Sunday, 7 November 2010

A Surprising Request

 I decided to have a little walk in the park and read a newspaper. Just when I started to read, an article suddenly stole my attention. It's a headline.
 My mother gave birth to her 100th child!!!!!!
 My little Ciento... He was so cute, wasn't he?
I was so excited that my heart felt like it's gonna burst anytime. Now I have 99 siblings!!
I also had so many questions: what will the verdict gonna be? Who is little Ciento's father? Will Mom continue her challenge, or will she settle down? Will she pass down the baton to one of her daughter? I was so thrilled to find out...
 When I came home, I played my guitar. I love playing guitar, and my lifetime wish was become a renowned rock star... But a phone call suddenly ruined my concentration.
"Aaaaargh! Who dare to ruin my concentration??" I was very mad but when I saw the name on the screen, I immediately forgot my anger and answered it. It was my mom!!
"Hi, Leah!" My mom's voice was full of joy and happiness. "Hi, mom!! Congratulations for your success in 100 baby challenge! I can't believe you can do such a thing like that... It must be hard." Mom laughed and answered, "Of course it does, sweety. But it really worth it." I laughed. "How is the little Ciento?" I asked curiously. "Oh, he isn't little anymore..." My mother giggled. "Here, let me send you his latest photo..."
"Lol!! Mom, he sure grew up to a funny boy!! Who is his father?" I asked curiously. "Well... umm.." My mother seemed to be worried. I frowned. "That's okay, mom. Even if he's an ugly, fat one, that's okay. Just tell me." Mom took a deep breath and answered. "Well... okay. His father is Liam the Nerd." This answer made me confuse. "Liam the Nerd? Who is he?" Mom paused. "Ummm... do you know the guy who would always appear when The Sims 3 Community was down? The one who said 'The site is down for maintenance. Please try again later.'??"
Suddenly a picture of a guy flashed in my head. I gasped. "Ohhh.... THAT guy!! Gosh, Mom, you had a baby with that guy??" I was so shocked that my mom would try for baby with that kind of guy. I hated him! My mother took a deep breath again. "Calm down, Leah. And yes, he's the father or Ciento. I know he made many people angry, but he has a very kind heart. He was very nice, and he escaped from Twinbrook--the citizen wanted to kill him." I sullened. "Yeah, and so, what's the big deal? I still hate him!"
"Leah!" My mother snapped at me. "Don't talk like that! You know what, his life was really a hard one! One day, the citizen set a fire in his house. And when he came home, he burnt! And that's not the worst!" It was my first fight with my mother, but I didn't try to stop it. "But it's HIS life, mom. Yeah, he almost killed by the fire, and so what?? You are nice, no doubt, but that's too nice for him!"
My mother moaned. "Leah, please talk appropriately. You're a young adult now, okay? Let me explain how good was Liam..." I still very angry, but I didn't want to make mom sad. I took a deep breath and said, "Okay." My mother smiled. "Good. Okay... Maybe Liam really made people angry, but it wasn't his fault. He didn't want that, so he escaped from Twinbrook to Sunset Valley, and pleaded to me. He really wanted to have a baby, to carry his genes. And now I don't even know where he is... He was so pitiful."
"And one day, a mummy attacked him. Don't you know how hard was it? He was very scared..." My heart melted as I heard mom's story about Liam. He must be very brave, stayed alive when all the citizen wanted him to die... I swallowed. "Well... mum. I think he's not too bad. I think he's perfect to become a father." My mother smiled. "Finally! But now I have another problem to solved..." I frowned. "What is it, mom?"
"Well... the verdict is out." I gasped and laughed. "Oh my God, I can't wait to see that! What's the URL, mom?" My mother smiled. "You can see that by yourself; I will send the picture."

I screamed in happiness when I saw the result. "OMG, Mom!! You're gonna pass the baton to one of your daughter?? That's really exciting! I'm so happy for you!" My mom laughed. "Well, that's not all..."
I smiled. "Whoa, lucky little Mikolaj!" A picture of Mikolaj flashed in my head...
She was so cute! I especially love her dazzling purple eyes... "So what's the problem, Mom?" I asked again.
 "Well... Umm... Mikolaj refused to join the challenge. I've already tried to explain how wonderful this challenge, but she still refused. And now I thought maybe one of my other daughters want to try the challenge..." My mother sighed. I rooted in shock. "Wait, wait... I got it. You... want me to do this challenge?" I asked with a horror in my voice.
Mom seemed to be pretty happy. "Yes! Yes, Leah! Will you? Please... You got the 4th place in the poll... Please..." I moaned, "But, mom.. Why me?! I can't do this!" Mom pleaded, "You're the family-oriented one, Leah, and you sure know how to take care of a child! Please... I don't know what to do if you don't want to join the challenge..."
"But what happened to Mikolaj?" I asked again. "Well... she seemed to hate me when I asked her to join the challenge. She wants to fulfill her own dreams, and she's mean-spirited, so I think it's also not a good idea to let her take this task. It must be hard for her..." Mom sighed.
"So, please, Leah..." Mom pleaded. I sighed. I didn't want to make my mother sad, but I also wanted to fulfill my own dreams... Music was my world, my life, all I wanted to do in my life. "I'll think about it, Mom," I finally said. "Thank you, Leah," Mom smiled. I hung up the phone sadly.
The next days, all I could do was just hang out in the park, tried to decide what to do. I love my mom and I'll always try my best to make her smile, but this? The 100 baby challenge? I didn't know what to do... Should I forget about my dreams and take this challenge, or just forget about my mother's wish and just do what I want? I even cried sometimes when I remembered my mother's sad voice and her simple wish...
When I got stressed out at this choice, I decided to open my old blue album. This album was full of memories, and my mother herself was the one who made it, when her children took the photos. This album was full of happiness and sadness. My tears fell slowly as I opened page by page...

Photo courtesy from: HarmonySims


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