is based on Chord Overstreet, the one who plays Sam Evans in Glee (I really like that show). I know I already have one Katie, but if I make a different spelling for my 16th child, I think it'll be nice :) Cathie is a character in Agatha Christie's novel, Hallowe'en Party.

Last but not least, I have a little request for you. If you're a 100 baby challenge mother and you already have a blog, please send me the picture of your craziest/funniest expression, the most beautiful picture of you, and your blog link. If you have a Facebook account, please send it to my Facebook account. If you don't have a Facebook account, please just e-mail me. I'm making a collage about the challenge mothers, and so far I got the pictures of Danny Wriner, Della Wriner, Ashby Starr, Melody Allison, Alice Cooper, Leiah Mistoffelees, Laura Reed, Trynity Rebelo, Nicole James, Catherine Bell, Charlie Evans, Violet Newbie, and Kira Jones. I want to include as many mothers as I can, so if your name is not on the list above, please send your pics :)

Have a nice day!


Sims Fan said...

Johny and Holly looked so cute together... to bad he dropped a bomb shell on her :(
Very good post and CONGRATULATIONS on Chord and Putri!!! You come up with the BEST NAMES :)

Putri Air said...

Haha :D thank you so much Vi!! Your comment just made my day!

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I love the chapter! :D You did a great job and the storyline was amazing! Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to reading more! :D I'll send you the pics you need through facebook! :)

Putri Air said...

Thanks Dawn!! I have saved your pics :)
The next post won't be up soon, because I have to study hard... There will be a selection on Friday about who's gonna take part on a Science Camp in Thailand. Since the Science Camp is international, I have to study really hard if I want to take part!! <3

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Hey! Great post! I liked the fact that the father of the twins was also the father of Johnny.
P.S. I love Glee too!

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Thank you Calista!! Yay, we are Gleeks! :D

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