Tuesday, 23 November 2010

First Set of Triplets!! - Baby 3, 4, and 5

 When I went back from the hospital, I still had to train my little Primera to potty. I knew she hate this activity, but luckily she just kept quiet so there was no incident in the bathroom.
 The next day was a super sunny day, so I decided to teach Primera to walk outside, under the sunshine...
 "Weee! Good job, Primera! You're a smart little girl!" I said as I tossed her in the air after I finished teach her to walk. She was a very fast-learner, I was so glad to have a daughter like her :)
 However, the younger Emmett still needed more attention. He loved to drink many bottles of milk and he was so noisy at nights, but I still loved him cause he was my little miracle..
 Time for the first birthday party at the Sierras!! Primera's turn came first, and she was so excited that she almost fell from my arms. "I'm growing uppp!" She screamed in joy.
 Primera as a child :) She had a well-defined brows and cute brown ponytails.
 And it was Emmett's turn!
 Lol, he still looked-like Emmett Cullen, even when he was a toddler!
 My party was surely a modest success. I only invited some people, but this man suddenly rang a bell and just stood there in my kitchen, talked to himself.
 Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, Primera's father, found out his odd behaviors and laughed out loud. Behind him, Jasper Daron, Emmett's father, didn't know why did he laugh. He seemed pretty confused.
 I thought maybe my party was really not a kind of 'family-party', cause suddenly I found two strangers flirted with each other, even when the party hadn't start yet... yuck!
When I finally could ask everyone to leave, I immediately called the constructor to build one more room at the back of my house, next to the garden. I decorated it with kids theme cause... well... it was a nursery room, of course! :D
 Primera was an excitable kid, so she was so excited at everything she did, included go to school!
 And like his older sister, Emmett loved to play his xylophone. He could spend his entire day just sat there and played xylophone when I was desperately seeking for a new guy to be the third father of my challenge.
 And suddenly, a picture of a guy flashed in my head. This cute guy was Jimmy Lolik, Jasper's roommate. I really loved his blond hair and I absolutely wanted my kids to have such a nice hair color...
 So, I immediately picked up my phone and invited him over. Primera, who just went home after school, seemed very confused in front of the door. "Mom? Why are you so excited?"
 Unfortunately, I couldn't answer her question cause suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I quickly opened it and explained to Jimmy about my challenge. He seemed excited, and suddenly he asked something that I was really hoping for: "Can I join your wonderful challenge?"
 I smiled softly. "Well, of course. But I still have to explain the rules, and first... Are you single?" I winked and held his hands. But his answer was very unexpected. "Well... no. Technically now I'm in a relationship with Agnes Crumplebottom. Do you know her?"
 Gosh! Of course I knew her. Agnes was a not-so-pretty woman, who always wear black outfits everyday...
 "What? So you're not a single anymore?! So how can you join my challenge if you're not a single? Agnes will get mad at me and my kids, and I don't want it to happen!" I snapped at him angrily. He seemed surprised. "Woah.. woah... Chill, Leah! I'm sure Agnes won't get mad at you, nor me. She is a hopeless romantic, she will understand what you do now."
 "Really?" I was really hesitate. I didn't want another woman to ruin my challenge at all. "Sure! Trust me! Now, can I join your challenge?" Jimmy asked again. I swallowed. "Well..." He frowned. "Oh, c'mon, Leah! Trust me, Agnes won't get mad at you! And trust me, I'll give you a gorgeous baby, or maybe babies..." He smiled and teased me. "Come on..."
 I blushed. He was so sweet and flirty ;) "Umm, okay..." And before he could do anything, I gave him a thank you kiss. He seemed surprise...
 The making of baby 3!
Being a mom was maybe the hardest part of my life. I loved it to bits, but it was so exhausting too...
 "Okay, sweetie, be careful..." I had to say this more than two times cause Emmett was very excited, and I was afraid that he would fell to the floor anytime... luckily, he didn't.
 When I did some house chores, Primera was such a big help around the house. She loved to accompany her little brother everywhere, and they spent a very nice day together...
 "Booo!" Primera and Emmett played peek-a-boo. Emmett was a brave kid; instead of scream, he would laugh if his sister tried to scare him.
 "I love you, lil' bro!" Primera gave Emmett a big hug when I told her to go to bed.
 Yeah, typical pregnancy activity... oh my, I really had to clean that toilet as soon as possible!
 Yesterday, Christy Quinn, one of the 100 baby challenge mothers, told me that if I watch the Kids Zone channel and listen to kids music at the same time, I'll get twins. I really crossed my fingers...
 "Emmett! Stay there! Just one more time!" I tried to persuade Emmett to potty. He was such a naughty kid!
 "Yeah! Like that! Now stay..." I heaved a sigh of relief when he finally could stay on the potty chair.
 "See? Emmett can do that! Wee!" I laughed and teased him once we finished the potty training.
 "Mom, this afternoon my school gave me an opportunity to research the junkyard..." Primera said to me when I had dinner and she did her homework. I smiled. "That's good, Primera! So, when will you go then?" She frowned and seemed anxious. "Umm... well, Mom... I... I didn't take the opportunity." I was so shocked that I almost choked. "What?! Why?!" Primera sighed. "Well... I think I still have many things to care about. I have to take care of Emmett after all, and he's not a calm boy..." At this moment, Primera really touched my heart. She was just a little girl, but she was so careful about her family...
 When I was a child, I thought being pregnant was an easy thing... My mom was a super-mother, and I thought everything was so easy. But now when I was pregnant, I knew it was not easy as I thought before. I had to be careful, since I carried a baby in my huge tummy...
 "Say 'love', Emmett. L-O-V-E.." I taught Emmett how to talk. He seemed not too interested in this kind of activity, but I knew he had to learn this. And in my opinion, talk is one of the most important thing I had to teach my kid. He laughed. "Luff!"
 Primera was a good kid. When I taught her little brother to talk and walk, she would do the house chores without any complain. I was so proud of her.
 Sometimes, she worked too hard, even until the midnight. So I told her to go out somewhere and look for some fresh air...
 She spent a nice afternoon in the park, fishing :)
But unfortunately, my baby was coming when she was at the park!
 "Aaaackk! Oucchh!" I yelled in pain and Emmett woke up. When he started to cry, I quickly called the ambulance and went to the hospital. I also called Primera to come home.
"Here I come, Mom!!" Primera borrowed a bike from her friend and immediately went home.
 Primera almost cried when she saw me left the house. She knew that giving birth is so dangerous and scary, but she also knew that I had to. I even loved to.
 I walked into the hospital carefully and crossed my fingers. I wanted twins...
 ...and went home with a nice baby carrier in my hand. OMG!! It's triplets!
 The first baby who had a glitch in her skin: Rosemary Sierra, baby 3!
 Please also welcome baby 4, Freesia Sierra!
 And finally baby 5, Bluebell Sierra!
When I finally could put each of them in their cribs, I invited Jimmy over and told him the big news. "Thank you so much for your participation in my challenge. Please tell Agnes my apology..." I smiled and embraced him. He smiled back and rubbed my head. "Sure, Leah. You're very welcome, it's a honor to be a father in this challenge!"

Thanks to:
-katjagroznaja for Jimmy Lolik
-Christy Quinn, Della Wriner, and my own mother Cadence Sierra for their tips if I want to have twins... or triplets. Thank you so much!! :)


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