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Baby 12, 13, and 14 - Thieveries and Three Little Fairies!

Ahh, how time flies... It was already the time of Holly and Mistletoe's birthday! Welcome to childhood, my sweethearts!
"Momma! I'm growing up! I'm growing up!" Mistletoe was so excited about this, and I had to carry her very carefully so that she wouldn't fall from my arm. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a headshot picture of the twins!! I know it's very stupid, and I'm so sorry, but trust me, they looked very cute :)
The twins really loved to play chess. They would spend their whole weekends in the skill room, but I wasn't mad at all. Chess made them smart, and I was glad because of it. I just wanted all my kids to be smart!
But it seems that Kameron has a problem at studying. He was born with a genius trait, so I was confused, why did he still have that expression on his face? I thought those mathematical problems would be easy for him. But then I knew the answer...
...Elijah was copying his homework! Yes, Elijah, my 6th child! Elijah wasn't so smart for his age, but Kameron was genius, so it was easy for Elijah to just copied his brother's homework.
And that thing went on and on without my knowledge. I didn't know anything about it because both Kameron and Elijah kept their mouths close. And I wasn't suspicious about it at all until one day something happened...
The Sierra kids really loved my Key Lime Pie, so that afternoon I decided to make one. All of the kids were already home and enjoy their pie, but I still couldn't find Elijah anywhere. I tried to ask Kameron--since he and Elijah went to the same high school--but he was so busy at his homework, and I just didn't want to ruin his concentration.
So I decided to just go out and search for Elijah everywhere I could...
But then, even before I could walk on the pathway, a voice made me jumped in shock... Actually, it was a yawn. "Oh my goodness, detention is so boring!" My eyes widened when I saw Elijah, stood there with a bored look on his face.
"Elijah!" I ran to him, "What did you say? You got a detention?!" Elijah gasped and tried to hide a paper he brought home from his school. "Uhh.. ummm.. no, Mom, of course not! I was just..." I was so frustrated, so I quickly grabbed the paper and looked at it angrily. "What is it?" I screamed in shock, "You got 5 for your Math test? Ha, so that's why you got a detention! What's the matter with you? Your brother is so genius, why did you turn out so stupid?" I was so pissed off and I said the words I had avoided to use since I became a mother.
"Mom!" Elijah yelled back at me, "How could you say that to me?! You always said that all your kids are precious, smart, and important to you! You always said that you won't distinguish us no matter how ugly or stupid we are! And now I think it was just a LIE?!"
I gasped. Yes, I was so mad about him, because my other kids never got a detention, but even if Elijah got it, I still loved him so much. He was still my son... "Elijah, listen to me.." I tried to calm him down but to no avail. Elijah was very angry with me.
"You're my MOTHER! I used to be proud of you and I used to love you so much... but now I don't respect you anymore!" Elijah shouted at me. He looked so disappointed. "How could you say that, Mom?"
I cleared my throat. "Elijah--" But before I could say anything, he already ran into the house...
After that incident, Elijah began to be even lazier than before. He even chose video games instead of his homework. But I couldn't scold his attitude, because every time I walked into a room, he will left immediately.
Otherwise, Kameron was still a diligent boy like he used to be when he was a child. I was really glad when he showed me his test results, because he always got a 9 or 10. He was a truly genius indeed.
However, even thought he was very busy at his assignment, he still loved to take care of his little siblings, Taylor and Tanner. He loved them to bits, and I think he would be a good father when he grew up...
But at weekends, Kameron choose the computer instead of video games or the pool. I didn't know what was he doing at the computer, but I believed that it must be a good thing.
"Whee! I'm flying! I'm flying!" The trampoline was a very nice stuff. The twins loved to jump on it, and it was really helpful too. Everyone could jump on it to relieve their stress.
"We're flying so high, sis! I can see our school from here!" Mistletoe chirped happily.
Weekends were special moments. I loved to cook something special for weekends, and one thing that made me really happy was my kids' happy faces when they enjoyed my food.
And yes! I cooked something very special for that Sunday. Dim sum!
"Mmm.. it was so yummy!" Mistletoe commented as she and her siblings ate their dinner. "Sshh, Mistletoe, don't talk. Mom always says it's not good to talk when we're eating something!" Kameron said. But he also liked the dim sum very much.
I sighed when I looked at the dining room. Elijah was missing... again! But this time, instead of running around in the dark night, I decided to just sit in the living room and spend the whole night there, waiting for my Elijah to show up.
8 hours passed... I almost gave up and went upstairs when suddenly I saw a police car passed my house. It was already morning, so I decided to tell the police about Elijah, and asked her to look for him. I was so scared that I would lose my child again! I have lost my Bluebell, but now she already back, and I didn't want to lose Elijah! But right after I opened the door, I immediately gasped when I saw...
"ELIJAH SIERRA!" I rushed to him, "What did you--how could you--AAACK! What kind of clothes are you wearing now?!" I was so frustrated and I just wanted to fight with him, right there, but then I remembered that he still my son, and I shouldn't fight with my own son. So I told him to change his clothes, and meet me at the dining room. I didn't like his clothes, it made him looked like a thief for me.
Elijah quickly went upstairs and changed his clothes. "Whoa, bro, cool clothes! Where have you been last night?" Kameron quipped him. "Shut up!" Elijah screamed at him.
"Now, sit and eat your breakfast." I told Elijah with a very cold tone when he walked into the dining room.
We ate our breakfast in silence, but my anger slowly disappeared as I ate the dim sum. I took a deep breath so many times that I couldn't count it anymore, and that was worth it. I was already calm when we finished our breakfast.
"Don't go anywhere after this, Elijah. I have something to talk with you." I said. Elijah didn't give me any respond. But after a while, finally he responded, even thought his respond was not very well.
"I'll catch the bus." Elijah mumbled. I frowned and looked at him. "It's still 7 am, Elijah. Don't lie to me. Now, sit down."
"Why should I sit down? You're a total lie, I'm not your son anymore. I hate you." He said it quietly and with such a flat tone, but it was enough to hurt me.
"Elijah!" I gasped. "How--how could you say that to me?"
"I'm still your mother! And you have to respect your mother!" I almost broke into tears when I heard his words. After all, I thought he still loved me, since I was the one who raised him when he was a baby, gave him food, snuggled him in the night...
"How could you, Elijah? How could you? After all I have done for you?" Now, I couldn't hold it anymore. My tears slowly fell down when I looked at Elijah sadly... It was my own son, saying that he hated me!
"Mom--" Elijah tried to say something, but I was too sad to give him a chance. "No, Elijah, if you really hate me, it's okay. But don't hurt me with your words anymore."
"Mom, please!" Elijah screamed, "I didn't mean it, I swear! I love you and our family to bits, and I was just angry because I thought you distinguished me from your other kids, I was so disappointed when you scolded me, but now I realize that I was wrong... I was the evil one here. And I'll do anything you want me to do, if you can forgive me!"
"Okay, okay, stop it," I sighed, "I'll forgive you, Elijah, but now you have to tell me what happened last night. What did you do?" Elijah took a deep breath and said, "Well, please don't judge me because of this. Last night... umm, well, I don't know why but suddenly I remembered about our last fight at the front door. I don't know what was I thinking, but I just wanted to prove that I'm also a Sierra kid, and I love you, Mom. So I tried to steal something from a jewelery store. It was a beautiful necklace and I wanted to give it to you..."
"But suddenly, a cop caught me and brought me to a jail. I was very scared, but then she said, 'Oh, youre a teenager! Its okay boy, I know whats going on here, and now I want you to come home and say sorry to your parents.' Then she drove me home and... well, here I am. And I'm sorry, Mom, I didn't want to steal anything, I swear. I was just.. out of control. Trust me."
I sighed and tried to smile. "No, I'm not going to judge you or scold you, Elijah. I know what it's like to be rebellious, I know how fun is it, but just remember that you can't do something evil just to melt my heart, okay?" He nodded and gave me a weak smile. "I'll try to be better and better, Mom. I promise."
"Good. Now, give me a big hug!" I said happily, and he hugged me very tightly...
After all the incidents in the Sierras, I decided to take a 'day off' from any trouble. So I made a french toast and ate it under the clear blue sky...
The french toast tasted really good! Yum!
As soon as Kameron and Elijah went home after school, I went to the beach and relaxed. It was a really sunny day, and I was so glad to be out of the house!
At the beach, I spotted a cool guy who was relaxing too. He has a dazzling green skin, with shiny red hair and unique golden eyes. He was so perfect for my 100 baby challenge!
"Hi, I'm Leah Sierra! What's your name?" I asked him. His eyes widened. "Leah Sierra? That Leah Sierra? Oh, very nice to meet you! I'm Oak Greengrass, and I'm a sparrow man!" He has a gorgeous yet unique accent in his voice.
I smiled. "Glad to meet you too. What do you mean a 'sparrow man'?" Oak Greengrass smiled back and explained, "Well, a sparrow man is kinda... a male fairy. We live in the fairy kingdom with the female fairies, but we call ourselves 'sparrow men'." I clapped my hands in glee. "Fairy? You're a fairy? That's incredible! I really love old stories about the fairy kingdom! And you said you know who I am?"
Oak laughed. "Are you kidding me? You and this whole 100 baby challenge was a hot issue these days in my kingdom! Even some female fairies decided to take on this challenge too! It's fantastic, and I always wanted to meet one of the mothers.." I giggled, "Well, now you have met one!"
"What is your kingdom look alike?" I asked curiously. Oak smiled gently, "Well, like Sunset Valley.. just a lot more beautiful. We don't have any beach there, but we have a gorgeous lagoon where the mermaids sing and swim everyday... And amazing forests with cute butterflies fly around. It's totally nice, trust me!"
"No offense, Oak.. but are you a real fairy? If you are, why don't you have wings?" Oak grins, "Yes, the sparrow men don't have wings, but our magic is much better than the female fairies. And we have a cool butterfly tattoo on our back. Come on, I'll show you my magic..."
And before I could say anything, I saw a bright light in front of me...
...and when I looked at my clothes, I couldn't help but gasped. My old clothes had gone, and I was wearing a sweet pink dress. ;)
"Leah, you look so beautiful!" Oak flirted with me, "If you are a fairy, you'll be the most beautiful fairy all over the kingdom!"
I laughed and poked his arm, "Well, then you should take me to your kingdom and show me the other fairies! I have to make sure that nobody can compete me in beauty!"
"But I'm not kidding, Leah, you're really beautiful..." Oak said again with his most flirty tone.
"Really?" I held his hands and smiled. "Well, you're handsome too.. And I really like your skin color. It's so nice and the texture is so soft!" I paused, and when he didn't respond anything, I teased him, "I wonder how soft are your lips, since your skin is already very soft..."
Oak laughed. "Well, what if you just feel it by yourself?" And in one second, he quickly grabbed my face and kissed me passionately...
"Well, how is it?" Oak asked playfully. I giggled, "Nice enough... Just kidding, Oak! It was so nice!"
I snapped this picture and used this for an event in Facebook called 'Miss Spring Pageant'. Sweet, isn't it?
"Mmm, Oak? You said that you always wanted to meet a 100 baby challenge mother, right?" I asked him. He nodded. "Well, since you were so happy about that, can you be the next father in my challenge?" Oak's eyes widened and he smiled broadly, "Of course, Leah! My pleasure!" So we quickly headed home as the sun went down...
Princess in waiting! Lol :D
Lullaby song! Oh, I think I began to fall in love with this song ;)
"Ohh, is it the butterfly tattoo you were talking about?" I asked him when we finished our dirty business later that night. Oak chuckled. "Yeah, it is! It's pretty cool, isn't it?"
I smiled and hugged him. "Yes, it's so cool. Do you mind to spend your night at my house, Oak? It's already midnight..." Oak nodded and answered, "Sure, but I won't sleep with you tonight. Can I just sleep outside? I really love the outdoors, and I like to sleep under the stars..."
After I said yes, he immediately left the room and slept on the lounge!
Time for Elijah, Taylor, and Tanner's birthday! Taylor's turn came first...
And he turned out pretty well! He got my hair, and his round eyes were just too cute to resist!
Then it was Tanner's turn...
Awwww! Tanner! You were a very cute tot! Just look at those curvy eyebrows!
I was a little bit scared about Elijah. The incident about him made me really scared, would he turn out to be a good boy? But then he reminded me about his promise, so I let him blew the candles...
Well, with all those demonic genes, I hope his heart still full of love... But I wasn't sure at all!
"Take care, Mom! I'll always miss you..." Elijah pulled me into a hug, and when he did, I somehow knew that he would be a good guy, and he wouldn't be a thief. Because he was a Sierra, and a Sierra kid always became a good person...
  "Bye bro! I'm sorry if I have some faults when we were both young... Can you forgive me?" Elijah said to his younger brother. Kameron was surprised and he said, "Whoa! Of course I'll forgive you.. and I'm sorry too, okay?" It was so good when I saw my kids loved their siblings...
After Elijah's departure, Kameron seemed better. His grades were as good as usual, but he looked, well.. calmer, since nobody could copy his homework again.
The twins got along very well, but that doesn't mean they couldn't make friends. They had a lot of friends
While Mistletoe was talking with her new friend, Holly spent the afternoon with Kameron. "Bro, do you like party?" Holly asked when she watched a party scene of a movie. Kameron frowned. "Mmm, not very much..."
Holly was also a friendly kid! She loved to invite her friends over, and as a caring mother, I loved to cook delicious foods for my young guests.
"Whee!" While Holly was busy with her friend, Mistletoe played on the playground. She really loved the swing!
The first baby bump finally came out! Yay!
Aaaaghh.. it was my least favorite activity as a pregger. Puking!
"Mom, you've got a prize!" Just after I finished puking, suddenly I heard Kameron's scream. I screamed back, "Just bring it to my room, sweetheart!" I wasn't feeling really well after puking so hard, so I decided to just take a rest in my bedroom...
"Well, Mom, one of the prize is for you, and the other one is for me..." Kameron said carefully. He looked very happy, and I wondered why... "Really, Kameron? How do you get a prize? Did you enter a contest or what?" Kameron grinned. "Not exactly. Just promise you won't get angry, ok?" I nodded and waited, then he said, "Well, I just joined the writing club in my school! The mentor asked me to prove that I can wait, so I made a non-fiction about you! It's called 'The Biography of Leah Sierra'! What do you think, Mom?"
I gasped. "You... what? You made a book about me? Oh my God, Kameron, it's awesome!!" I praised him. He grinned, "Glad you like it, Momma. So I sent it to the publisher, and they gave me a copy of the book, in case you want to read it. The club also gave me money for publishing my first book!"
"Ahh, Kameron! I'm so proud of you!" And I was not kidding, I was really proud of him. He was such a talented and caring boy, and I hugged him very tightly.
And here it is... The Biography of Leah Sierra, by her own son, Kameron Sierra!
"Oh, I almost forgot, Mom... You've got a prize too!" Kameron said happily. I was curious. "Really? What is it?"
"Ta-daa!" Kameron pulled out something from his pocket and hang it to the wall. It was an award for me, since I have completed the cooking skill. I gasped and almost jumped in glee. "OMG! I got an award! Thank God!"
Even after all his hard work, Kameron still took a time to take care of his little brothers. "Cute Tanner! How are you?" He whispered as he teased Tanner.
And that also required a sacrifice. Sometimes, in the nights, Kameron had to wake up early because his little brothers needed a diaper change, and I was too tired to do it...
What a good brother!
When I wasn't tired anymore, I decided to give Kameron a 'day off' and told him to relax all day...
But of course he wouldn't relax all day, so he rode his bike to his favorite store...
...the book store!
Before Kameron's birth, the Sierras' book case was empty. But now it was full, because Kameron added a lot of books to it!
"Say planet, Tanner! Planet!" I said as I taught Tanner how to talk. He has a lack of concentration, so the lesson needed a few more hours than usual...
But at the end of the day, finally he has learned how to talk well!
"Taylor is smart! Taylor can do that!" I encouraged my other son, Taylor, when I taught him how to potty.
"Sit tight, Tanner! Sit tight!" Again, Tanner was the one who needed a little bit more patience, but it was worth it. He turned out to be a very creative boy!
Twins in action!
To celebrate Holly and Mistletoe's good grades, and Kameron's first book, I set up a little picnic by the pool. The difference is, we didn't do the picnic at afternoon, we did it at night!
"So, Holly, do you have any problem at school?" I also used this picnic as a mother-and-child time. I wanted to know all my kids' desires and their dreams... a good mother had to be like that, right?
"Your brother Kameron just published his first book!" I announced to Holly and Mistletoe, "Tell us your experience, Kameron!" Kameron blushed and refused to tell his experience, but after a while, he gave up and finally told us the experience he got after he joined the writing club.
I really wanted twins this time, so I watched Kids channel a lot!
Another birthday! Lol, yes, it was Holly, Mistletoe, and Kameron's birthday!
Holly grew up to a beautiful teenage girl. She has Santa Claus's hair and she got my skin and face, so it was just a perfect combination!
"Yum! I can't wait to eat the chocolate cake!" Mistletoe mumbled as she blew the candles.
Another perfect combination! Mistletoe got her Dad's fair skin and face, but she has my black, thick hair!
"I'm turning to a young adult!" Kameron shouted happily as the sun went down..
Whoa! He really looked like Andre Quinn, except for his brown eyes! And he was just sooo handsome. Anybody want to use him in a challenge?
"Little fairy, when will you arrive?" I smiled and talked to my big tummy as the days passed.
"You're a very talented Sierra, Kameron! Don't forget it! And also don't forget that once a Sierra, always a Sierra, so we'll welcome you back whenever you want to visit us here..." I complimented Kameron when he packed his stuffs and got ready to move.
"Thank you, Mom! And good luck in your challenge!" Kameron hugged me. I almost cried when I saw the yellow cab went away.. I would miss him so much!
"Yeah, Taylor... Like that! Good!" Even when I was heavily pregnant, I still had to take care of my other kids!
"Woohoo! We did it, we did it, Taylor!" I tossed him in the air when he finally learned how to walk...
Twins in action... again! Lol :D
Sometimes, I just missed Kameron so much and wanted him to be here again. But I know it wasn't allowed, so I just read the biography he gave me before he left...
I sighed and looked through the window. I didn't know how my life could get any better than this... Family is everything to me!
When my tummy got huge, I knew that the labor would come very soon.
So I watched more TV programs for kids. But just when I turned the TV on...
...suddenly the waters broke!
"Holly! Mistletoe! Call the cab!" I screamed in panic. I can't describe the pain... It was just so hurt!
But then I remembered that Holly and Mistletoe were out at the beach, playing chess. Since I couldn't reach my telephone, I knew there was only one alternative...
Yes, I'm not kidding! Me, a heavily pregnant woman, biked all the way to the hospital!
When I arrived there, suddenly it looked like a little reunite. The father of baby 1, Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, was there! But I didn't have time to say hello, because I was in labor...
How ironic! Not only the father of baby 1, but the father of baby 2, Jasper Daron, was also there!
And also was Jimmy Lolik, the father of baby 3, 4, and 5...
I wondered who was that cute little boy? Was he Jasper's new son? Hmm... I had no idea!
Even my 4th child, the beautiful Freesia Sierra, was also there!
Finally, Oak Greengrass! The father of baby 12, has came to the hospital! I was wondering where was he when I was in a very tough labor...
But it was all worth it, because I came home with a cute baby carrier in my hand! Yes, triplets!
"Momma! Is it my new little sister?" Holly asked curiously when I picked up the 12th baby from the basket.
"Yes, sweetie," I said to Holly, "It's Katie Sierra!"
And also please welcome the 13th baby, Mercy Sierra!
And the 14th baby, Pixie Sierra! Welcome to the world, my little fairies!

Thanks to:
Neleh Prattle for both Katie and Mercy's names. Katie was her sister... but now she's already in the heaven. Mercy was Katie's middle name, and I used this name in memoriam of Katie..

I'm sorry if this post is not as interesting as usual, but I put a lot of efforts here, so if you enjoy this update, please comment below! Thanks for reading! :)


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@Calista: Sure! Just tell me which baby, and I'll give you the link! Oh, and I just read your blog and it's sooo cool ;)

@Dawn: Awww, that's so sad :( I'm sorry! And I'm sure there will be a Tequilla Sierra soon! :)

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