Thursday, 11 November 2010

New House!!

 Of course, to started my challenge, I need a new house. So I shifted out from my old house, said goodbye to Keyra, and bought a new one. I missed my old houses (Mom's and Keyra's), but I definitely loved this new one! I've got a place to plant my fruits, and the house had very nice surroundings after all...
 Since I didn't have so much money, so I couldn't buy a dryer, or even a dishwasher... All I could buy was a small trashcan, a sink, a cheap refrigerator, a stove, a washing machine, and a clothesline.
 Yep, I knew this place was very empty!
 But however, I really loved this living room. It mixed with a dining room, but it still looked cool because of the patterns on the walls...
 This was absolutely my favorite spot of the house. I loved stripes, so I decorated my bedroom full of stripes. And since I didn't know the gender of the baby 1 yet, so I chose a neutral-color crib for him/her.
 That was a picture of my house from above. Quiet a nice house, right? :)
And that was a picture of me with my first baby crib!!


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