Monday, 8 November 2010

The Old Blue Album

This is me when I was a baby... Unfortunately there was a veeeery bad glitch so I looked like a mummy there... -___-
 Me as a toddler :)
 My mother made sure that all her kids learned to walk, talk, and potty. She was a very concerned mother...
 When I was a toddler, I really loved to read. My favorite book was Shrek!
 Hahahaa! Look at my sly face! "Ok, Keyra, get ready..." I whispered as I threw her one of the blocks.
 "Naughty, little Leah!" Giovanni picked me up and teased me. He was so funny and loved to tickle his little siblings. Too bad when I grew up, he has already moved out from the house..
 Otherwise, my sister Raeleigh was a gentle one. "Stop it, Giovanni! You'll make her fall to the ground!" She screamed as she took me from Giovanni's arms. But she was a very nice sister after all.
 Me as a child :)
Mom knew I love cookies. When I came home after school, she would bake me some delicious cookies.
 "Here it is, Honey, your favorite vanilla cookies!" Mom said when I was just woke up. I quickly made my bed and went downstairs. I still remembered the smell of her yummy cookies...
But, I wasn't a bad kid too. My mother taught me and Keyra to recycle every newspapers, so when we grew up we could live healthy and happily..
I wasn't the smart one, Keyra was. But fortunately I've always got an A for music and art!
"Sis, do you know that sister Laura is copying us?" Keyra said to me. I was so surprised. "What? What is she doing? She has always been nice to me..." Keyra laughed. "Well, I caught her buy the same clothes like us, and she even have the same hairdo!" I shook my head. "I have no idea what is she thinking..." Keyra giggled. "Well, let her try. We're twins, we're much more identical!"
 Me as a teenager :)
When we were teenagers, everyone can see the differences about me and Keyra. Everybody said that I was the beautiful, Chinese lady, when Keyra was the cute green lady. Keyra was mad at me when someone said that I was prettier than her, but when Mom tried to explain how wonderful she was, she said sorry to me. And however, I didn't see that as a problem--we're all Sierras, no matter how different were our faces.
 I used to diet when I was in high-school. And until now, I still love autumn salad ;)
 Of course, if you want to have a nice body, you have to exercise first. I used to work out at 6 am, with Keyra. Mom played Lady Gaga's songs for us, and some weeks after that, I've got the nice body that I have yearned for!
 Played chess was also one of my favorite game.
"I want to be a renowned rock star!!!" I screamed to the air and clapped my hands. Guitar was--and still--my obsession. I love it, even when I didn't know would I use it again or not once I do this challenge...
 Me as a young adult, finally had to leave the house :'(
 Me and Keyra. She has such a nice hair, with a pretty flower on it...
 "Take care, Laura. You know that I didn't mean it when I teased you... I love you, and will always miss you. You're my little sister forever!" I smiled at her when she sobbed and broke into tears.
"Momma! I'll miss you soooo much! Please keep in touch with us!" I hugged my mother and gave her a kiss on her cheek. Keyra was too sad to say goodbye, and preferred to go out earlier. My tears fell down as I looked at the house. I was so lucky, had a wonderful family like the Sierras...
 When I closed the book that afternoon, I knew that I will take the task, to be the mother of 100 babies. I knew that I can do this perfectly, just like my mom and many other single mothers. I've made my choice, and I promised I wouldn't make my kids sad or depressed. I would take care of them, raised them, loved them with my best. I'm Leah Sierra, and I knew I can do that!

Photo courtesies from: HarmonySims


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