Friday, 5 November 2010


Hi again! It's me Lady Adurna :) Maybe some of you have already recognized me from my facebook: 'Putri Puspaseruni'. However, I decided to take this 'mammoth task' to do a 100 baby challenge!!
My first 100 baby challenge that I read was HarmonySims's, and it's still my favorite. You can see her creations, I've already added the link. Since I decided to concentrate to this challenge, I think it would be nice if I have some introductions. And if I use one of Cadence's daughters, introduction's gonna be easy. Haha :D
I know this challenge is so hard, and will take so much time, but after I saw many people succeed in this challenge, I think I also will be success. I just have to work hard.
I'll use diary point of view, cause I want people to take the story personally. But since I only can download Leah as a teenager on The Sims 3 and I have to age her up first, my Leah's young adult version is a little different than Harmony's version, and absolutely less prettier :( But I love her very much so I will still use her as the mother of 100 babies. I hope you'll like the story, and if you have fresh name ideas and single men to download, just send me the link. Here's my e-mail address:
OMG, I'm so excited!!!! Let's just move on right to the story ;)

Lady Adurna


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