Friday, 12 November 2010

Where It All Began - Baby 1

 I loved to learn more and more charisma skills, and used it to get friendlier to the men in Sunset Valley.
 And yeah, I was so ready to do that!!
When I walked around the town, suddenly I saw this beautiful house. It was so modern yet gorgeous, with nice suburbs and wood elements on the wall... so I rang the bell and waited outside.
 "Hello, I'm Leah Sierra!" I introduced myself to the guy who invited me in. He smiled and said, "Hi, I'm Cycl0n3 Sw0rd." I giggled and teased him, "Whoa, what an interesting name! How do you spell it?" We chatted for a while and became friends, but too bad Cycl0n3 had to work and I had to leave his home since nobody was there.
 When I arrived at home and did the laundry, I called my mom. "Hi, mom! You know what?? I'm doing the challenge now and I'm... umm... making some progresses!" My mother cheered, "Whoa, good job, my girl!" But something in her words suddenly made me worried. "What is it, Mom?" I asked, and she sighed. "Well... honey... however, Mikolaj has already grew up, and she said that she will take this task. So if you want to reach your dreams now and forget about the challenge, that's okay."
 I gasped. "Wait, wait... what?! So... do you mean I should forget this challenge now?" Mom sighed. "If you want to, then yes. I know you always want to be a musician, Leah." I moaned, "But, mom... NO! I don't want to, really! Now I just want to focus at this challenge, end of story. You're right, I supposed to do this, and now I will. Right??"
 "Really? You want to do the 100 baby challenge?" My mother seemed very surprised at the idea. I laughed. "Of course, mom! Now when you have told me how wonderful is the challenge, I was tempted to do it. But... since Mikolaj has already been the heiress, may I do that?" I was so scared when I asked about it, but I had to. Even if she would give me a big 'NO'.
 "Well, I didn't ask you to do that, but if you want to, then yes, honey! I'm so proud of you, Leah!" I screamed happily. "Hurray! So can I do that?? Can I??" My mother laughed. "Yes, Leah, yes! I wish you the very best of luck!" I smiled," Thank you, Mom!!!"
 When I hung up the phone, I was so happy. I wasn't alone, Mikolaj was a beginner too!
 To made this moment more perfect, I invited Cycl0n3 to my house for dinner. After ate some salads, I told him about my 100 baby challenge. He seemed fine about it... I decided that it was the time to get some moves. I hugged him amorously and he didn't seem upset. So far, it was so smooth!
 When I kissed him, I thought he would reject it, but he wasn't!
 After some hugs and kisses, I tried to ask him to try for baby. But suddenly... "No!!!" He screamed, "Get off me!!"
 "What?! Why?!" I was so shocked. He seemed pretty well until I asked him to go to bed. He even rejected my friendly hug. "Well... I 'm not ready yet to become a father. I'm just a hacker, I don't have enough money to raise my child."
 I took a deep breath. So that was the only problem! I felt so relieved that I smiled again. I explained him about the challenge rules, that the mother can't marry any of the fathers and the kids should be raised by the mother herself.
 He smiled. "Well, so, that's okay! If you promise to take care of my child after his/her birth, I'll give you a big 'yes' to become the father of baby 1! I think it would be a honor!"
I was so happy that I wanted to start right away. "So, let's just go inside.." I whispered happily in his ears.
 He was so cool, wasn't he?
 I was so excited, but when we finished and I didn't hear any lullabies, I thought I'm gonna cry. What's wrong with me? But Cycl0n3 cheered me up and said, "That's okay, Leah, that's normal. Not every woman can conceive their child in their first try. Let's try again." I sobbed... he was so nice to me.
 And this time, finally I could hear that lullaby!
When I was sleeping, Cycl0n3 had to go to work... again. He was so busy, but he didn't want to wake me up so he just left me a message in my bed. He was so skinny  in his sleepwear ;)
When I woke up, I felt as if my stomach spun inside me. I quickly went to the bathroom and threw up.
 "Aaaagh... I feel very sick. Should I go out to the town today?" I asked myself when I finally finished throwing up.
 But of course, even if I can't go out to the town, I have to tend my garden. Also, it's a very relaxing activity..
 When I saved my shovel, I felt a kick in my stomach. I quickly changed my clothes and looked down at my big belly. I was definitely pregnant!!
 I couldn't wait to tell Cycl0n3 about this, so I rushed to his house and called him from the terrace. "Cycl0n3!! Guess what?" I was so excited that I couldn't hide my big smile. "Whoa, what happened?" He asked curiously. I clapped my hands and grinned. "I'm pregnant!!!"
 "Really?! Congratulations, Leah!! I'm so excited! I'll be a father!" He screamed happily.
 "Well done! Don't forget to take care of our baby!" He said with a smile. "Thank you!" I answered.
 When I backed home, I spent my day on the couch, read pregnancy books.
 And just in time, cause the baby bump began to show up :)
 To relieved my stress after read scary pregnancy stories, I played my guitar and waited for my first baby arrival.
 And about 1 hour later, the water has broken!! The stork was on its way! I quickly called the cab and went to the hospital. It was a very though labor, but I came home with a pink bundle of joy. Yeah, a baby girl!
 Please meet the pretty first baby, Primera Sierra :) Primera means 'first' in Catalan, and that's a very cool name so I decided to use it. Hello, honey! Welcome to the world!


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What a great start :) Congratulations

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Thank you so much!!

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I love it, too! Primera.... I love that name, too!

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Thanks :) and guess what, i got the name from google translate ;p

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Congrates!! :)

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Thank you so much!!! :) :) :)
omg, i'm smiling so hard right now... if you want me to check out your blog, pls leave me the link below. trust me, I will ;)

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Love the beginning! Check out my challenge as well :)

good luck!

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I have checked it out! What an AWESOME blog!! :D

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Can you recommend a easy/simple blogging platform. Thanks I just started your blog but love it already.

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