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First Set of Twins: New Year Babies 8 and 9!

Note from LadyAdurna:
Again, I'm sorry it's late!! Right after I posted my last update, I opened my Facebook account and suddenly my jaw dropped. I saw many shocking posts in the wall of '100 Baby Challenge Mothers' group. It seems like everyone quit the challenge. Some were too tired, but some didn't want to quit at all. Their games just... crashed. But after a week, everything seemed to be okay again. Some mothers decided to stay on the challenge. I have to admit, I was tired too. But I still love the challenge, so I went for a vacation long enough to made me miss Leah again :) And it worked! So I hope you can enjoy this update!! <3

 "Good morning world!" Freesia yawned. She was a very cute little girl, and she was neat after all, so she wouldn't leave her bed messy :)
 "Hmm. is it good enough?" Primera looked at her painting. As I said before, her paintings were abstract and unpredictable. It seemed that she painted a man... or a very thin man.
 That afternoon, Primera came home with a brown-haired girl. Apparently they became good friends at school and they had lunch together, so Primera asked her to go to her house after school. Her name was River McIrish.
 They both loved art, and so far, River was the closest friend Primera had. They chatted, laughed, and teased each other for hours.
To welcome our guest, I decided to grill a plate of hot dog. At first, it seemed to be very hard and I often choked because of the smoke...
 ...but after a minute, it began to be easy. When I grilled the hot dogs, I thought the same thing also happened in our lives--the first trial is always the roughest.
 "So... your name is River McIrish?" I asked River when we ate our hot dogs. River smiled. "Yup! And thanks for making this hot dogs, Ms. Sierra! It's really delicious, I bet you're a natural cook?" I smiled. "Aww, thanks, River! That's so sweet, but trust me, I'm not!"
 Primera and Emmett also enjoyed their hot dogs. It was almost like a picnic: the sky was clear and blue.. The sun was bright.. It was a very sunny day!
 Soon after River went home, I asked my children to decorate the house while I did the house chores. Christmas was close, and decorating was pretty fun! They bought a Christmas tree and decorated it with little sparkling ornaments and ribbons...
 They put two wreaths in the dining room. Little Elijah seemed very curious about them when he ate his food. And he kept asking, "What is it?"
 They also put two hanging decors above the dining table. Well, yeah, I have to admit that they were a little annoying, but look at them! Aren't they perfect decors for Christmas?
Emmett decided to bought two extra wreaths. He put the blue one next to the stairs...
 ...and Primera put the special, cool white one on the front door.
 They couldn't decorate the living room so much, because it was already full of furniture and the Christmas tree... so they decided to just put three socks on the wall!
 After a long day of decorating, Emmett walked to Primera and called her. "Umm.. Sis..." He seemed hesitate. Primera smiled. "Yeah?" Emmett swallowed. "I have something to talk with you, but you have to promise me that you won't get mad, ok?"
 Primera took a deep breath and nodded. "I can't promise it, but I'll try to. Now just say it, you'll get better if you tell me the truth." Emmett bit his lips, his face looked very worry. "Err... since Christmas will come in a couple of days, then you'll have to shift out from the house soon, right?" And before Primera could answer, Emmett immediately said it: "Can I come with you to... to your new house?"
 And suddenly, Primera's anger burst. "WHAT? No, of course not! You mean you're gonna leave Mom and our siblings, Emmett?!" Emmett jumped in shock. He never saw his sister's anger before. And when he saw it, it was totally creepy.
 "Sis--" Emmett tried to soothe his sister, but to no avail. Primera was still very mad. "Don't call me sis! You think I'm happy to leave the house? No, Emmett, I'm NOT happy! I hate to leave this house as soon as possible, but can't you get it?! I have to!"
 Emmett took a deep breath. "But, Primera--" Primera put her hands on her waist and squinted. "No way! I can't let you come with me and leave Mom! She'll be very sad, you know?!"
 "Primera, please!" Emmett screamed. "I can help you with the house chores and I--I want to get a job soon, so I can repay Mom after all her hard work and sacrifice to this family... Don't you think it's a good idea? And however, if I shift out with you, Mom won't be worry and she can continue her challenge faster..."
 Primera's heart melted when she saw that Emmett almost cried because of her words. "Okay, okay, let me think about it first.."
 She turned around and looked at the floor sadly. "Should I say 'yes'? Mom will get sad, but as Em said, she won't get worry at all because she knows that we will protect each other in the future... But if I say 'no', Mom's challenge will be slow and Emmett will get angry with me!"
 Primera sighed. "What should I say to him? Even if I say 'yes' or 'no', is it a right decision?"
 Primera turned around and gave her little brother a weak smile. "Well... if you promise you will do what you want to do and give Mom a special gift someday, then maybe... yes..." Emmett heave a sigh of relief. "Thank you, sis!" He said happily.
 And Primera just smiled weakly when Emmett gave her a big hug... She couldn't concentrate that day. All she could think was, Is that a right decision to make? Will I regret it?
 When Emmett walked to the dining room, he was shocked when looked at Elijah. "Eli!! What did you do to your chair??" The little Elijah--who couldn't talk that time--just looked at his older brother with an innocence look on his face.
 "Aagh! Okay then, I'll clean it up!" Emmett quickly put Elijah to his crib and cleaned the baby chair.
 After all the hard work my children did in the house, I decided to let them have a fun evening. It was a beautiful lake and waterfall, and Primera was the one who found it. I didn't even know it was located in Sunset Valley as well!
 Like usual, the activity that all the triplets loved was fishing! Freesia and Bluebell caught one fish, while Rosemary was lucky enough to catch two. The fishes they caught were still fresh and in a very nice condition!
 The athletic Emmett was curious about the training dummy--he tried it, and when he found out that it was fun, he practiced his martial arts skill with it all day.
 And when the night came, he just got his new belt! :)
Meanwhile, Primera was practicing her cooking skill and cooked a plate of yummy hot dogs for all of them. She didn't bring any sauce or mayonnaise, but the hot dogs are good enough even without it.
 They had a nice dinner by the lake, and it almost looked like a summer camp--the lamp, the wood chairs... Unfortunately they had to come home soon after the dinner, cause they didn't want to get caught by the police!
 Elijah was a little whiny that evening. Maybe it's because there was nobody home except me, him, and Kameron. There was no brother or sister to play with, and he was very boring, so I tickled him and played with him all night while waiting for my other children to come home.
 When Elijah finally silent, I took care of Kameron. "Aww, Kameron, you're so cute.. Will you be as handsome as your father in the future?" I whispered as I snuggled him gently.
The next day was not my lucky day. The trash compactor has broken again, and I spent some hours in the kitchen just to fix it!
 After I finished repairing it, Primera walked into me. We had a nice chat for a while, then Primera said hesitantly, "Well.. Mom.. Can I ask something to you?" I smiled. "Of course, sweetheart! What do you want to ask?"
 "You know that I'll move out in a few days, right? And I have a little request.. Can I wait until Christmas, please? I'll age up normally, but can I.. live here until Christmas? Please, Momma?" My eyes widened. "Of course, dear! And after all, I haven't found a father.. So yes, you can stay here for a while."
 "And I have another request..." Primera said again. I smiled. After her request, my mood got better and better, and I thought nothing will crash it that time. "Say it, Primera." Primera took a deep breath and gave me the bad news. "Emmett will age up early and move in with me, Momma."
 I gasped. "Emmett? But.. why?" I was too shock to give more respond. Did I do something wrong to him? Did I hurt him? If no, why did he make this decision? Suddenly I felt like a bad mother... Primera saw sadness in my eyes and said quickly, "Mom, please listen to me. I don't want it either, but Emmett said it's for your own good too.. so you can continue your challenge faster. And after all, we won't move out so far, we will stay in Sunset Valley!"
 But I still worried. "Did I.. do something wrong to him?" Primera laughed. "No, of course you didn't, Mom! He just want to get a job fast, so he can give something to you.." I sighed. My heart was still broken, but I tried to smile again. "Well.. okay, Primera. He may go with you."
 Primera gave me a sweet, warm hug. "I'm sorry, Mom, if I made you sad.." I sobbed. "No, not at all, dear. Just promise me you will take care of him, will you?" Primera nodded and smiled.
 As soon as Primera left the dining room, I picked up Elijah. I couldn't hold my tears anymore. "Elijah.. Primera and Emmett will leave this house soon. Will you be with Momma longer than that?" I mumbled when I tossed him in the air.
 I sobbed again. My first and second born will shift out after Christmas... The other mothers didn't say anything about how sad is this. I will miss them so much!
 In his weekend, Emmett didn't hang out with his friends anymore. He spent his whole time in the house, practicing his skills or playing with his little siblings.
 Primera was so focus in her last painting in the Sierra house. She put a lot of efforts in that painting, cause it will be the last thing she could give to her family.
 So as soon as she finished it, she hung it on the wall, right in the kids room. It was a beautiful painting, and this time, it was not abstract at all!
 Freesia was a smart kid, and she would do anything to be smarter and smarter--and fortunately, she loved to play chess, so it would increase her logic skill faster!
 Anyone knows what is Rosemary's hobby? Yes, fishing!
 Ohh! That's a great fish to caught! Good job, Rosie!
 When her sisters were busy at their hobbies, Bluebell had an interesting afternoon. She met the paper girl who always appeared in our house in the morning. "Hi, I'm Bluebell Sierra!" She greeted the paper girl and smiled. The paper girl introduced herself as Cora Francisco.
 They chatted and chatted and chatted, until Bluebell asked, "What are you doing here, Cora? Don't you suppose to be at someone's house, delivering the newspapers?" Cora shrugged. "Well, I only deliver the papers in the morning.. In the afternoon, I'm free. Are you that famous Bluebell Sierra, the daughter of Leah Sierra?" Bluebell blushed. "I don't even know that I'm famous... but call me Bluebell."
 "Okay, then, Bluebell.." Cora smiled. "Do you know that Sunset Valley is not as good as you think? There are some rich people, I agree, but some are poor too.. We're lucky enough to go to school. Some kids even can't go to school and they have to work everyday! They have to be a papergirl--like me--or a gardener.. They only can eat once in a day, and they don't have a holiday.."
 Bluebell gasped. She was a very sweet and caring girl. "Oh my God! Really? I don't know that.. Thanks for the information, Cora!" Cora nodded and said goodbye. She had to do her homework.
 But that day, Bluebell couldn't stop thinking about Cora and the other kids, who are struggling to get enough food and money. She took a pity and sat in the park for hours before decided to make some cookies and sell them. She worked really hard that afternoon!
 She gave all the money that she got from selling the cookies to the poor kids. Since she didn't know their address at all, she gave it to Cora the next day when she came to our house to deliver the newspaper. I'm glad I have such a kind-hearted daughter :')
In the morning, I got a letter. It said, "Ms. Leah Sierra, you have won the Christmas lottery! Now you can pick 3 stuffs and we will send them to you at Christmas. Remember, pick wisely, because you really can pick anything--even a car or a house! Merry Christmas!" I smiled broadly and wrote 3 stuffs I wanted for Christmas.
 This was the time for Primera to age up to young adult!! I'm curious what will my girl turn out ;)
 And I don't have to worry at all... She turned to be a fair-skinned, beautiful young lady with unique hairstyle and curved eyebrows. I love the sparkle in her eyes when she smiled at me!
Download her as a teen here
Download her as a YA here

And it was Emmett's turn...
 Woohoo! Hold your breath, ladies, cause the hot, YA version of Emmett Sierra has came!
Download him as a teen here
Download him as a YA here
 "Wheee! Presents!!" Rosemary screamed happily in the Christmas morning. She was very happy about a bunch of gifts she got that she immediately woke everyone else with her screams.
 I bought these for Freesia and Bluebell. Can you guess what for who?
 Yup, if you guess this one was for Freesia, then you're right! I thought the smart, logical Freesia would love stuffss like this, and I was right :)
 So of course this music box was for Bluebell!
 She loved it, and she played it everyday! It was the kind of music box that has a doll and a mirror in it.
 I bought that video game for the couch potato Sierra, Rosemary! It was one of the 3 things I picked for my lottery.
 And these were the rest... Actually, I didn't buy anything for myself. My children happiness was--and will always--enough for me. As long as they're happy, I'll be happy too.
 But it was already Christmas, so it's time for Primera and Emmett to left the house. Primera wore a special, beautiful outfit that morning, to remind me that the most beautiful moment in her life was the one when she lived with us :')
 For Christmas, I bought her this dress. I knew she loved it because she couldn't say anything about it and just hugged me warmly.
 Otherwise, Emmett screamed and ran around the house happily when I gave him the Adidas shoes he's always yearning for. And now, I bought it just for him!
"Momma... thank you so much for giving birth to us, for cuddling us in the night, for giving us food and education... but most importantly, for teaching us that family is the most important thing in the world. I love you, Mom.." Primera hugged me very tight, it's almost like she didn't want to let me go. Emmett just looked at both of us and smiled sadly.
"Where are we going, sis?" Emmett asked when they have rented a car and Primera drove it. Primera smiled. "We're going back to our old house!!"
 I smiled sadly to myself when I saw them walked out of the door. Primera has told me that she would live in our old house, because she was already familiar about the surroundings, but I still worried... can they get a job? When will they get marry? Will they reach their dreams?
 My bad mood continued through the whole day. I was tired and sad, and unfortunately, there was another broken machine in the house. Usually, I can fix it in approximately three hours. But that day I took five hours to repair the washing machine! I was already mad when the night came..
 However, the triplets looked happy and excited, like usual. They played in the playground and teased each other--well, at least I was lucky that I was the only one who got sad that time. I was too tired to cheer up anyone, even my own child...
Look at that beautiful face! How could I ruin her happiness? So I kept my sadness for myself and only cried in the bathroom. It was still hard to let Primera and Emmett go away...
 But that night, when I just washed the dishes, I heard Bluebell screamed from the terrace. "Santa!!"
 I peered out the window and saw him. Yes, it was the real Santa Claus, with his famous red-and-white clothes and white beard!
 "Hello, little lady, can I come in?" Santa greeted Bluebell with his heavy and paternal voice. Bluebell grinned. "Of course, Santa!"
 I went downstairs and greeted him. "Hello, Santa! Can I help you?" Santa Claus laughed. "Hello, Leah Sierra! Yes, I know your name and I want to give you a special gift for this Christmas!" He said when he saw my surprised look.
 I giggled. "Well, thank you! Maybe a little surprise will cheer me up a little bit now..." Santa Claus smiled paternally. "Ah, I see. Your children just shifted out from the house, right? I met them on the way here... Yes, maybe it can cheer you up a bit."
 We talked and I found out that he was so friendly and kind. He cracked up some good jokes and made my laugh very hard. After a while, I asked, "Oh, you're so kind, Santa! Can you be the father of baby 8?" That request just came out of my mouth, but surprisingly, he answered, "That's why I'm here!"
I clapped my hands. "Oh yay! You're right, that really could cheer me up. So... should we start now?"
 And before I realized, I already heard the lullaby...
 The triplets loved their gifts! They would spend a lot of time in front of the TV, played their new video game... the second activity they all liked, after fishing.
 Meanwhile, I was waiting for Elijah to finish his dinner...
 ...cause I wanted to teach him to walk! "Yeah.. right.. be careful, Eli!" I supported him as he learned to walk slowly and carefully.
 "Woah! We finished it! Elijah is a smaaaart boy!" I laughed and tossed him in the air.
 "C'mon, Kameron, it's your birthday!" I took little Kameron from his crib. He was a calm baby--he never cried in the night so the whole family loved him very much!
 And he grew up to such a cute boy! He got Andre's hair and skin but he also got my eyes and eyebrows. Too bad he didn't get Andre's luscious blue eyes... but he still looked very cute after all ;)
 Elijah grew up with all his demonic face features--I wondered will he be as evil as his father. But I hoped he won't!
 During my pregnancy, I tried to swept off all my bad mood by painting and playing my guitar. It was a very relaxing activity indeed!
 And after the days I spent in tears, I really didn't want to waste my time. Emmett has shifted out because he wanted me to continue this challenge faster, and I would. I watched the kids channel and listened to kids music everyday, to increase my chance of getting twins.
 How time flies... It was already New Year! I bought a beautiful red dress and cooked delicious meals for the special New Year Party...
 And guess who was the first to arrive?? The beautiful Mrs. Della Work!! Lol, okay, it was Della Wriner ;D
And here comes the heiress of the Wriner family, the little Della Eve Wriner!! They both had came far away from Bridgeport, just to attend my little New Year Party!
Aww, doesn't my Emmett look cute in this picture? 
And there was Christy Quinn, with her new beautiful dress!
My jaw dropped. Oh my Gosh!!!! Is that my little sister? Mikolaj Sierra? I thought she would never come to my party, because she's a celebrity now! But.. well, since she was a party animal, I thought she would come to every single party :D
"How is your pregnancy, dear? Is it smooth? Can you handle all the morning sickness?" My mother, Cadence Sierra--who came along with Miko--felt my tummy. I laughed. Mom was very happy with my decision to do this 100 baby challenge, and she made sure that everything's okay. She was very proud and concerned about her 92nd child--me.
"Heyy, sis! How are you? How is Bridgeport?" I greeted Mikolaj. She smiled, "I'm fine, thanks! Oh, Bridgeport is one of the most beautiful city... it has night clubs and malls and shopping department..." Mikolaj went on and on to describe her amazement of the new city she lived in. I listened carefully until she said, "And Mom just gave me this dress for Christmas!"
I looked at her dress curiously. Why did Mikolaj so proud of this dress? Then I recognized it and said, "Ahh! Is it a Balmain dress?" Miko nodded happily. "Yup, Leah! She gave me this because I have put a lot of efforts in this challenge. Now I'm feeling like a real celebrity because I'm wearing a designer's dress!" I giggled. "Well, good job then, Mikolaj!" It was almost like a little family reunite... If my twin sister, Keyra, came to the party, it would be complete!
Della Wriner is definitely the star of the party! She was very good at dancing... in this picture she was dancing with Cycl0n3 Sword, the father of baby 1, Primera.
And those genes seemed to be in Della Eve's blood too! She was a natural dancer, and her movements looked very beautiful.
And she even danced with everyone there--including my own son, Emmett Sierra!
Meanwhile, Mikolaj was having some fun with Jimmy Lolik--Rosemary, Freesia, and Bluebell's father. His kids were sleeping during the party.
 Well, it was really a family reunite. "Whoa, you turned to be very pretty, Primera!" Cycl0n3 said. Primera grinned. "Haha.. thanks, Dad!" They had a nice father-and-daughter chat all night, since they didn't have time for it when Primera still stayed with me.
 But just when we wanted to go out and launch the fireworks, suddenly I went to labor! Everybody got a little panic, but I called the ambulance and went to the hospital immediately...
 And just when the hour hands moved to twelve o'clock and the guests launched the fireworks, the 8th baby came to the world. I looked at the sky and smiled. The firework was adorable...
Please welcome, my little 8th baby, Holly Sierra!
And her cute little twin, Mistletoe Sierra!
When I came home, the party was still happening, so I put Holly and Mistletoe in their cribs and went downstairs to have fun with my guests.
 I danced with my mother... I never knew that she was pretty good at this too!
When it was the time for everyone to leave the party, I hugged Primera again. "It was an epic party, Mom! Thanks for inviting me!" I smiled at her. She was the last person who left. "Of course, my sweetheart. Our doors will always be open for you whenever you want to visit us... You're still a Sierra."

Thanks to:
-TyLinn Wilson for Holly's name
-SIM!credible for the Christmas decorations
-TSR for the Christmas decorations (I forgot the artist, sorry :( )

I made Santa Claus myself, so if you like him and want to download him, just open this
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