Saturday, 6 November 2010

Introducing Me

Hi guys!! I'm Leah Sierra, the 92nd baby of the legendary Cadence Sierra. I've 98 siblings so far, and I love them all :) My favorite one of course is Keyra, my twin sister. Maybe we have different looks, but we have same mother and father. Being a Sierra maybe is the greatest thing that ever happened to my life. My mother is so wonderful, and she has an amazing life with her kids. And my father is a very proud half-ogre--his great-great-great grandfather was Shrek himself. I really love my family...

 It's my old look. Haha... yap, you'll see the new one soon!
My traits are:
She's my twin sister Keyra. I really love her haircut >_<
 She's my mother, Cadence Sierra. My brother, Zevran, took this picture when she was pregnant. I was in her stomach!
 And this is my father, Mat Smith. He has a luminous green skin and a very cool blue eyes. Too bad I didn't inherit both of them :(
That's my father and mother, together. Look how slim was Mom when she wasn't pregnant!!

Well, enough about my family. It's a wonderful family, though... I really miss them all. They're my role model, and I have no idea how can I live without them. But when a child reached the young adulthood, she/he have to move out from the house. I miss my house, but I love my mother so I let her continue her challenge and shifted out as soon as possible. Thank you for giving me this life, Mom. I love you :')

Photo courtesies from: HarmonySims


Micna said...

that father sim is stunning can he be downloaded anywhere pleaaase? How did he get that amazing skin tone??? :)

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