Wednesday, 1 December 2010

New House, New Style, and New Layout for the Sierras!!

 Once I reached home after gave birth to Elijah, I immediately called for a cab and went to the library. I checked for empty houses there, since my houses were so full of kids. I needed more room for my children...
 And finally, I could find one! It was a very cool and suitable house for my huge family, and I really hoped that I could stay there for the rest of my challenge. I quickly read the review of the house and bought it right away.
 It's time to move to a bigger place!
 When we packed our stuffs, Primera looked so sad. I asked her what's wrong and she said, "Nothing, Mom. I'm just... sad. I was born in this house. This house is very full of memory for me..." She sobbed. I smiled weakly. "Me too, dear, me too. But we have to move..."
 Otherwise, Emmett was very excited. "Yippie! New house! New garden! New bedroom! Yaayy! I can't wait!"
 And here's the picture of the house! :)
 The back side of the house!
 It's the beautiful scenery that I've been yearning for, right behind the house.
 The warm and cozy living room, where we could relax and watch our favorite TV shows...
 I decorated the kitchen-and-dining room with a cool and fresh aqua theme.
 The other side of the kitchen-and-dining room. The room has 2 big windows, so when we ate our breakfast, we still could see the sunrise. Haha, do you notice the set of cheese, ketchup, and sauce on the table? They supposed to be in the cabinet, but Emmett said the cabinet was too high for him, so I put them on the table!
I don't know how to explain this room... this is the kind of room where we could develop our skills. This was a very important room in my house, so I put a big mirror on the wall to make my kids more confident.
 Ahh... the laundry room. Finally, I didn't have to move the clothes to the clothesline, since I had a dryer now! :)
 This is a part of the huge kids room in the 2nd floor. I'm sorry it was messy :(
 The other part of it... don't you think the cribs are so cute??
 I bought these wardrobes special for my challenge. I really adored the design and the color!
 Little playground in the house ;)
 This is a part of the room where the kids could surf the internet, do their homework, and study.
 Don't you just love that cute little potty chair?
 My purple bedroom. Again, I'm sorry it's messy!!
The girlie side of the room. ^^
 It was the view from my bedroom. And it was very beautiful at night... :)
 A little bar and gymnastic!
I put the 'birthday corner' next to the pool, so if I set a birthday party, the guests could jump to the pool and have a nice afternoon. And of course, my kids wouldn't have to go to the community pool!
 ~the first floor~
 ~the second floor~
 ~the third floor~
 When I checked my wallet, I realized that I still had enough money to do a little makeover. My maternity outfits were so boring, and my hairdo seemed a little annoying when I did the house chores. So I headed over the Barney's Salon and Tattoo again and got some makeovers.
 I tied my hair and wore a pair of Chinese earrings that matched with my Asian face. What do you think? ;)
Also, I bought a new outfit that I hoped would be maternity-enabled... *finger-crossed*
And this is my new sleepwear... The old one was too sexy for me :(
"Woo! I love this look!" I screamed and clapped in glee in front of the mirror.
My house at night. Isn't it adorable?
And of course, the back side of it! ^^

I know it's not a Thanksgiving anymore, but I really want to say thank you to these people...
-sinhala for the beautiful and amazing house
-BTemplates for the cute template
-Stylist Sims and Lili Sims for the adorable outfits
-Peggy Zone for the cool hairstyle and earrings
-SIMcredible! Designs and Spring4Sims for the nice nursery sets
-and of course you, for reading this blog! Thank you so much!!


100 baby challenge said...

What an amazing and gorgeous house! I wish I lived there! :D

Lady Adurna said...

Thanks!! I know, the house is so cool! :)

Lexa said...

love it! btw im starting a 100 baby challenge too now:)

Lady Adurna said...

Thank you!! And heyy, if you haven't figured out yet, I'm Putri Air and I play TS3 because of you (I already mentioned that, right? In your old blog?) Congrats and good luck in your challenge! ;)

CatherineBell said...

Great post :)

Putri Air said...

Thank you Catherine!! :)

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