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A Help From My Idol: The Arrival of Baby 7!

Note from Lady Adurna (me):
I'm so sorry, I know it has been too long since the last update... :( I couldn't play my game for a week cause I had to study for final exam in my school. My mom only let me surf the internet, not blogging and stuffs. Cause she know that if she let me post something in my blog, I'll took soooo long time and forget to study :D And yeah, it has finished!! Whee!!
Well, I don't want to make you wait anymore, so let's just jump right to story! ;)

 It seemed like our new house was a trending topic for the kids. Even the triplets talked about it a lot!
 Triplets in action! Aren't they so cute?
 "Mmm.. Yummy soup! Yummy soup!" Rosemary mumbled when she tasted her lunch.
 On the other hand, Freesia played with her food when I didn't look at her. She seemed curious about it...
 "Chomp chomp chomp!" Bluebell also played with her food, but she did it with joy, not curiosity like Freesia.
 "Em! Time for birthday!" Primera called her little brother, who just swam to the swimming pool. Emmett has an athletic trait, and he wanted to exercise everyday. But for this time, he immediately climbed out of the pool. He was so excited to grow up!
 And this is he as a teenager! Emmett decided to just let his hair grow, so that he wouldn't bald like in the past.
 However, Elijah has all the 'demonic' genes in his blood. He got his father's eyes, skin, face, and even hair. He didn't have my genes at all!
 After I aged up my kids, I surfed the internet and found out that I got invited to an event! It's called 'Sims Christmas/Holiday Event'. We have to submit ourselves in our best Christmas/holiday outfit, in a Christmas/holiday themed room. So I picked my best dress and got ready! The creator was Ashby Starr, the other challenge mom. Read her challenge here
Can you notice my new nail polish? ;)
I went to the studio and posed. The photographer was very good at this, and he took my photos from my best angle. He even offered to edit the photo and post it to Facebook right away.
 And here's the result after he edited it! Greetings from the Sierras! :)
 I ran home after the photo shoot, cause I had to take care of my kids...
 ...but suddenly Primera ran into me!
 "Mom, there's a strange lady in our house. She said she know you, but I really have no idea who is she. So I left the triplets and Elijah with Emmett and I let her in..." Primera told me. I frowned. "A strange lady? In our house? Okay, at least tell me what's her name. You've asked that question to her, have you?"
 "Umm... I think her name is Christy Quinn. But I really--" I gasped and interrupted her words, "Wait, WHAT?! Did you say Christy Quinn? The real Christy Quinn?! Are you kidding me?!" Primera jumped in shock. "Umm, yeah! Mom? Can you tell me who is she?" I screamed in glee. "Of course, sweetie! She's my idol for this challenge! I have 3 role models, one is Della Wriner and one is my own mother. Of course I have met my mother before, but this? Christy Quinn?! Ahh... I have to meet her! Where is she?" Primera told me where was Christy and I almost ran to the living room.
 And she was there, watching TV and looked totally pretty!
 "Oh my Gosh! Are you the REAL Christy Quinn?" I asked her. She smiled. "Yes, I am. And you must be Leah Sierra!" I smiled back. "Oh, Christy, it's such a honor for me to meet you--in my own house! I don't want to be mean, but what are you doing here? Is there something I can help?"
 She laughed. "Well, actually it supposed to be me who offer you a little help. Okay, let me ask you first: are you pregnant now?" I shook my head. "No, not yet. Why?" She smiled. "Well, then maybe one of my son can be the father of baby 7!"
 I clapped my hands happily. "Of course! Of course! Thank you so much! Who is he? Where is he now?" I couldn't believe this... my own idol, came to my house just to help me!
 "Well, I don't know.. Some of my sons are single, but they're too busy to participate in your challenge. Do you mind if you use a married guy as a father?" I giggled. "Well, as long as his wife doesn't mad at me, no." Christy smiled. "Okay then! I'll call you later if I found one of my sons who wants to participate."
 I was sad that she would leave that fast. "Mm.. Christy, do you want to have a dinner with me and my kids? Just a little dinner, you know... you must be tired." Surprisingly, she answered, "Sure! It will be nice!"
 So, when I changed my clothes and cooked the dinner, Primera and Emmett accompanied Christy in the living room. They watched TV and chatted with each other.
"Oh my Gosh! What happened to that poor kid?!" Christy gasped when she watched the TV show. Otherwise, Emmett wasn't interested at all. "Aaacck.. what a boring drama..."
I cooked a delicious home-made spaghetti for our special guest!
"Leah, you have such a nice house!" Christy gave me a compliment when we ate our dinner together.
I blushed and answered shyly, "Aww... Thank you Christy, you also have a very beautiful house!" Unfortunately, Christy really had to go after the dinner to take care of her children.
"The gradient of 12x+3y is..." Primera worked hard in her homework when Emmett relieved his stress in front of the computer.
Oh, I hate house chores! I wished I could upgrade this toilet to a self-cleaning one soon!
But even if I could do that, I still had to mop up the floor...
...and do the laundry...
...and get the clean and dry ones!
After Elijah's birth, I was so scared that I wasted my time a lot. I hadn't get any chance to looking for a guy who can participate in my challenge. And Christy hasn't call me since she left my house that night...
But then I suddenly woke up because someone call me. In midnight! Who dare to ruin my nice, peaceful, sleep?!
 "Yeah, who is it??" I asked angrily. But I immediately forgot my anger when I heard she answered, "Umm.. sorry, Leah, I know it's already midnight, but I have to tell you something.. I'm Christy Quinn, by the way.." I gasped and said, "Oh, no, that's okay, Christy! That's okay! What do you want to tell me? Can I help you?" She giggled. "Well, I just found one of my sons that maybe can participate in your challenge. He is Andre Quinn, maybe you haven't heard his name at all?" I smiled. "Oh, of course I know who is he! I've followed your challenge, and I'm pretty sure I know who Andre Quinn is. But he's married, so are you sure...?" Christy laughed. "Yap, Destiny is absolutely agree when I talked about this to her. She's fine, as long as you don't try to steal her husband..." I giggled too. "Well, then thank you so much, Christy! I hope I can meet him soon!"
 "Elijah is a champion! Elijah is a champion!" I taught Elijah how to talk. I love to teach my kids that they are the best, in the world and in their mom's heart. And I made sure that they all knew that.
 Meanwhile, Emmett was busy in exercise. Since I bought the new exercise machine, he couldn't stop himself from pump his iron at least an hour a day.
 On the other hand, Primera was--and will always be--the artistic one. She loved to paint, and many of her paintings were abstract. I couldn't find the meaning at all, but as long as she enjoyed this activity, I would let her paint whatever she wanted.
 The next day a good-looking guy suddenly came to my house. I went out to greet him and invite him in.
 "Hello! You must be Leah Sierra. I'm Andre Quinn, and my mother, Christy Quinn, sent me here. She told that I could participate in this wonderful challenge." I smiled and shook his hand. Oh my goodness, I didn't know that he could be so cool... Christy never mentioned his handsome face in her challenge... Or at least, she never told me that Andre is the coolest one!
 "Well, my mom said that you love music? What kind of music do you love?" Andre asked me when I already invited him in. "Mmm, when I was a teenager I really loved rock... Now it's kinda pop or country, I don't know. But I also love ballad.."
 "Oh, you like country too? Do you have any favorite singer?" He asked me curiously. I laughed. "Well, actually I love Taylor Swift! She's amazing, and her songs are nice.. I also like Colbie Caillat and Lenka.. what about you?" We talked for a while about music, because he loved music too, just like me.
 Then he tried to break the ice! Lol, I just loved that funny face...
 So I gave him my funniest face too!
 "Ahh, Leah, you're so interesting! Why don't you just settle down? I'm sure many of the single guys in Sunsey Valley will be there for you if you want to!" Andre teased me. I blushed a little. "I don't know, Andre, maybe someday... For this time I only concentrate in my challenge, and nothing else. I should take this task and I know that..."
"So, you don't have any guy in your mind now?" He asked again with his most flirty tone. I smiled shyly. "Well... I don't know." Seriously, I didn't know. Usually I would say 'no', but for this time, I really didn't know the answer. My mind was full of Andre. His charming voice, his gorgeous look...
 "Why not?" He asked again. I swallowed. How to change the topic without being mean? But fortunately he read my expression and smiled. "Okay, let's change the topic. So... how many children do you have now?" I heave a sigh of relief. Children was my favorite topic.
 "Actually, I'm only have 6 babies.." Andre suddenly held my hands. "6 babies? That's a good start! Keep up the good work, Leah, and I just can't wait to see my baby!" I gave him a weak smile.
 Then he hugged me amorously...
 Who can resist those big, beautiful, shimmering blue eyes? He was just too cool to be true... I found myself trembling in his arms.
 No! I said to myself, He already has a wife... You have a big task now... Just finish it, and don't even think about something else... You have a big task now, Leah...
 "What's wrong?" Andre asked anxiously when I pulled myself so fast. "Is there something wrong? Did I hurt you?"
 "Oh, nothing... really, nothing. I just feel... a little weird. Yeah." I answered slowly. "There's nothing to worry about..."
But when he embraced me again, I almost broke into tears. I couldn't fall in love with him, it's just too soon. I have to finish my task as a 100 baby challenge mother... and he already has a wife after all... My mind suddenly echoed Christy's words last night, "She's fine, as long as you don't try to steal her husband..." I was so sure that I wouldn't steal Andre from Destiny, but then I asked myself again, Will I?
 So before he could say something that maybe can really break me into tears, I quickly sealed his lips with a kiss...
I have to say, Andre was totally confused about my strange act that night. I immediately went to cook dinner after kissed him, and I invited him to dinner. We'll talk about this challenge later, after the dinner.
 I made him a special sushi that night :)
 And we conceived baby 7!
 Aaarrggh... I hate to puke... But I had to do this if I want a big a family!
To clean my mouth after puking so hard, I decided to brush my teeth with my new mint toothbrush.
 But suddenly I heard a 'crack' from the upstairs... when I arrived at the bathroom, I couldn't help but scream angrily. The shower has broken again!
 "Mom, can't we skip school today?" Emmett asked with a lot of frustration in his voice. I sighed, but before I could answer, suddenly Primera surprised me by said, "Yeah, Mom! We're SO tired! At least, can't we sleep in the class??" I gasped. Primera was a very diligent student, so when she said she didn't want to go to school, she must be very tired. But education is important, so I told them to go to school, but let them slept after school and did their homework in the morning.
 "Sis, where is Twinbrook?" Emmett asked lazily when they did their homework. Emmett didn't like Geography, but he's very good at P.E. But unfortunately, Primera wasn't very good at Geography too. "Mmm... Twinbrook is... oh, just ask Mom! Sorry, bro, but I don't know!"
 Triplets in action! :D
 When I woke up that morning, I felt something kicked my tummy... And I found out that I was pregnant!
 "You'll have a new sister/brother to play with, Rosemary!" I couldn't wait to tell anyone about this news, and Rosie was the first person who heard it!
 "Will he/she be as gorgeous as you, little Freesia?" I teased my 4th child, Freesia and tickled her.
 "Time for breakfast, my beautiful Bluebell!" I woke her up in the morning to feed her.
 Then, I snuggled Elijah who just started to cry in his crib. "Don't think Momma will forget you, my little prince, Elijah!"
 Ugh... that's really disgusting! I wish I could find a self-cleaning potty chair someday!
How time flies... It's already a birthday bash again for the triplets, and for this special event, I bought them 3 different cakes!
 What a beautiful scenery of sunset :')
 Rosemary's turn of course came first! I bought her a delicious chocolate cake.
 She grew up to a very pretty little girl, with luminous gray eyes :)
 And it's Freesia turn! I bought her a cute strawberry birthday cake.
 She decided to tie her hair up. She has really nice eyebrows and sparkling purple eyes.
 It's already night when Bluebell's turn came! And I bought her a yummy-looking caramel cake...
 Bluebell has such a weird taste for her age. She has a 'butterfly' hairdo, but she loved to smile so it's just made her cuter than before.
Freesia was a neat girl--she would never leave her bed messy, and she would clean everything she could.
 Otherwise, Rosemary was a couch potato one. After school, instead of doing her homework or doing the house chores, she would stay in front of the TV, watching her favorite show.
 "Oh nooo! She ran into the house!! No! No! There's a ghost there!!" Rosemary screamed as she watched the horror movie.
 "Mom, when will the next baby come out?" Emmett asked again to me. He was really excited to have a new brother/sister to play with. But before I could answer it, I heard a commotion in the living room. I immediately left my cake and ran there.
"Aagh! You're such a careless girl! Can't you help me just one time?! All you can do is watch the TV!" Freesia yelled at Rosemary when Bluebell looked at them in the background.
 "Sis! Calm down!" Rosemary screamed with a lot of fear in her voice. But Freesia didn't calm down. "Stop screaming at me! I'm sick of this, you know?! I help Mom everyday and you don't, even a bit! You're the most annoying child in the house!"
 Bluebell was too shock to respond her sisters' acts. But Rosemary looked so sad that she wanted to cry. "Freesia... I don't mean to, really..."
 "I will clean the bath if you ask me to do that. But you don't! You don't ask me to do anything, and now you're just yelling at me, and I even don't know why! Right, Mom?" Rosemary asked me with a helpless look in her eyes.
 "But you know you have to do that! Mom is very busy and it's our task to do the house chores! I don't have to remind you to clean the bath, do I?! You're sucks!" Freesia screamed again. She was so angry that she didn't notice that I was there, right behind Rosemary.
 "Freesia!" I gasped. "How could you say that word to your own sister? And don't yell at her! Ask her politely, not rude like this!" Freesia jumped in shock. I never got mad at her before. "But.. but.. Mom..."
 I turned to Rosemary. "And Rosie, Freesia is right. Yes, you may watch the TV everyday, but not every time, okay? You have many chores to do. Freesia and my other children do that happily, because they know that I'm very tired to do that. If you love me, can you do the house chores, please?" Rosemary just looked at the floor and nodded sadly. "I, I'm sorry Mom.. I love you, but I just didn't notice how tired was you..."
 I smiled at both of them. "That's okay, sweetie. Everyone has problems and faults, but what makes them success in their lives is how they fix their problems and correct their faults. Now, Freesia, if you don't mind, can you say sorry to Rosemary?"
"Sorry, Rosemary... I didn't mean to. I was just out of control, really. I promise I won't do the same thing to you again." Freesia said with regret in her voice. Rosemary smiled. "That's okay, sister. And I promise I won't stay on the couch all day. I'll help you to do the house chores..."
 "Thank you for making us realize each other fault, Mom.." Rosemary gave me a big hug after that.
 "That's my girl! See, you can do it, right?" Then, I hugged Freesia gently.
 Meanwhile, Primera was very focus in her painting.
 "Whee! I finish it! I finish it!" Primera clapped her hands is joy. But, she decided to sell the panting instead of hang it on the wall. The money that she added to the household is very important to me. She's a very good daughter :')
I decided to spend a nice, quiet afternoon in the park. I was getting crazy, just stay at home all week!
And when I arrived at the park, I thought it it was my lucky day because suddenly I met Christy Quinn!
"Hiii, Christy!" I greeted her vigorously. "What are you doing here?" Christy smiled, "Well, I was jogging around here... All the challenge moms have to keep their body fit, you know." I laughed, "Of course we have to! Now, guess what?? I have a big news for you!"
"I'm pregnant!!" I told her and pointed my big tummy. Christy gasped. "Whoa.. whoa! Is it my future-grandchild in there?" I grinned happily. "Yap!"
Christy clapped her hands. "Oh my Gosh I'm so excited! I'll have a new grandchild soon!"
"Can I feel your tummy?" She asked hopefully. I gave her my biggest smile. "Sure! Feel it!" She touched my tummy and rubbed it gently. "Ohh.. I can feel the baby's moving.. It's just wonderful! Don't forget to be healthy when you're pregnant, Leah! It's for your baby too!" She gave me tips. I nodded. "Of course, Christy! Thank you so much!"
After the incident between Rosemary and Freesia, the triplets got along very well. They will spent their days together, at the school, at home, or even in the park! They were pretending to be sailors in this picture.
"OH! Look! I found an island right there! Can you see that?" Freesia screamed in joy.
"Where? Where?" Bluebell looked for it curiously.
"Umm... are you sure it's not dangerous? Cause it seems to be a little... high for me." Freesia mumbled. Rosemary laughed. "Of course it's not! C'mon, let me try it first and do what do I do!"
"Whooo!" Rosemary tried the slide and cheered. "See? It's easy! Try it, sis!"
Meanwhile, Bluebell was so focus to catch the butterflies.
 "I catch one! I catch one!" She shouted in glee. It was a beautiful, shiny blue butterfly.
 I  love to spend my time with my kids, and I bravely held a breath contest with Emmett.
 "Aaagh!" I couldn't resist it anymore, and swam to the surface. It was hard to swim when I was pregnant.
 "Whee! You won, Emmett! You are a very good swimmer!" I praised him and punched the air.
 Who says that a pregnant lady can't be sexy? Look at that 'Hot Mama' picture!
 When I looked at my huge tummy that evening, I realized that baby 7 will came anytime soon!
 So I made a special dinner for the family, to celebrate the birth of baby 7. It called 'Stu Surprise', and it's really a surprise that I could cook it well, because I have never cooked it before
 "The moon is so bright and clear tonight!" Freesia said when the triplets were playing blocks. "Well... I think it's because tonight is the full moon night!" Bluebell exclaimed. "Hey, why don't we just go out there and look at the moon? It's so beautiful!" Rosemary suggested. But then I called them for dinner, so there was no time to go out.
 But before we could have our dinner...
 ...suddenly the contraction started!
 "Aaackk! Mom!" Even though Primera has seen me gave birth to her siblings before, she couldn't help but panicked when she saw me.
"No! No! Not here!" And Emmett started to scream too...
 Even the little Rosemary screamed fearfully! It was a noisy evening for the Sierras...
 "Aaaackk!! Call... the cab..." I yelled in pain and held my tummy. I was totally breathless.
 "Mom! What happened?!" Freesia entered the dining room with fear on her face.
 "Momma! Breath!" Bluebell reminded me to breath, when I almost fainted.
 "Here! Mom!" The careful Emmett took me to the hospital, when my other kids stayed at home. I left Primera and told her to take care of her little siblings.
"Sis, will Mom be okay?" Freesia was still too scared to eat anything. "Of course.. She will be okay..." Primera told her. "Now eat your food, and we'll pray for Mom and her new baby."
 And after a very though labor, baby 7 has came--finally! Please welcome, our little Kameron Sierra!

Thanks to:
-Ashley for Christy and Andre Quinn
-Kori J Bergstrom for Kameron's name
-mensure for the cute cakes


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