Sunday, 28 November 2010

Dealing with the Demon - Baby 6

 Time for Primera's and Emmett's birthday! Wee!
 Emmett grew up to a cute kid with nice smile on his face.
 "Momma, thank you so much for buying us these yummy-looking cakes! I can't wait to eat them!" Primera clapped her hands. I laughed. "Well, you have to wait for it!"
My little Primera grew up to a pretty and kind-hearted teenager. She still has her signature ponytails :)
I gasped when I saw pile of clothes that I found in the bathroom. "Primera!" I called her. "What did you do this whole day? I thought you would do the house chores when I took care of the triplets?" Primera's face got paler and she swallowed. "I... I'm sorry, Mom, but... I don't know how... how to do the laundry." I sighed. "Well, you should ask me then! Here, let me show you how to do it!"
"Yeah, right, like that... Now pour the detergent to the machine..." I told her how to do the laundry. When we did this activity, Primera seemed very scared. I sighed. "Primera, I wasn't mad at you. I was just... out of control. Just promise me, if you don't know how to do something, just ask me, okay?" Primera gave me a weak smile and nodded. "Okay, Mom."
"Sis, do you know who painted Juan-les-Pins?" Emmett asked when they did their homework together. "Hmm... let me think... I think it's Pablo Picasso's painting." Primera was a very good artist, she always had A+ for Art in her school.
To make everything easy, I decided to age the triplets early. This is Rosemary, with her messy hairdo. Can someone tell me where did she get that dark brown color in her hair? None of her parents has brown hair...
And this is Freesia, with her smooth blond hair and thick eyebrows...
And of course, our little Bluebell with her cute smile and  big round eyes!
Even when the triplets has grew up, there were still a lot of things to do. I had to mop up the floor...
...when the triplets played with their new toy: blocks! :) It's a great addition to this house, to make them busy.
 Now after I told Primera how to do the laundry, she seemed pretty good at it, and loved to do it.
 Emmett, like his sister, was a great help to the family. He loved to do the house chores even when I didn't ask him too. Good boy! ;)
 But of course, Sunday means no house chores, right? So, yep, I told Emmett and Primera to take a break and play catch in the garden. "Sis! Catch!" Emmett screamed.
 "Woohoo!" Primera caught the ball with sparkling eyes. When people saw her in the town, they might think she was a bad girl--look at her T-shirt and ripped jeans--but we all know she wasn't. She was a good girl, a nice sister, and a great daughter after all. I wonder what would happen when she shift out from the house someday :')
 But it's time to continue the challenge! Jimmy Lolik, the triplets' father called me in that bright Sunday. "Hey, Leah, I have found someone and he's so interesting! I think he's perfect to be the father of baby 6, what do ya think?" I smiled broadly. "Really?! Can you tell me how to meet him?" Jimmy laughed. "Well, actually, he's my housemate. I have told him to go to your house and explained him about this challenge..." Suddenly, the bell rang. I giggled. "I think he's coming, Jimmy. Thank you so much!"
 When I opened the door, I gasped. I thought I saw a demon in front of my house. Yep, he was scary yet interesting.
 "Hi, I'm Ferox Hellfire!" He introduced himself. I shook his hand and tried to smile. "Hi, I'm..." Ferox grinned. "Leah Sierra, I know. Jimmy has told me about you and your challenge."
 I invited him in and asked him the biggest question in my mind: "How do you get that horn and tail? Did a mummy curse you or something?"
 He laughed. "Oh, no, there's no mummy in my life. I was born like this, with this cool horn and tail. Well, actually I'm a real demon, from the hell. That's why my last name is Hellfire." I gasped and immediately took a step backward. "But.. but... why are you here? What do you want in Sunset Valley?!" I tried not to panic. He laughed again. "Okay, I was thrown out from my nice house because of my inappropriate sense of humor."
 I swallowed. "Ah... I see. So you have a sense of humor, and you... was thrown out. Okay, I get it." He frowned. "That's not all. Oh, you have to come with me to see how wonderful is my house.. With a black lake and death fish, and beautiful view of the cactus garden..." I took a deep breath. "Okay, okay, Ferox, stop it. I get it. But I think... I don't want to come with you. At least, not now."
 Ferox sighed and held my hands. "Of course you don't... That's okay." I smiled. "Thank you. Now I'm really sorry, but I have to do the laundry. Can you please... umm... sit down there and watch TV? I won't take so long time, I promise."
But when I did the laundry, suddenly I heard a scream from the kids room.
 It was Bluebell! And what was Ferox doing?!
 I can't believe it... he stole Bluebell's candy!
 "What the heck were you doing to Bluebell?!" I confronted him. Ferox yelled back at me, "I just stole her candy, is that wrong?!" I groaned. "Yes, it is! It's her favorite candy and she's my daughter after all! Now get out of my house and never come back again!"
 Ferox looked at me as if I was insane. "What's wrong with you?! Are you crazy?! It's just a candy!" I was ashamed to fight with him in the kids room, but I really couldn't control my emotion. Nobody ever tried to harm my children, and I wouldn't let him.
 "I say, GET OUT of my place, can't you hear me?!" I snapped at him. He seemed surprised. "Leah! What's wrong with you? I don't know you could be so hot-headed... Calm down... The kids are sleeping." I snuffled. "Ah, so now you care about my children!" Ferox sighed. "Leah.. please.. I will do anything, anything, to make you forgive me. Please.. I was just out of control. I promise I won't do that again."
 "What can you do for me?" I frowned and rolled my eyes. Ferox paused and smiled. "I can be the father of baby 6!" I gasped. "Are you kidding me?! You just hurt my child and now you asked to be the father of baby 6?" Ferox took a deep breath. "Leah, let me explain this first. I'm a demon, okay? Every demon is evil, and I can't resist to do something evil. But if I try really hard, maybe I can. Please... give me a second chance..."
 I sighed. I was desperately looking for fathers, and I found this guy, with a unique genetic, offered to be a father. Just one problem: he was a demon. "Please, Leah..." Ferox hugged me. Then I thought about what I did to Primera a couple of days ago. Yes, I was out of control. Yes, I couldn't stop myself from snap at her. Yes, I hurt my own daughter. But she still forgave me... And what kind of mother I am if I wouldn't forgive Ferox, or even try to? "Well, okay..." I finally answered.
 But this time, that lullaby song didn't seem nice to me at all...
 "Good girl! Now stay!" The next morning, Primera helped me to taught the girls how to walk, talk, and potty. She was training Rosemary to potty, and Rosemary was a fast learner too, like her ;)
 When Primera, I, and Rosemary were busy, Emmett accompanied Freesia and Bluebell in the bedroom. "No, no, Bluebell, you shouldn't eat it!" Emmett laughed.
 "Mom, when will the next baby come?" Emmett asked me when we had dinner. Primera got excited. "Yeah, Mom, when?" I smiled. "Well, let's see, sweetie..."
 "Say birthday, little Freesia! B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y." I taught Freesia how to talk. Freesia giggled. "Billthdayy.." I sighed. "Alright, let's try again... Maybe birthday is too hard for you!"
 "Freesia is smart! Freesia can do that!" I smiled and tickled Freesia once I finished taught her how to talk.
 "Bluebell... Are you ready??" I tossed her in the air when I started to potty train her.
 "Ugh! This is my least favorite activity when teaching kids!" I said as I emptied the potty chair.
 "Sis, I really want to miss school today... Do you think I can?" Emmett asked when he did his homework and Primera ate her breakfast. "Of course no, bro! Mom will get mad at us!"
 I was teaching Bluebell to talk...
 ...when suddenly I got the first baby bump. Wee!
 In the afternoon, I told Primera to take a walk somewhere to relief her stress. She spent the whole afternoon in the park :)
 "Okay, it must be easy. Rosie, say job! J-O-B!" Rosemary's turn to learn how to talk came last, but luckily, she was fast at this. "Job!" I clapped my hands in glee. "Yaayy! You can do this, right?! Rosie is smart!"
 I was so happy when I finished this. "My pretty, little Rosemary!" I laughed and teased her at night.
 Baby 6 will come anytime soon!
 "Be careful, sweetie... Yep, like that..." Again, I was teaching Freesia how to walk when...
 ...the baby was coming!
 "Primera!! Call the ambulance!" I yelled in pain when Freesia started to cry.
After long hours of labor, finally I walked out from the hospital with a stunning red baby in my arm. Introducing baby 6, Elijah Sierra!

Thanks to:
-lairdship for Ferox Hellfire
-Christy Quinn for Elijah's name

Next post will be a brand new 'season' for the Sierras! :-*


CatherineBell said...

I loved this one :) What an evil demon! Hope the baby doesnt inherit that!

Putri Air said...

Phew! I think you're gonna angry with me, because yes, Elijah turned out to be really evil... however, he has learned from his faults! And thanks, Catherine!! :)

Ginny said...

Wow that is an awesome dad. That should bring some new features into the famliy.

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