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The Sisters' Story - Please Welcome Baby 10 and 11!

Note from Lady Adurna:
I know, I know, I've been late again. This is the third time I got late in posting my update, and if you say that it's already superfluity, yes, I agree. But it's reasonable. My internet was error (I mean, yeah, very very error) so every time I wanted to post my update, it wouldn't let me save it. And the next day, I had to re-create the story again! Plus, I go to a private school, where my school starts at 7 am and ends at 4 pm, so I only have a little time to play TS3 with all the homework that I have to finish. So... I realized that I can't post my future update as often as the other mothers, and I hope you can forgive me. Maybe I'll post every 2-3 weeks. But I'll try to make my future updates more interesting. Oh, and one more thing: sorry if in this update I didn't write about Elijah and Kameron so much, cause I wanted to focus on the triplets. I hope you can enjoy this update! ;)

 It was time for the triplets' birthday bash! Rosemary was sleeping when I told her that she had to age up. She wasn't really happy about being woken up, but she agreed to get ready.
 I gasped when I saw her look. She looked like Della Eve Wriner, with that messy braid hair, thin curved eyebrows, and unique lips shape! Maybe the only differences were her face shape, hair color, and eye color..
 And it was Freesia's turn... I bought her the same strawberry cake that she really loved!
 Aww.. what a pretty young lady she turned out! She really got Jimmy Lolik's face shape, and the only feature she got from me was her thick, well defined brows.
 "Whoof!" Bluebell blew the candles on her birthday cake. She was very ready to age up!
Whee! What a cute teenager you were, Bluebell!
 Like when she was a child, the teenager version of Freesia still loved to clean everything she could in the house. I was really happy about her helpful attitude around her house.
 Even after she promised that she wouldn't do the same thing ever again, Rosemary was still the laziest one in the triplets. Yes, she helped me with the house chores, but she only helped me in weekend. In weekdays, she just sat on the couch and played her favorite video games.
 "Hey! Don't you remember when I said that you have to help Mom?" Freesia snapped at her when she walked to the living room and saw that Rosemary was watching her favorite TV show. Rosemary frowned and snapped back, "Yes, of course I remember! So what?" Freesia growled, "Then you have to do it!"
 Rosemary yawned lazily. "Yeah, yeah... I will do it. Now get out of the room, sis, I want to watch Glee." She looked at her watch and glanced at the TV. Glee was her favorite show, but Freesia didn't like it.
 "Can't you even listen to me?" Freesia said with anger in her voice. Rosemary still bothered her and looked at the floor. "Rosemary, forget that stupid Glee! Help me to clean the house! NOW!" Freesia screamed. She looked really frustrated.
"ALRIGHT, Freesia!" Finally Rosemary looked up and moaned. "I will do it if you get off of my way!"
"Fine!" Freesia pouted. "Just make sure you will really do it!"
"What is it, Momma?" Kameron asked with his little, cute voice. I was teaching him to talk when Rosemary and Freesia fought downstairs. Then I snuggled him and whispered, "Ssshh.. it's okay, sweetheart. Everything is fine, there's nothing to worry about." But actually, I had something to worry about. I didn't know that this problem would come to this house again... I thought the triplets were fine together!
A couple of days later, Rosemary started to be far from the living room. She helped me with the house chores more often, but still, she didn't have any patience to help me. She still loved to do her hobbies, like inventing. But it was better than her old habit, right?
 And she was a great inventor after all! She used her whole weekend to dug scraps...
 ...and dug...
 ...and even when the night fall, she still dug!
 When Rosemary came home that night, her face was very, very dirty.
 And when I said very dirty, I really meant it. Look at her face!
 "OH MY GOD!" Freesia screamed when she saw her sister walked in the house. "What happened to your face?!" She was very disgusted about any filthy thing.
 "What?! I was just digging for some scraps! Why in the hell do you care?" Rosemary pouted and said some dirty words. I really didn't know where did she get them. I never taught her any of those words! "You're gross! And just so you know, I don't care about you!" Freesia yelled angrily.
"Really? Well, I think you should care about Bluebell, then!" Rosemary snapped. "Don't talk like that about Bluebell! She is our sister!" Freesia screamed. Rosemary rolled her eyes in disgust. "So who am I? Your neighbor? HA! At least I haven't lose my mind, just like her! She is totally crazy!"
 "SHUT UP! Yeah, I know she's so dramatic and neurotic and over-emotional, and sometimes she will have this expression on her face.." Freesia impersonated Bluebell's strangest expression, "But she is still our sister! And yeah, I have to admit that she's crazy, but you're crazier than her!"
 And when they started to yell at each other and talk about Bluebell's attitude in disgust, they had no idea who was listening to them...
 "Bluebell!" Rosemary gasped when finally Bluebell decided to show up. It seemed that Bluebell tried to hold tears in her eyes. Freesia was very speechless when she realized that Bluebell must have heard what they were talking about.
 Bluebell looked very sad and humiliated. "So... is that what you are thinking about me?" She asked with pain in her voice.
Bluebell sobbed. "If yes, then maybe I should just go. You both don't need me, do you?" And before anybody could stop her, she already ran out. "Bluebell!" Both Freesia and Rosemary suddenly forgot their anger and ran after Bluebell. But unfortunately, Bluebell was a better runner than them. And they couldn't do anything when they losted her in the dark night...
I was cooking when I heard my daughters' screams. I quickly ran to the front door and found Freesia and Rosemary. They tried to say sorry, but I was too worried to forgive them. I immediately called the police and asked them to go to bed.
I also asked them to not wake Elijah up. He was sleeping through all this incident, and I didn't want to fill his mind with worries. At least, until I found Bluebell.
But that night, just when I was too tired to wait for any respond from the police and decided to go to bed, my cellphone rang and I knew there was something important. "Is this Ms Leah Sierra?" the man on the phone asked. I told him I was Leah Sierra, and he told me that he was a cop. "Ms Sierra, I knew that you have told us to find your teen daughter who just ran away from your home. But I'm so sorry, because we couldn't find her..." I gasped. "WHAT? No, you must be kidding!" The cop sighed. "No, I'm not, Ms Sierra. But we all knew how worry are you, and I'll make sure that your daughter will be safe and we'll find her as soon as possible." I was too shocked to answer him, and he hang up.
As soon as the police hang up the phone, I couldn't hold my tears anymore. I felt like I was a very bad mother... How could this happened to my life?
I wondered what was my fault, until Bluebell decided to run away from her own home... Was I a very bad mother? Did I do something wrong with her? Did I hurt her, or just talk to her too rough? I knew Bluebell was over-emotional, and I really tried not to hurt her feeling because she could cry anytime..
"Bluebell, where are you, sweetheart?" I sighed and whispered to myself. Maybe losing Bluebell was one of the saddest experience I've ever had.
And that night, a question suddenly popped up in my mind and I couldn't get rid of it: "Will I meet her ever again?"
Those days, I couldn't spend a single day without crying. I thought I was going crazy because I've done what every mother try not to do: lost my own daughter.
"Mistletoe... will your sister come back again?" I even couldn't hold my tears when I hugged Mistletoe before I tucked her to bed. All day the same question kept showing up in my mind: "Do I deserve to be a 100 baby challenge mother? I've failed to take care of my daughter, so should I continue this challenge?"
Just when I thought about that horrifying idea, suddenly I heard Elijah screamed my name from the front door. I quickly ran to his voice. I was so scared to lost the rest of my kids, and I would do anything to protect them...
But fortunately, Elijah called me to give me a happy news. He was so excited and looked very happy. "Momma, I was riding my bicycle and guess what just I found?" He almost jumped in excitement and I began to smile. "What is it, dear?"
Elijah gave me his biggest smile. "Bluebell! I'm sure it was her!" I gasped and my eyes widened. "Bluebell? But... how could you find her? Where are her?!" He nodded. "She was in the Sekemotos' house. I saw her looking through the window, and when she saw me, she quickly took a step back and I couldn't see her again..." Before he could finish his sentence, I wad already on my way to the Sekemotos' house...
My heart was beating very fast when I finally arrived. And when I entered that house...
...suddenly I saw Bluebell there!
"MOMMA!" Bluebell screamed and ran into me. I was too shocked to respond her, and I just stood there, looked at my beautiful daughter who I thought I would never meet again...
"Ssshh, it's okay, dearie. Everything's fine..." I smiled at her with tears in my eyes. I was angry when I saw a big scar on her face, but at the same time I was so relieved to the fact that my daughter was safe so I didn't mind it. "Now, can you tell me what happened?" I asked her gently. Bluebell nodded and told me the whole story...
"Well, after I ran away from our home, I realized that I was lost. In the dark night. I was so scared, and when I tried to cross the road, I thought how stupid I was, and I really wanted to come home..."
"...but suddenly I saw a light from my left side. I screamed because I was scared that maybe I couldn't go back to my home again..."
"...and everything gone black..."
" thing I knew, I was already in a bed. My face was bloody, but fortunately, my body didn't get hit by the car at all..."
"...and here I am! I'm very happy that Mr Sekemoto was going home after work and he saw me in the street. If he didn't, I don't know what will happen to me.."
I was speechless, and all I could say was, "It's alright, Bluebell, we will go home after this, okay? There's nothing to worry about, I love you so much..." She gave me a big hug.
"Mr Sekemoto! I don't know how to say thank you... I was too happy.." I said happily. Mr Sekemoto smiled. "No problem, Leah. Just call me Leighton." I grinned. "Alright then, Leighton! Thank you! And how do you know my name?"
Leighton laughed. "Well, actually Bluebell has your face features, so when I saw her in the street, all I could think was, 'Oh my goodness it was Leah's daughter!' so I quickly picked her and brought her to my home. But she was not ready to come home yet! She was too afraid that her sisters would mock her scars like they did to her attitude..."
I hugged Leighton tightly. "I'll make sure that it won't happen again. And thank you so much, Leighton!"
I cooked a special dinner for the family, and arranged a little party for the Sierras, to celebrate Bluebell's arrival to our home again.
"Holly... Your big sister is now home again! Are you happy? Are you happy?" I teased my little Holly until she laughed.
"Time for birthday, Kameron!" It was a perfect day, and I really wanted to make everything perfect. And what was more perfect than another birthday bash?
Whoa! Kameron really looked like his father with that unique hair color and tan skin... too bad he didn't get his shimmering blue eyes. But he was cute after all, so never mind!
Hello, little Santa! Holly's hair was pure white, and so was her eyebrows, but she got my eyes and skin. She has a big and sweet smile that would make everyone wanted to pinch her cheeks.
Otherwise, Mistletoe got my hair and eyebrows, but she got Santa's pale skin. She was a beautiful tot!
"Whoo!" Kameron and Elijah became best friends as the days passed. They got along very well at school, and I really hoped that they wouldn't get the same problem like their sisters...
But of course, after that incident, Bluebell's confidence was very low. She was very scared she would become a 'crazy kid' again, so she acted very shy at school and didn't want to talk at anybody. To grow her confidence again, I asked her to hang out after school.
Bluebell was very intrigued to try a make over. I knew she wanted to be different from her sisters, so I took her to Barney's Salon and Tattoo. "Mmm.. Mom, are you sure all these highlights were safe for my hair?" She asked again.
I giggled and watched as she made over herself. "Of course, sweetie!"
And please welcome the new Bluebell Sierra, with gold highlight!
Bluebell persuaded me to have a make over again, and to make her happy, I said yes.
Haha! Can you spot the different? Yes, my hair color. But it's not the only difference. I also changed the color of my earrings, shoes, and bangles.
"Thanks for taking me to this place, Mom!" Bluebell was very happy that day and she hugged me tightly, as if she didn't want to head home. But we had to..
"Alright, Mistletoe! Are you ready to try it?" I tossed Mistletoe in the air before I potty-trained her.
"Good! Now spell L-O-V-E, my little Holly!" And I also taught Holly to talk...
Awww, how sweet! I really love twins in action!
Rosemary was relaxing after school when she saw Freesia came in her swimsuit. Rosemary expected a nice afternoon without any of her sisters, but when she realized that it was impossible, she quickly pretended to have a nap. But Freesia knew that Rosemary was awake. "Rose, can I sit next to you?" She asked calmly.
Rosemary pretended to yawn and opened her eyes. "Uhh.. sure, Freesia." She had no idea what Freesia wanted from her.
They relaxed together under the sun for a while, then Freesia stood up. "Rosemary, can I talk to you for a while? It's very important..."
Rosemary frowned, but she agreed and stood up.
"What is it, Freesia?" Rosemary asked. Freesia looked shy. "Well... do you remember our last fight? You know.. when Bluebell ran away from home?" Rosemary looked humiliated. "Yes, I do. And so what? Do you want to blame me after all these incidents?"
"No, of course not! I'm trying to... mmm... say sorry for you." Freesia's face gone very red. Rosemary's eyes widened. "Sorry? For what?" Freesia frowned. "Oh, don't say you've already forgot everything! I'm sorry for being a bad sister... I always pointed out your flaws and yelled at you. I never cared about you, honestly. And I was the one who made Bluebell ran away from this home..."
Rosemary looked very shocked. She always thought Freesia would never say sorry because she was a perfectionist, but she was wrong. "No, it's okay Freesia," She tried to calm her sister down, "You're not a bad sister after all. We both made Bluebell ran away, and it was our fault, not just yours. And it's should be me who say sorry..."
Freesia almost cried when she heard Rosemary's soft tone. She didn't know that her sister could be that gentle to someone. "Thanks, Rosemary. And I'm sorry I was so mean to you..." Rosemary smiled and shook her head. "I was also mean to you too. Believe me, I didn't mean it. I was just.. mad. Sorry..."
"Now, it's just Bluebell. I'm so scared she won't talk to us again, and I really miss the old Bluebell--you know, who always smiled and chatted with everybody. I even miss her strange act..." Freesia sighed. Rosemary shrugged. "I really think we should say sorry for her. But the problem is, how? What should we do to make her forgive us?" They paused for a while, then suddenly Rosemary smiled. "I have an idea..."
Meanwhile, Bluebell was reading a fantasy book. Not just at school, even at her own house she acted very calm and quiet. Her face looked very sad all the time, and I always wanted to hug her to sweep off all her worries. But just after she opened the very first page of the book, she heard Freesia's voice, calling her from downstairs.
"What's going on? Why did you call me?" Bluebell said with fear in her voice. She still afraid that her sisters would hurt her again.
"Well, actually we want to say sorry.." Rosemary said. Bluebell's eyes widened. When they got no response from her, Freesia quickly added, "Yeah, we're so sorry, Bluebell! We know we were wrong, and we know that you're not a crazy girl at all. Even if sometimes you acted strangely, we understand that it was the one that make you special, make you different from the other girl. And we accept it, because no matter what happened, you're still our sister..."
Bluebell's eyes filled with a little bit tears. "Of course I forgive you. Both of you.." Freesia giggled. "That's not all." Rosemary grinned. "Yeah, that's not all! To prove our sincerity, we'll give you..."
"A butterfly!" Before Rosemary could finish her sentence, Bluebell already interrupted her.
"Oh my God! I love it, I LOVE IT!! How did you catch it?" Bluebell was a butterfly lover, but whenever she caught a butterfly, she couldn't hold it too long to put it into a box. Now when she saw a beautiful, blue butterfly in front of her, she couldn't help but scream happily. Freesia smiled sweetly. "Well, Rosemary caught it and then I put that in a box." Rosemary laughed. "It was a little bit hard indeed, but it was worth it!"
"Thank you so much, Rosie! You're the best sister in the world, ever!" Bluebell gave Rosemary a big hug, when Freesia sullen in the background.
"What's wrong, sis? You have given me the sweetest give in my entire life, why did your face look like that?" Bluebell asked softly.
"Oh, no, no.. There's nothing wrong about you. It was just me. When I heard you called Rosemary your best sister, I got.. well..." Freesia's face gone red. Bluebell looked surprised for a while, then she burst out laughing. "Wait, what? You're jealous?" Freesia bit her lips. "No, I meant... Oh, whatever! Yes, I am!"
Bluebell gave Freesia her cutest smile, then hugged her very tightly. "You don't supposed to be jealous. Both of you are the best sisters in the world for me, and nothing can compare you in that thing. I love you very much..." Freesia smiled thankfully.
"Mistletoe! Mom said we must not eat that!" Holly was very obedient to my instructions, but Mistletoe was a rebel one. She still ate her doll, even when Holly already warned her!
Now when everything got back in their places, I decided to hang out with Leighton, to say thank you for all his help to my daughter. He agreed to spend the whole afternoon with me and we met up at the bistro...
Like usual, I ordered my favorite food, Cookies, when Leighton ordered a plate of Baked Angel Food Cake. Hmm, it looked so good! I reminded myself to search for the recipe. "So.. I called you here to say thank you. I think I won't meet Bluebell again if you didn't bring her to your house." I started the conversation.
"It's okay, Leah! I'm so happy I can help you. However, I'm also a family-oriented, so I love children, even a teenager like Bluebell. So how is she now?" Leighton asked carefully. Oh, how caring was he! I smiled. "She's okay. Her sisters have said sorry to her, and it's enough for me. As long as the triplets happy, I'll be happy too."
Leighton also smiled and complimented me, "How a good mother are you! I wish I can take part in your challenge..." I almost coughed when he said that. "What? Really? You want to take part in my challenge?"
When Leighton nodded, I quickly stood up from my chair and gave a him a very big hug. "Thank you, thank you, Leighton! It means a lot to me!"
We immediately finished our lunch and went to my home...
When I looked at the window of the taxi, I couldn't help but smiled. The sunset was very beautiful.. it was a perfect and romantic evening to conceive baby 10!
"Mr. Sekemoto!" Bluebell was jumping on the trampoline when she saw the taxi. She quickly ran to us.
"Mr. Sekemoto! How are you?" Bluebell asked vigorously. Leighton smiled gently and rubbed her head. "I'm fine, thanks, Bluebell! How are you?"
"Oh, I'm so fine! My sisters are so kind to me now, and I really think we won't have the same problem ever again. Thank you so much for giving me a bed and food three times a day in your house, Mr. Sekemoto!" Bluebell said thankfully. They chatted for a while, then Bluebell went upstairs to do her homework.
Leighton sighed. "She is a good girl. You're lucky to have a child like her, Leah!" I giggled. "Well, you're gonna have one soon!"
Baby 10 was on his/her way!
Ughh.. puked again? I thought I would never puke again after I had 5 babies or more..
"Hmm, it looks good!" Bluebell checked on her scars. She made sure that her scars would disappear in a few days, because it's already her birthday and she didn't want to age up with a scar on her face!
"Hmm.. what should I ask for?" Rosemary asked herself. She thought about it for a while, then smiled and blew the candles.
Whee! Rosemary grew up to a beautiful young lady with full lips and messy hair!
"Mom, what if we will encounter the same problem in the future?" Freesia asked anxiously.
I cheered and told her,"No, of course you won't! You are a smart girl, you know what's wrong and what's right. You have learned that fighting is not good for yourself, and I believe that you can achieve all your dreams without the same problem, Freesia!"
After I convinced her, she finally ready to age up. And she turned out to be an elegant woman, with curvy eyebrows, stunning purple eyes, and kissable lips!
However, Bluebell was very ready to age up. She just couldn't wait to start her own life!
(trivia: the short-haired woman behind her is Rosemary before I changed her appearance!)
And she turned out pretty good! I don't know if any of you notice it, but if she remove her make up and change her hair color and hairstyle, she will definitely look like me!
"Promise me you will work and not be lazy again, will you?" I asked Rosemary. She nodded with confidence in her eyes. Bluebell looked sadly at her house. She was ready to shift out, but it was the house where she grew up, and she couldn't hold her tears when she had to move out so fast...
"Mom, will you visit our new house?" Freesia asked sadly. I hugged her. "Of course, sweetheart! And whenever you want to visit this house, the doors will always open for you and your sisters.."
Triplets in one shot, just before they moved out!
Bluebell left her new butterfly, RosSiaBell, in the house, so whenever I missed them, I could look at the butterfly. RosSiaBell was an abbreviation of the triplets' names: Rosemary, Freesia, and Bluebell.
I clapped my hands in glee when I finished baking a perfect plate of cookies for lunch. Finally, I could make my favorite food!
"Mmm.. it tastes so good, isn't it?" Elijah said happily. Kameron nodded. "Sssh, don't talk. Mom always says we mustn't talk when we're eating!" But he also enjoyed the cookies to bits.
Even when I was heavily pregnant, I still had to clean the house. It was exhausting for me and my back started to ache.
Kameron was very good at chess, so Elijah rarely won the game. But he never gave up, and after a while, both of them had high logic skills. They even looked like twins, since they did everything together!
"Bro, don't you feel excited?" Elijah asked. Kameron frowned. "Why should I?" Elijah laughed. "It's our birthday, remember? I even invited my new friend to come over for our birthday bash!"
Elijah aged up with the same, unusual demonic genes. And to complete his scary look, he also wore a skull-themed T-shirt, and he changed his hairstyle to be more rebel!
However, Kameron looked like a good boy. He still had his bluish black hair color, and his round face was just too cute!
Elijah's new friend apparently had a strange trait in her blood. Instead of cheering for Elijah's birthday, she went to the skill room and had really weird expressions in front of the mirror.
I really wanted twins for this labor, so I watched the kids channel and listened to kids music every time I could.
I really love this pic.. Look at my huge tummy and the view behind me! Ahh, so breathtaking...
I was sleeping when, finally, the contractions started!
I screamed in pain, but the careful Kameron immediately called a taxi and brought me to the Sacred Spleen Community Hospital..
And yes! I headed home with a lovely baby carrier in my hand!
Welcome to the world, baby 10, Taylor Sierra!
And baby 11, Tanner Sierra!

Thanks to:
-Kori J Bergstrom for the twins' names
-AnoeskaB for Rosemary's dirty face
-Lemonleaf for my tears (and Della Wriner for giving me the idea)
-BILLABONG_ for Bluebell's bloody face
-ProwlerTylo for Bluebell's scars

And special thanks for you, who read this! I hope you'll understand if in the future, I can't post as often as the other mothers, like I said on the top of this post. And I hope you can enjoy my future updates! I love you all! :)


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