Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Though Pregnancy - Baby 2

 A day after Primera's birth, I met this gorgeous guy. I thought he was an adventurous one when I saw his pose in front of his house...
 He was so cool that I just wanted to greet him right there. So I quickly picked Primera up and came to his house. "Hello, my name is Leah Sierra!" I gave him my sweetest smile. He smiled back and shook my hand. "Hi, I'm Jasper Daron." I gasped. "Whoa, Jasper? That's a very cool name!" He laughed, "Lol, you must have read The Twilight Saga, do you?"
 When we started talking, I knew that he was as cool as Jasper Hale. He listened carefully to my words, and his responses were very well.
 "Wow, you're having a 100 baby challenge? That's so increcible! Unbelievable! How do you manage it?" I blushed and smiled shyly, "Well... it's not so hard at all. In fact, I even love it."
 But actually, it was worse than I said to Jasper. When I went home, I was too tired to do anything, so I just changed my clothes and slept. But of course my little Primera didn't want to sleep yet. She was very noisy all night...
 "Aaaaaaggghh! What do you want?! You ruined my sleep, you know?! You're a worthless baby!" I screamed as I woke up and went to her crib. I was so mad that I didn't remember that she was my baby, until I saw her shocked, scared face in the crib.
 "Oh my God, Primera!" I gasped and held her immediately. I couldn't believe that I can do such a nasty thing to my own daughter! "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... I didn't mean it, honey, really! I love you..." I snuggled and kissed her. I was afraid that I just hurt her...
 I still afraid that my daughter would hate me, but after I tickled her, she laughed and seemed pretty okay, so I got dressed. I had so many things to do, and I was desperately looking for any help when I remembered Jasper. I called him, and asked him if he would mind to take care of my child when I did the house chores.
 Surprisingly, he agreed! I suddenly realized that he's very concerned about children. He loved them, and he seemed very happy to take care of Primera...
 "Hmm, quite a nice guy. He will be a good father," I thought as I did the laundry.
 And at the moment, the toilet was broken. I was so mad that I unclogged it angrily, until the water started to throw up. "Leah!" Jasper ran to the bathroom and gasped. "What did you do? You made Primera shocked! Here, let me do it when you tend your garden!"
 I sighed and tended my garden. Luckily, I harvested many fruits, and all the qualities are 'very nice'. It made my mood better.
 "Thank you for your helps," I hugged Jasper thankfully, "I don't know what can I do without you..."
 Jasper smiled. "No problem. Now, can you do me a favor?" I nodded. "Of course! It would be a honor. What can I do for you?" Jasper took a deep breath and whispered in my ear. "Well... if you don't mind... can I take a part in your challenge?"
 I gasped. "Whoa, thank you! I'm very happy for your offer!" I was so thrilled that I immediately kissed him.
 Woohoo! The making of baby no. 2!
 Double joy for the Sierras! It was the time for little Primera's birthday!
 Isn't she cute?? She got her father's hair color, but she got my eyes and lips. She loved to smile, and when someone looked at her, they said: "OMG!!! Can I pinch her cheeks??"
 However, a joy in one side means a trouble in another side. The sink was broken when I washed the dishes.
 "Aaaacckk!" I screamed as I got all wet.
 "That's it! You've made me and this whole kitchen all wet! Aarrgh.." I groaned as I picked a pliers and repaired it right away.
 The problem hasn't finished yet. I still had to repair the broken television. I almost kicked it when I realized that I missed my favorite TV show.
 When all these things happened, I bought Primera a new xylophone so she could make herself busy when I did the house chores and fixed the broken stuffs.
 "Okay, that's enough for today! Time for bed, Primera!" I took a breath of relief when I finally finished fixing my stuffs. I smiled and tossed her in the air before put her in her crib.
 The next day, I woke up with a strange feeling in my tummy. It felt like something kicked my inner stomach... I took a look and screamed happily. I was pregnant!
 I realized that after my 2nd baby's arrival, maybe I wouldn't have many time for Primera. So I started to teach her how to talk...
 When I did some laundries, unfortunately I had to attempt to subdue the machine. It was very hard, since I was pregnant and very tired.
"Aaaaagghh!" I screamed as I tried to subdue it.
 "Ouch!" I yelled as I fell to the ground. I was scared that I would hurt the baby inside my tummy, so I went to the hospital. After long hours, the doctor told me that fortunately, the 'washing machine incident' didn't hurt my baby at all. But after that, I began to be very concern about my baby.
 So, instead of did the other house chores, I decided to just play my guitar and made my mood up.
 Don't you think it's weird? I mean, look at my 'square' tummy, not a 'round' one. But I knew it's not a glitch. I thought I should search for new maternity outfit...
 ...but maybe for other pregnancies. The baby was coming!!
 Even when I had such a huge belly, I had to walk properly. Jasper couldn't accompany me to the hospital, because he had to go to work. It was his first day at work and I understood it. I told him to just keep calm and do his work well.
I called a babysitter to take care of Primera when I gave birth at the hospital. Luckily, Davy Linnell was a very nice boy who loved children. I knew that some babysitters were very bad at their work: all they could do was just sat on the couch and watched TV, when the babies were crying. Fortunately, Davy was a nice one.
Finally, after long hours in the operating room, I came out with a cool blue baby. I named his Emmett cause I thought it would be fun if a 'Jasper' had a son named 'Emmett' :)
Welcome to the world, Emmett Sierra!

Thanks to:
Flovv for Jasper Daron (from The Sims Resource)


ForeverHailey said...

I LOVE Twilight!!! and Emmett is a perfect name and I love his blue skin color! It would've made it more fun if Emmett's father was a vampire! :)

Lady Adurna said...

lol, I like Twilight too :) Maybe not love it, but I agree it's a very good book. Thanks!

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