Friday, 5 November 2010

LadyAdurna's Rules of 100 Baby Challenge

1. Play the game how you normally would (if that means cheats then yes)

2. You can’t use cheats to the point that you are doing nothing. You have to earn your money by playing guitar, gardening, painting, or anything else. You're not allowed to have a job.

3. You can't marry any of the fathers, unless you already finish the challenge. Every fathers have to be different.

4. You have to teach toddlers to talk, walk, and potty. I also recommend to improve their skills too, and teenagers can help you on this.

5. Play on EPIC lifespan (960 days). You'll have a lot of time, but you also can't waste your time. (for TS3WA, try not to go anywhere).

6. Don't wait too long for the kids' birthday. Age them up fast, then let them move out once they reach young adulthood (you can kick them out or buy them a house, it's up to you)

7. Teenagers and children can't have part-time job, but if they have good grades, they can help their mom by write novels, sell cookies (TS3A), or paint. Still, they have to concentrate to school and their little brothers/sisters.

8. You can't hire extra helps like maid unless you have hospital birth and the babysitter have to take care of your children.

9. I recommend to use fertility rewards, that's very helpful.

10. Enjoy! (really, I'm not kidding. If you're tired or stressed out at this challenge, just end it up. You can't make a heart-warming story if you even don't like it anymore.)

I have modified the rules. You can see the original here:


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